Monday, January 09, 2006

Those fundamental rights

This is for Bill Bradbury, State Representative Paul Holvey, Rep Larry Galizio, Representative Mitch Greenlick, and the rest of you kooks who don't think that our elections systems should be secure.

Your argument of "it's the most fundamental right" is simply posturing but let's concede that it is. What about other "fundamental rights?"

"...the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

To obtain a concealed handgun permit from the Marion County Sheriff's Office, you must:

Be a citizen of the United States of America. If you were not born a citizen of the United States, you must provide proof of citizenship, i.e., a U.S. Passport, Certification of Naturalization, or, if you were born on a military base, a Birth Certificate. If you are a legal resident alien, you must document continuous residency in Marion County for at least six months and declare in writing to the Immigration and Naturalization Service you intention to become a citizen and provide such proof of the written declaration to the sheriff at the time of application for a concealed handgun license;

Any Democrats willing to argue that requiring proof of citizenship is a barrier to obtaining a CHL? Doesn't that keep poor people from being able to adequately defend themselves? Where is the outrage?

C'mon, cite studies about how black people are less likely to have a handgun license but are more likely to be the victim of a crime. Talk about how this is a travesty, that keeping and bearing arms is one of our most sacred rights.

Tell us how societies "most vulnerable" really are the most vulnerable.

Then get back to the voting issue.

But this time talk about how unfair it is that you have to prove you are 18 and an Oregon resident when you register to vote. Tell us how unfair that is. That people are actually required to have a document that proves they live here and are of age. How will people possibly be able to do that? It's just unfair isn't it? How could a poor or elderly person possibly come up with these documents? Woe is us.


Anonymous said...

I cannot stress this enough.....

Bradbury is a dishonest man.

His #1 boy, elections head John Lindback, Peeeed his pants before hanging up on Victoria Taft last Tues night.

When Trust is at issue don't count on Billy Bradbury to be there.

Whores for the union pimps.

Anonymous said...

OK..I can't take this crap much longer.

First for me,it was the state taking a major risk with my family and neighborhood with the placement of a dangerous high risk group home in my neighborhood next to a grade school with 400 little kids in it.

Then it's the really hard to swallow fact, that these idiots in office at any level from city hall in Portland, right down I-5 in these two counties too Salem that seem bent on the total destruction of anything that slightly resembles the USA anymore.

It had me leading an attempt to show people like Vera Katz, that it will not be tolerated any longer.

Wow, did I get my butt kicked!

You wake up to the reality that politics is the nasty, dirty, game of all games you will ever play..

Power is a good tool in the right hands, but when you see it wielded in such a way that it runs against all that is commonsense for a start.

When you see right before your eyes the extent those in power will go to use that power to gain more power(LIKE MOST SUBJECTS DANIEL BLOGS ABOUT) you must ask yourself...IS IT WORTH IT TO FIGHT?

You damn RIGHT it is!!!!

Call the head of the GOP IN DC, email, yell if you have to and demand a fight by the head of the GOP here, or we want someone who will rally this state to take back Salem in the head office, key seats on both sides of the fence ,and ignore Multnomah county and gather all those other "RED" counties that went for Bush ,and sign any others we find to offset this insane asylum here.

If no one chooses to do this,(I have begged for action of the GOP leader). Bradbury will bury what is left of us. Jack Peek

Anonymous said...

How about taking some action yourself Jack?

That is, besides posting angry rants to blogs or sending nasty, incoherent letters to party leaders demanding "action" without specifics.

- Collect signatures for initiatives
- Knock on doors for a candidate
- Work the phones for a candidates
- Give some money to a candidate/PAC

I'll bet you've never done any of the above.

YOU are the party, not somebody in Salem or DC. If YOU want change YOU need to work for it.

Anonymous said...

Collect signatures for initiatives
- Knock on doors for a candidate
- Work the phones for a candidates
- Give some money to a candidate/PAC

1. Attended over 80 Portland Neighborhood association meetings, got written support for the small, yet needed control over the siting of high risk group homes in neighborhoods.

2. Helped write SB1040 in the 99TH session in Salem that would have done just the above.NOTE: Bill was killed by Kate Brown almost by herself. (Now, we will have basically all of the PSRB/criminally insane parked in our neighborhoods....I sure hope you get one.)

3. Flew to DC at my own expense to seek help on the ABOVE issue.

4. Endorsed an worked for candidates, both DEM and GOP, who swore,IF ELECTED,I will fix this issue.

(PLEASE NOTE, none did a thing!)

4.5 Started a recall effort to call attention to the total disregard of working people by the downtown officals like Katz/Leonard,Adams/ETC.

