Monday, January 16, 2006

Criminals aliens need help buying homes

Tools can help Spanish speakers avoid fraud
Mortgage documents and real estate disclosure statements are hard enough to understand for people whose first language is English. For those whose first language may be Spanish or Chinese or Russian, buying a home in the United States can be especially difficult.
Note: The whole "Chinese or Russian" thing was put in to throw you off the trail. This is about illegal aliens.

Hispanics are vulnerable because they prefer to work with professionals who speak Spanish, and that can expose them to the people who seek to exploit that, he said. Scam artists even use Spanish advertising to lure their victims, he said.
Hispanics prefer to work with people who speak Spanish? I'd love to have Scott Maben provide a source for his made-up little fact. What he meant to say was that Mexican citizens who are in this country illegaly prefer to speak Spanish.

Fraudulent practices include encouraging a buyer who lacks documentation of residency to use a false Social Security number in applying for a home loan. Buyers who do that not only break the law, they could lose their homes, Valez said.
Why wouldn't they think it was ok? The state of Oregon encourages them to do it with their drivers license numbers and employment applications. Once you've done it a few times and you realize that no one is actually verifying the numbers you start to think you can use them anywhere.

By the way, congratualtions to YOU loyal reader, you just got a drivers license under the name of Juan Mendoza-Lopez. Or at least according to your SSN you did...


Bruce said...

The whole "Chinese or Russian thing" doesn't wash here in Oregon. First there is not a vast number of them and normaly those two groups actually try to learn English. I love the word "bi-lingual" as if to say if one speaks another language, that's good. Here in Oregon it ONLY means Spanish. If i spoke Norwegian, i would be bi-lingual but it still would not qualify me for many of the jobs in state government, county government or city government because the're definition of bi-lingual is not my definition of bi-lingual.
Also, you're right by saying the Hispanics prefer to deal with hispanics, that has been going on forever when they are in this country. An unstated, never-talked about fact is that most people feel more comfortable when dealing with people who are in commonality with themselves. That doesn't mean one has to exclude all dealings with others but with Hispanics it seems to be much more so and everybody everywhere is falling all over themselves to help them do it. Well, not least not me and Daniel!!!

Daniel said...

I would say that we are "the few, the proud" in this fight Bruce but in fact the people who are pushing this nonsense are themselves "the few" (and the shameful)

The general public agrees with us and want people to speak English!