Sunday, January 29, 2006

Letter to Gabriel Rico

I did the post before this and walked away. Actually, being the "handyman" that I am I replaced a light fixture. (NOTE: If an anonymous commenter leaves a comment like "If your such a handyman then how come our garbage disposal still doesn't work" I have no idea who that is.)

But I stewed about that article from the last post. The whole "Latino's need help figuring out the law" or "Latinos are afraid of the police" thing bothers me. It bothers me not so much because my wife is included in that broad brush of people but because it is clearly a disingenious statement that is knowingly made.

Therefore I had to write Gabriel Rico, the Statesmen Journal reporter, to give her a piece of my mind.

Dear Ms. Rico,

Today you wrote an article about my wife. At least, I think that you did. My wife is Hispanic or a Latina, or whatever the race baiters would call her these days. (She simply considers herself an American)

But the article "With help of disc jockeys, police seek Latinos' trust" seems to imply that people like my wife are stupid. Imagine my wife's surprise when she found out that she was scared of the police because she "thought [they] were going to deport [her]." She didn't even know that being a Latino (Latina) was a deportable offense!

Imagine her even greater surprise that perhaps she may need a program about drug awareness (she just thought they were illegal) and traffic laws (which she obeys) simply because of her ethnicity.

And while she does listen to the radio she has never heard of DJs Don Angel and Jose Alfaro. Perhaps you could do a story featuring Lars Larson, a radio personality who she actually does listen to. Or does her ethnicity dictate that she must listen to the Spanish radio stations?

It was difficult to console her after she read this article but I explained that by "Latino" you really meant illegal alien. That's what you meant right? Because Latino's aren't afraid of being deported. Latinos don't need help understanding traffic laws any more than the general population does. Latinos aren't "afraid" of the police are they?

I hope that in the future you will refrain from insulting my wife, and the thousands of other Latinos in this state who are Americans, by correctly labeling the demographic that you are talking about.

Daniel [My last name]


dchamil said...

Your points are well taken, Daniel, but why not call her Gabriela Rico? That's her byline.

Daniel said...

In letter form I always say "Mr./Mrs./Ms. [last name].

Ususally the "Ms." is said with my own little personal sarcasm.

rickyragg said...

In the interest of "celebrating diversity" or better yet being "inclusive", I'd like to point out that MSMdrones in general have few original, coherent thoughts.

With increasingly rare exceptions, they find that in their "go along-get along" business, like in any bureaurocracy, it's safer to toe the party line.

In fairness to Ms. Rico, she probably just had to fill some space and didn't even critically read what she had written as her article consists mostly of fatuous quotes from locals like Narciso Delgado, a noted "rights promoter".

Probably not CITIZENS rights, Daniel.

At least not US citizens.

Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel: I didn't think this was the thread, but you need to see this from,"NORTHEAST INTELLIGENCE NETWORK"

Top Stories: US : Threat From Mexican Nationals Importing Explosives to San Francisco
Posted by Douglas J. Hagmann on 2006/1/29 11:47:29 ( )
* 29 January 2006: Somewhere between the official bureaucratic double-speak such as “no specific threat involved” and “doubts to the credibility of the threat,” exists the true nature of threats conveyed within various bulletins issued by agencies of the U.S. federal government. A news report published yesterday in the Ontario, California The Daily Bulletin, written by reporter Sara A. Carter, details the existence of a plot to smuggle high-grade plastic explosives into the U.S., an intelligence bulletin outlining the threat, and equally important, further addresses the issue of border security.

Doug Hagmann an I started an email back and forth about a year ago, just wait until you see the story he will have on Mayor Tommy and the JTTF deal. Jack Peek

Kaelri said...

I'm impressed, to be honest; though I wish you'd apply that kind of common sense to a few other areas (see Democrats != liberals, and for that matter "liberal" (n) != liberal (adj)). :)

Anonymous said...

Great letter Daniel.

The shame is that I have many friends who I suspect may well be "Latino" yet the question or thought of that never enters my mind as to me they are no different than I, just fellow Americans.

Law abiding citizens are like all law-abiding citizens and that is just like me.

I can most certainly understand how some might well be offended by my efforts to thwart the Mexican invasion yet I bear them no malice, as I have none.

Pox on those who use the earned good reputation of some, to veil others evil deeds of others.

MAX Redline said...

Oh, Kael.

Hope you don't object to the shortening of the screen name, but I'm into this Superman retrospective right now, and of course, it occurred to me that you may be the biological father of Clark Kent. (heh!)

You know, I think the problem here is that you're just too young.

JFK, for example, was a Democrat. But in today's climate, he'd probably be considered Republican.

