Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Surprise! Illegal aliens use our free health care

Many States Do Not Verify Citizenship of Medicaid Applicants, HHS OIG Report Says, USA
Most states do not perform audits to determine the citizenship status of residents who seek Medicaid enrollment, according to a report recently released by the... HHS Office of Inspector General, the AP/Las Vegas Sun reports.

One state, Oregon, has performed an audit to determine how many noncitizens seek Medicaid enrollment. According to the audit, 25 Medicaid applicants in a sample population of 812 did not have citizenship. Oregon officials estimated that the state would have to pay an additional $2 million in the event that 1% of Medicaid beneficiaries did not have citizenship. Jodi Nudelman, an acting regional inspector for HHS, said, "The quality-assurance checks aren't there. That's how we see it." She added, "And it's our sense the people may not be aware of that."

I'm not sure why they used the 1% number of $2 million. The sample group of 812 had 25 illegal aliens, that's 3%. Does that mean we are currently paying out an extra $6 million for illegal aliens to come here and enjoy the best medical care in the world... absolutely free?

One of my truisms is that a wall with Mexico, while a good idea, isn't even neccessary. As soon as we stop giving them the goodies, the freebies, the ID cards, and the employment they will stop coming here.

The United States, and Oregon in particular, are like the Field of Dreams: (soft, echo voice) "If you give them welfare, they will come."


Bruce said...

Of course....and yes it's true, if you cut off the goodies they will not show up.....except maybe for the drug runners and such. They will always try to get here because it is so lucrative. Try...Just try to get these state officials to turn off the tap....no way!!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you mentioned this Daniel. You would not believe how many Mexicans (illegals) use the Clackamas County Health care clinics. I would say at least 50% of their clients are illegals. I wonder how much unreimbursed medical care Clackamas county citizens pay per year for illegal alien health care.

If that was not bad enough, the employees speak amongst themselves in Spanish a large percentage of the time. It makes me want to scream when I am in there (I am a vendor for the clinics).

I am not sure but I thought I had heard at one time that you had to be a citizen to get healthcare at the county clinics, but they obviously look the other way and bend over backward for the invaders. It is sickening seeing them abuse the system the way they do.

Daniel said...

Anon, you do have to be a citizen by law, this law is ignored. Thanks for your insight.

And Bruce, you are right about the drug runners but I think that part of their trade depends on the ease of blending in with other illegal aliens.

Fewer illegal aliens means they will stick out a little more.

Robin said...

was it just police that could not ask for proof of citizenship?
in other words, I wonder how they got their numbers and I question their accuracy.

RINO WATCH said...

Driver license fraud continues>

ESABATM said...

While inside the mil, the Hispanics I worked with were not allowed to speak spanish if they were around only one person who did not. The Hispanics knew this rule and had no problem with it. It was a courtesy rule. The slag that wanders around Oregon now, arn't educated enough to know any better. They will never assimilate.

Gunslinger said...

That is because most hispanic people in the military either ARE citizens, or are there to gain citizenship. They have a vested interest in contributing to this country.

I heard an interesting statement a few weeks ago on Fox news, I can't remember, but I think it was a lady on O'Riley who was some immigration expert. She said that almost no (that is ZERO) mexicans come here legally anymore. It is my belief, that while we ponder how we can get them to become eligible citizens by changing this and that about the citizenship test, that they have no interest in becoming citizens here. EVER.

And why should they, we make it not easy, but almost mandatory that they take advantage of the system.

As far as us being racists because we want our wonderful country to remain a beacon of peace and hope, for those who want to contriute, is just ignorant name calling. I would be making this statement if the influx was of white people coming from Canada and destroying our country.

Instead of phone calls and asking them to do the right thing, we should just initiate recalls when they do the wrong thing. The use of a little political force may be what they need to get the picture.

Anonymous said...

At the DHS hearing at the Capitol today, JUDI told the committee members ( 9 legislators) She estimated maybe 1% are on Medicaid that are not documented, she then said it is a Fedral program anyhow and they pay the tab. Rick Hickey-VP-OFIR

Kristopher said...

Well then.

There is a solution. Independent audits of medical welfare claims. Remove funding in compensation for claims paid with inadaquate documentation ( an ODL should not be considered valid ID by anyone ).

That will get their attention pretty damned quick.

Michael T. said...

Isn't it curious that the Oregonian in it's report of the DHS emergency meeting stated it was proven illegal alines were not a economic drain on the state. What in the world are they smoking in the newsroom? Four years ago a cusory audit of the Oregon Health plan showed it cost the state 10 million to provide health care for illegal aliens, and that DHS workers were actively soliciting illegal aliens to enroll knowing they were not entitled by law.

Tim Lewis said...

Facts mean nothing.

Or as Homer Simpson said it:

"You can use facts to prove anything even remotely true. Facts shmacts."