Monday, January 30, 2006

Market forces? What's that?

Liberals' Energy Policy: Obstruct Supply, Marvel at Price
High energy costs are a mystery. It seems like no matter how much we prohibit domestic energy production, energy prices just keep going up -- and we just keep getting more dependent on foreign sources. There is no law of economics that can explain it, no hypothetical relationship between supply and demand that could predict price. Bill O’Reilly must be right. High prices must be the result of a secret plot by big oil, or perhaps the freemasons.

Mac Johnson continues to be funny and continues to be right!

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Anonymous said...

Great argument about energy use here. Most is very convincing, but O' Reilly has a good point in that there seems to be no competition. There are no price wars because they know how many have been sold on those 5,000 lb., Rollover prone, gas hogs, S.U.V.'s (I remember in the 80's when we laughed at Dad for driving that oversized gas waster)
Yet, I see GM & Ford coming up with every scheme there is to increase sales, because they have in competition. GM just lowered there price's across the board, even though the car industry has been breaking sales record overall. Yes, sales records, just like the Oil companies.

peod in Oregon said...

There is no argument that by importing so much oil we are financing our own destruction. The middle east is able to convert the millions we give them into weapons to use on us.
This scenerio can be applied to so many issues. We make it attactive to illegal aliens to come here and earn money to send home while they take advantage of our medical and educational system.
We import tons of crap from China all the while they get stronger and stronger while buying up billions of our national debt and will soon own our country.
When are we going to wake up? Here that sucking sound (sorry Ross) that's the sound of our country going down the drain.
Anonymous, GM and Ford might be breaking sales records but they are both elimating about 30,000 jobs each and closing 12 and 14 plants respectively in the US by 2008. How can you make a competitively priced car when your average union worker makes 140,000 a year?
If you don't see the connection between our use of middle east oil and our destruction I guess you deserve the outcome. Conserve, Conserve, Conserve.