He had the audacity to implement huge tax cuts. And the economy grew. Familiar, isn't it?

Daniel said...

JP, saw that one. Our government will say or do anything to avoid a "diplomatic" issue with Mexico. Unless of course they invaded us... oh wait. Well, if their military was crossing the border... oh wait. Maybe if they were supplying most of the illegal drugs in this country... oh wait. How about if they didn't support us in the war on terror... oh wait.

Kaelri, I'm glad I finally said something that you agree with.

Anon, we should all just be Americans like that. I don't classify people based on their race, I classify people based on who they vote for...

Jay, the standards have been changed. Think that JFK would have supported taxpayer funded needle exchange programs or same-sex marriage?

Kaelri said...

"Hope you don't object to the shortening of the screen name, but I'm into this Superman retrospective right now, and of course, it occurred to me that you may be the biological father of Clark Kent. (heh!)"

Decent attribute to have. Carry on.

"JFK, for example, was a Democrat. But in today's climate, he'd probably be considered Republican."

Technically, he'd be considered a member of whichever party he registered with.

(I understand what you were trying to say, but that's exactly the sort of muddying of labels that irritates me.)

Either way, I'm the last person to whom the evolution of political parties needs to be explained. You wouldn't have seen today's Republican Party leading the charge for reconstruction and slavery reparations in 1865. Nor would a living President Eisenhower be terribly impressed with "personal" social security accounts. ;)

Kaelri said...

"Kaelri, I'm glad I finally said something that you agree with."

En't the first time. You'll notice I haven't posted many criticisms over the last couple weeks of your anti-illegal alien campaign, which is because I don't disagree with you there except on a few of the more heated proposals.

MAX Redline said...

"Technically, he'd be considered a member of whichever party he registered with.

(I understand what you were trying to say, but that's exactly the sort of muddying of labels that irritates me.)"

Well, Kael. Thing is, JFK was a Democrat. But technically, he did the same things that Republicans are doing today.

I'm sorry to be irritating, but in fact the labels have muddied themselves. I had nothing to do with it, honest.

Tim Lewis said...

Oregon's not the only state wasting taxpayer dollars.

Kentucky Teacher Suspended for showing "40 Year Old Virgin" in Class

SPANISH much for immersion.

peod in Oregon said...

Daniel, the point about the writer's name is that it's Gabriela, not Gabriel. It's not that you refurred to her as Ms.

Daniel said...

Oooops, my mistake.

Anonymous said...

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As Google continues to take over the world,(advertising part anyway) how wil they determine what is content and what is audience?


Anonymous said...

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Ric said...

Not to suggest another blog - but take a look at this article from National Review via The Corner:

Arresting a Crime Wave

hightlights - note EDITED
- The L.A. County Sheriff - 23% of inmates in county jails were deportable

- LA, 95% outstanding warrants for homicide ... targeted illegal aliens.

What happens there may very well come here; we are just seeing the start, and given the welcoming nature of our State, soon

Tim Lewis said...

I'm trying to find a link to the story I saw last night on the news about the feds looking to bust up a meth house, only to find 6 illegal immigrants who are now going to be deported. Where? Milwaukie.

I can't find a single story on it.

Kaelri said...

"Well, Kael. Thing is, JFK was a Democrat. But technically, he did the same things that Republicans are doing today."

Right. It'd be fair to say he'd be considered a conservative (n) today. My nitpicking is about the apparent equation in your earlier post of the words "conservative" and "Republican," which is of course false. Just remember that the party name refers to the people, not what they happen to believe at the time.

Tony said...


Your suggestion that today's Republicans would not be advocating for reconstruction in the south in 1865 is ridiculoous.

That is precisely what Republicans are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan (and did in Kuwait)after defeating an enslaving foe.

It is the Democrats that seem to be stuck in a time warp, once again opposing progress and freedom and claiming that the Republican President has gone completely out of control and is violating people's rights to be enemies of the Union. Just like 1865. Just like women's suffrage. Just like the Civil Rights Act. Just like winning the Cold War. Just like today.

I detect an undercurrent of racism in your comment, though perhaps you were trying to say that Republicans wouldn't spend the money on infrastructure, they just want to blow stuff up (refuted again by the massive reconstruction already underway in the current battles, for the first time in history being undertaken DURING the war). If you meant to imply racism, then you are even more wrong. It is Democrat policies that seek to keep minorities pined down under government handouts in order to keep them as a dependent voting block. And it is Democrats that want to abandon the citizens of Iraq (like they did in Vietnam, Cambodia, Somalia, etc) to the wanton killers that would swarm in and enslave if we brought our troops home.

Democrats. Wrong Then. Wrong Now.

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