Friday, January 13, 2006

Public service anouncement for criminal aliens

Deadline Saturday for Mexico voters
Saturday is the last chance for Mexican citizens living in Oregon to register for the historic presidential election in Mexico next summer, the first in which people can vote from abroad.

Oregonians and other U.S. residents who retain citizenship in Mexico make up 15 percent of the country's electorate.

Nice of The Statesment Journal and Gabriel Rico to provide this little tidbit for their illegal alien constituency. ICE should show up with paddy wagons and dogs to this registration and demand proof of legal residency of everyone who is a Mexican citizen.


RINO WATCH said...

ICE is the perfect name
for an agency that has COLD FEET!

Robin said...

I wonder if WE can vote?

turn about and all that stuff.

Daniel said...

I want Mexico to pay for my health care!

Anonymous said...

I remember when INS used to conduct raids all over the Southwest, particularly in California. The INS last conducted a raid in Riverside County in 2/2005, I believe. They got hammered for it, and then backed off. Local radio jocks (Jon and Ken from KFI a.m. 640) challenged Asa Hutchinson on this. Winnie shyed away from the whole thing. No more raids since, and Asa feels that he doesn't owe you any explanation. It's sad. It just goes on unabated.

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