Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Perhaps public art will help Kelley Wirth (D)-Jail

The Regional Arts & Culture Council in Portland, Oregon, is seeking artists for two public art opportunities at the Multnomah County Family Services Unit (FSU), 421 SW 5th Avenue, Portland. The Family Services Unit serves medium and high risk adult parolees with primary responsibility for very young children, families with juveniles under supervision as well as medium or high risk adult offenders. The goal of FSU is to build a positive and safe community by reducing intergenerational criminal behavior, promoting positive change in offenders, and impacting family relationships. Artwork that either literally or metaphorically is about families, relationships and associated activities will be considered. 1) Direct Purchase/Commission a collection of two-dimensional artworks from various artists; budget $15,000. 2) Site specific work for 7th Floor lobby space; budget $8,000.

Congrats to Portland taxpayers who are about to spend $24,000 on artwork for felons to look at.

Also, the percent for art program went from 1.33% to 2%. That means that the next time they spend $58 million to build an empty jail it will require $1,160,000 in artwork. I can now see why Oregon has assisted suicide...


Anonymous said...

Imagine if Kelly teamed up with Tonya.

I have this hunch we haven't herd the last of either.

Wouldn't they be fun party guests?

Say, the Democratic party.

Sue K. said...

Yeah, some of this "art" is enough to drive you crazy wondering what the heck it is supposed to be. We have some of these "art" statues on the corners of 2nd Street in downtown Corvallis (Wirth's old stomping grounds). I sure can't figure out what they are supposed to be!

Ha, Ha......Tonya and Kelly. What a pair!

In my opinion, the people who come up with these silly ideas of putting "art" in jails or that "art" will help criminals change their ways should be put in an isolation jail cell with this "art" for a long, long time. This is money that could be better spent elsewhere.

ESABATM said...

Lets hope the art will contain pictures of people being arrested and put behind bars for not conforming to societal rules.