Saturday, January 14, 2006

Transgender what?

For those of you over at Basic Rights Oregon, Human Rights Commission, and you Bryan over at Gay Rights Watch who insist that gender is merely an "expression" I would encourage you to read the book Why Gender Matters by Leonard Sax, M.D., Ph.D..

Dr. Sax's source notes are filled with University studies published in reputable medical journals. You can't argue with the science. (well you can but that makes you stupid)

Far from being a right-winger Dr. Sax focuses only on the actual hardwired differences in males and females in everything from how we solve problems, hear, see, relate, etc.

I'm about halfway through the book and while I don't agree with Dr. Sax on things like gender roles (he seems to oppose) and I haven't gotten to his chapter on gays and lesbians (perhaps he will insist that they are "born that way") I am facinated by the real differences in boys and girls.

I couldn't be more sure that children need a mother and a father to raise them. Not two mommies, not two daddies, not a sixteen year old girl.

Get the book, read it.


Anonymous said...

Yes there are differences in genders but gender roles are BS. Why should we arbitrarily restrict women (or men for that matter) from doing something because of "traditional" roles? Just because something has been done a certain way for a long time does not mean that it is the right way to do it. Society has advanced, and in fact benefited from women breaking out of gender roles and taking leading places in society.

GayRightsWatch said...

I concur with anonymous. Gender stereotypes harm society in many ways.

Also, I'm a bit confused as you didn't present anything having to do with transgender people. You stated that this book has things in it that you agree with, though you never quite made a connection with the name of your post - "Transgender what?".

And lastly - about not arguing with science because if you do "it makes you stupid"... How about evolution? I'm not expressing my personal beliefs on the matter - but I assume you are a Creationist? What about science?

Anonymous said...


Aren't chimpanzees distant relatives of ours and don't they exhibit homosexual behavior? Did they choose to be gay also?

Gunslinger said...

Perhaps, but in nature, when a chimpanzee turns out to be gay, the other chimps usually kill it.

GayRightsWatch said...

I assume that's sarcasm 'gunslinger'.

If you came randomly ran into me would you want to kill me because I'm gay?

And Daniel - I'm not sure I've ever said that gender is simply an expression. Can you show me where I have said this?

Daniel said...

Bryan, I just like throwing stuff out at you because you're such a good guy. I still read you regularly.

I am a big fan of gender roles, they work well in my household. Obviously everyone is free to do what they will in their own household but I think that it's very appropriate to have a division of labor based on abilities. (physical, mental, etc)

Chimpanzees throw poop. What's your point?

Daniel said...

And I do believe in Creationism. The theory of evolution is just that... a theory.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if people are gay and what they do, just don't shove your lifestyle down my throat. I don't do that to you with my lifestyle, so leave me the hell alone. The problem is simply the politicization of homosexuality.

Anonymous said...

Transgender people are nucking futs. Instead of reinforcing and validating insane behavior that includes sexual self-mutilation we should be treating it for what it is - deeply serious mental illness.

Gunslinger said...

It actually wasn't sarcasm. That actually happens. Boars do that as well.

I never implied that I would kill anyone.

I am in the same boat with the anon above. What you do with and to whom is your business. Keep it private. I don't like watching hetero couples get their freak on in public either.

See, by constantly playing the victim card, they will never achieve their true potential. Just shut up about it, do your own stuff in private, and be happy and productive, since you can't be re-productive.

Anonymous said...

Sure Women working, instead of raising the kids has really helped society, NOT!
And Daddy's earings, tatoos & Colored Hair really send the right message to the little boys too, NOT!
And a 5 ft. 100 lb. Grandma is a good cop, NOT!
Most Gay/Transgender people come from "Modern" homes where there is no good example of natural roles.
Monkeys are animals and just like BI-GUYS will put it in ANY hole, wet or dry.

GayRightsWatch said...

Wow - the stupidity that comes from some of you is frightening.

Bryan H.