Saturday, January 21, 2006

Cornelius consulate visit

Start by reading Jay's post. He did a good one. (And I know just who that shrill lady must have been)

Then I'll tease you by saying that I WAS IN THE BELLY OF THE BEAST! That's right. I showed up before all the people who know who I am got there and I got inside to see DHS and DCBS setting up their tables and even got some of the little goodies they offer:

They even gave me a piece of candy! Errr, your tax dollars even gave me that piece of candy.

Spanish comics don't really make sense to me but I think that it says: I want to take American's jobs! The comic is courtesy of the USDOJ.

Why not come to Oregon where you can get health care at taxpayer expense? You can see that this is the Spanish OHP.

At this point someone from the consulate (who I didn't know) asked me if I had an appointment. I left the room and went to the lobby of the "cultural center" where I was promptly surrounded by everyone. A worker there wanted to know what I was doing and if I wanted to talk to him.

I gave him my speech on respecting legal immigrants, this is a great country, blah blah AND I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS WHO ARE CRIMINALS. They are stealing and it's wrong to help them commit their crimes. At this point I was told to leave the building.

So I stood right out the front door and made small talk with anyone who would listen. It was going great until this squinty-eyed woman (who says she is going to sue me) started screaming at me. (We have since nick-named her "the college grad" or "Harvard" for short)

A little while later and they realized that they could kick me off of their property all together. As I was re-parking guess who shows up: Senator Bruce Starr!

Please take a minute to email him some thanks! He went inside to witness for himself what was really going on and says that department heads have some things to answer for after what he saw.

(At this time the illegal alien lobby had called the cops on me...) More in a later post, come back it's worth it!

We went around back to the "day labor" area and had some good conversations with the criminal aliens and I busted someone trying to pick them up! Stay tuned... I have to eat!


RINO WATCH said...

Glad to hear Sen. Starr showed up. Running for re-election does funny things to some.

I say some, cause I didn't hear that Rep. Riley was there. Was he?

Yep he's running in D29.

Anyone see Mary G?

Daniel said...

Just Senator Starr. Email him some thanks.

Anonymous said...

Those photos are great. Undeniable proof of violating Title 8 Sec. 1325 Aiding & Abetting Illegal Aliens. Hello U.S. Attorney of Portland?!
Our Public Servants are no longer OUR servants.

Anonymous said...

How long till you have your own radio show? It'd be better than Abrams and Kramer.

You also should start work on a book. Discuss your issues in 400 pages with your last year's posts weaved in an out for reference. Then create your talking points for a solution to the problem and why its better for legal immigrants everywhere to move forward with your concept of reform. (I bet you'll find a publisher if you just start discussing it on your blog).

You really showcase the issue where the rubber meets the road. How would you fix what you saw happening in these recent posts from your observations of DHS?

Kate said...

Thanks for the easy link to Senator Starr's email. Email sent.


Polish Immigrant said...

I don't speak Spanish but a I think I can understand a few things from that Oregon health Plan bulletin. I'm not sure if the column on the right lists things that are covered or not but some of them are very interested. I wouldn't even pay for them if they were only meant for legal residents. Check this out: cosmetic surgery and sex change in the same column as services for pregnant women. Again, can somebody who knows that bulleting verify that these are things covered by the plan?

jwalker said...

I am going to read the 4 posts in order and comment as the spirit moves.

Is the state claiming on any level that these services are geared towards legal immigrants and new citizens only to help give them a leg up?

And you are saying there is a sign that says day labor and the police drive by all the time, knowing possible illegal immigrants are there for the pickup, even without a work visa?

And these same police know that these people are waiting to work so they don't have to pay taxes?

I just want to make sure I am not jumping to conclusions.

Daniel said...

JWalker, you have to make an appointment to get into the carousel. To make an appointment you have to be a Mexican national.

If you are a Mexican national with a visa then you have the documentation you need to go to the DMV to get a drivers license like everyone else, you don't need a matricula card.

And yes, I am saying that about the day labor site. (One time the police drove by they ordered them back up onto the sidewalk at least) By law the police can't do anything about this.

Everyone knows that these workers are paid in cash and therefore avoiding taxes.

You are not "jumping" to conclusions, you are simply arriving at the correct ones.