5. If you think all is fine, TAKE THE ROSE GLASS'S OFF!

Lastly, I am pissed about the inaction by this party.

But, if you want to ignore the inaction, one can hope, as I predicted, as Daniel and others are finding, we are getting screwed, we know it...SAD YOU DON'T!

PS. DAY IS IN CHARGE, if the job is to tough get out! Jack Peek

Anonymous said...

Daniel, do you have ANY evidence that illegals are voting in Oregon? If not, what is your problem.

To give you an example of how these ID requirements don't work, I present you Georgia. Georgia instiuted a new law, recently overturned by the Georgia Supreme Court, which would have required ID cards to vote. The problem is that African Americans are five times less likely than whites to have the required IDs. Of the 53 places in the state to get the IDs, none were in Atlanta, Savannah or Macon. If that is not disenfrachising legal voters, I don't know what is.

Daniel said...

Last anon, working on it. (See previous posts for various public records requests bruhaha's)

We do know that two voted in the Washington governors election. The final vote was decided by 133 votes. That means that 1.5% of the difference were illegal alien votes. How many races, ballot measures, etc have been decided by less than a 1.5% difference?

Even one illegal vote is too many. I don't want it cancelling out my vote!

Anonymous said...


FYI did you bother to read that they can only release certain information to you under any circumstances due to privacy rules as a result of legislative action. Maybe that's the holdup you're having

Diesel said...

I don't get why people are asking for proof of any illegal aliens voting? Why is that needed? Why wait until there is a potentially HUGE problem before we fix it? If all it takes is a driver's license and a piece of mail or two to register to vote, and we know that illegal aliens have access to Oregon driver's licenses, isn't that enough "proof"? Can't we connect the dots before the problem strikes?

P.S. If African-Americans in Georgia WON'T get an ID (not CAN'T), that's their problem. Anyone who is "disenfranchised" by having to get off their lazy butt is someone I don't want voting anyway. You're telling me that nobody in Atlanta, Savannah, or Macon, Georgia can get a driver's license? It sounds to me like everyone in Georgia should be "disenfranchised" with their government, not just the African-Americans.

Anonymous said...

Once again, All excellent points made by Daniel an Dan.

The talking/blogging are all needed, but lets get real.

If we do not get a foothold in places that make a difference, none of this matters if we lose more control over what these so-called elected officals are doing.

So just in case you think as ANON does on my RANTS,etc., think again how we fix these things.

We better have someone raise their hands in some capacity in favor of the things we think will favor the values we have, or we are toast.

So, all I'm saying is, lets stop with the talking, and focus on finding anyway to get those people seated where we want them, that means someone leads in such a way we get real action.

It's time for it, it's past time! Jack Peek

Tim Lewis said...

I've got a great way to at least help stop illegals from voting...STOP GIVING THEM DRIVER'S LICENSES.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Just to mention it. If you don't have the proper ID in Oregon the police will arrest you if they suspect you of suspicious behavior. So, you must have ID at all times if you live in a high crime area. Expecting ID to be able to vote is a minimal hurdle to voting (in other states I've lived in a voter registration card or driver's license was required to get a ballot).

The argument that to require proof of citizenship before voting is racist in itself is racist. It assumes that people of color are to stupid to follow rules. Whoever posted that needs to stop listening to the extremly biased ACLU (which lies as much as environmentalists) and live in reality where everyone has a driver's license, a job, and a social security card.

Anonymous said...

Billy Bradbury & his minions, The League of Women voters, AFL-CIO Labor Unions, Portland St. University, PCUN, Andi Miller of Common Cause, are but a few who have testified AGAINST recent bills that would require:



Anonymous said...


From Text of Gov. Napolitano's (AZ) State of the State address, 1/9/06:

"Second, we will strengthen the border with the people and equipment we need to fight crime and increase border security for lawful commerce, tourism and legal immigration.

The federal government has promised more border patrol agents for Arizona.

But, until they are here, I have asked Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld to invoke article 32 of the federal code, which allows the federal government to pay for us to station the National Guard at our border. That financial support would allow the Guard to expand its presence and become even more involved in enforcing the rule of law at the border."

All I can say's about time!!!

gullyborg said...


terry said...

What, exactly is being required here? I came to Oregon from another state recovering from an extended illness and hospital stay, and lived with relatives for several months until I was able to return to work (I was using a walker during that time). I didn't have a copy of my birth certificate with me (my personal effects arrived some months later), didn't get any phone or utility bills since I was living with relatives. I had to wait quite awhile until I got my birth certificate plus an official letter from the IRS to get an Oregon ID. In the meantime, I'm not supposed to be allowed to register to vote?