Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It's for the children

Although the final form is unclear, it is obvious to me that we will need a temporary tax to save our schools.

-Tom Potter

Fellow taxpayers, it is clear that local government needs more money. It's for the children. Yes, the children. The children who may technically be 35 - 45, living in their parents basement, smoking pot and wearing a beret but it's for the children.


Portland City Council Approves 2% for Art
After a year of review including an audit of its own Percent for Art program, Portland City Council unanimously approved revisions to the Public Art ordinance, and increased the percent for art allocation from 1.33% to 2%, at its January 11th meeting.

Yes, without the new city tax who will pay the artists? How will they afford their soy milk and tofu burgers? Are they doomed to forever live in their parents basement? Do you really want to condemn them to a lifetime of being barefoot? (NOTE: It has just come to my attention that the whole "barefoot" thing may actually be a preference...)

But the point is, Portland is here to be responsible with your money. There is absolutely NO irony in the fact that Tom Potter calls for a 1% tax increase nine days after the city council increases the percent for art program.

It's for the children...


Sue K. said...

If I hear "It's for the children" one more time........I'm going to puke!

Kate said...

Although the final form is unclear, it is obvious to me that we will need a permanent warrant, indictment, trial, conviction and incarceration to save our city from the likes of Tom Potter.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Tom is positive that the demographics of this city say he can do as he damn well please's.

We are screwed and we don't want to admitt it.

If you apply the numbers of the red counties VS the blue county wins, it isn't such a bad deal after all.

But I submit this as a solution to just "blogging" our stress and rants.

We know the issues that mean something too us all, so the bottomline is more voters on our side to offset PDX and Eugene.

We lost by 6000 votes to Gore, it should have been closer with Kerry but the Libs in PDX messed that up.

We need to get the state GOP off its rear, and mount a massive voter drive starting last week.

The party needs to hold meetings with voters that can be validated as real for us, they need to be held and connected with as much as possible clear through the night of the election.

Then we sort out the
"RINOS", and purge them as best we can, the newest people signed with us need to be made a part of the process...PERIOD!

Lastly, if I were any of the candiates, little time would be spent in Multnomah county, there would be town halls ,and damn little else(no money spent on the OREGONIAN) If we do not attack this upcoming election as a combat mission to take Salem back....IT'S OVER HERE!!!! Jack Peek

Oregon Infidel said...

I'm getting pretty tired of hearing how bad off our schools are, and yet at the same time the city is hiring "Diversity Managers" and increasing the "percent For Art" program up to a "Two Percent For Art" program. This means, that a million dollor public building (when was the last time a public building was built for only a million bucks??) will need to allocate an additional two percent or $20,000 for "Art" for the building. Horse-hockey. Tom Potter and the rest of the gang at City Hall need to prioritize. Instead of shelling out money to useless and worthless causes (Dignity Village comes to mind) they need to sit down, cut the B.S. Programs out of the budget, and RUN THE CITY THE WAY THE CITIZENS WANT IT RUN! As a business owner, I'm sick and tired of the city nickle and diming me to death. ENOUGH!

Sailor Republica said...

Anonymous, it's very simple.

You want to shake up the Oregon GOP? Put your support behind Jason Atkinson for Governor.

CapitalistPig said...

Every year Portland needs more money for schools, but I'm sure I read once, that the population of school-aged children in Portland has been declining for some time? Shouldn't this mean they need less money each year since they educate less children each year?

Thomas said...

Aw, don't worry - it's just a TEMPORARY tax after all. Anyway, Mayor P. said so, so it MUST be true!

Can someone pass me that kool-aid, please?

Diesel said...

Sailor, as an Independent voter, I cannot support Jason until he's in the general election. How ya gonna make that happen?

Believe me, I support Jason. But for all the stuff I CAN do for Jason now, I CAN'T do the most important thing...which is vote for him in the primary.

BEAR said...

hey, folks, why don't we invite mayor Nagin up here? He's finished in New Orleans, anyway. I'd pay more taxes just for the entertainment!! Bwa haa.

Jeff said...

So glad I live in Washington County! Not as many flavors of Cool-Aid out here!

Is it any wonder that in today's (Thursday) Oregonian it was reported that many business are leasing space OUTSIDE of Portland and Mult County?

Go figure...

Anonymous said...

For some reason, every time I hear "It's for the children" I am reminded of Mr. T's obsession with his "youth center."

Anonymous said...

On the subject of "art", will somebody tell Sam Adams his naked picture/art viewed from the city sidewalk is offensive.