Saturday, January 14, 2006

Saving $$$ at DHS

Another one of Daniel's lists of DHS cuts:

1. DHS Diversity Development Coordinating Council
The DHS Diversity Development Coordinating Council (DDCC) was formed on May 2000 at the request of the agency's administrator, Gary Weeks.
This means that the DHSDDCC (so tired of acronyms...) could be un-formed (not a real word) at the request of the new agency administrator Bruce Goldberg.

2. Fire James Mason, the administrator of the Office of Multicultural Health. Oh, and disband the office of multicultural health, fire all of those employees too.

3. Fire Gloria M. Anderson. The Cultural Competency/Confidentiality Coordinator. I don't think having someone coordinate nonsense puts any food in a hungry kids mouth.

4. Fire Alberto Moreno, the Migrant Health Coordinator who responded to a "sting" email I sent him and admitted that he could help "my undocumented friend" with health care. (this resulted in the acting director of DHS coming on the Lars Larson show and admitting that this employee violated rules.

At the end of my "who to fire list" I have to show you the funniest statement ever:

Top-level to operational managers not only hire but build relationships with their staff (diverse or not).

Diverse or not? Hilarious. More proof that "diversity" doesn't mean what Webster says it does, it actually just means the preffered race/sexual orientation/sex.


RINO WATCH said...

FIRE or in other Words CAN
Lorna Youngs DMV

Ckeck out her "White Paper" @ RinoWatch

Allen said...

We need a Citizen Axe-sion Committee that can review these BS programs and Axe the Hell out of them.

Daniel said...

That's actually a good idea, a citizen review board that can say yay or nay to jobs, programs, and functions of public agencies.

Allen said...

Or, we can elect Legislators that will do that for us and it looks as we might have a few that are about to do just that.

My bet is many of the Crats and Fat Staffers with ODOT, DMV and DHS are more than just a but nervous about now.

The Heat is ON and they be feeling it!!