Monday, May 30, 2005

Our "partner" Mexico: part 3

If you're driving in Mexico, liability insurance is a must
A U.S. State Department report on Mexico warns: ``If you are involved in an automobile accident (in Mexico), you will be taken into police custody until it can be determined who is liable and whether you have the ability to pay the penalty. If you do not have Mexican liability insurance, you may be prevented from departing the country even if you require life-saving medical care, and you are almost certain to spend some time in jail until all parties are satisfied that responsibility has been assigned and adequate financial satisfaction received.''

How nice. Also I believe that something may have been lost in the Spanish to English translation here. "adequate financial satisfaction received" really should have said "bribed local law enforcement."

Buy a Dodge instead!

Sign the Boycott Ford Pledge
If one looks for the company which has done the most to affirm and promote the homosexual lifestyle, he would be hard-pressed to find a company which has done more than Ford Motor Company. While this is hardly known to the general population, it is well known by numerous homosexual organizations. In fact, the Human Rights Campaign (a national homosexual organization whose goal is homosexual marriage) gave Ford a 100% corporate rating.

If you think this is just reactionary right-wing alarmist behavior resulting from one single isolated incident then you should check out some of the advertising campaigns, events sponsored, and which groups Ford gives their money to. It's pretty systematic that Ford supports the radical homosexual agenda.

Our "partner" Mexico: Part 2

Mexico puts anti-dumping quotas on US steel tubing
Mexico said on Friday it was putting compensatory tariff quotas on steel tubing imported from the United States, arguing that unfair imports were hurting local industry.

The new tariffs range from 6.77 percent to 25.43 percent.

Mexico imports most of its steel tubing from the United States, its partner along with Canada in the North American Free Trade Agreement.

We should tax every wire transfer, money order, and dollar bill that gets sent from America to Mexico. Set the rate at 25%.

Our "partner" Mexico

Corridors of empowerment
Changing the face of high school graduates to include more Hispanics requires an effort that begins about 12 years before commencement day.

It takes an international effort between two countries that share responsibility for these students.

The Mexican Consulate in Oregon signed an agreement with the state called the Oregon-Mexico Educational Partnership. The hope is to "bridge the gap between the Mexican students and the rest of the population of students in the state," said Oregon's Consul General Fernando Sánchez Ugarte.

He cited the example of Stephens Middle School in Salem where Principal Neil Anderson "went on a mission to hire as many bilingual people as he could to meet the needs of his more than 300 Latino students and their families."

New positions of Hispanic community outreach coordinator and migrant specialist were added and existing positions of office manager, custodian, teachers' aides and several teachers were filled with Spanish speakers.

If you are a Mexican student your school should be in Mexico. American students should be in school in America. And you stupidwinyy liberals who are going to leave the "you're a racist" comments please keep in mind that "Mexican" is not a race, it is a nationality. Hispanic is a race and I have no problem with Hispanics, as long as they are Americans, being educated in our schools.

What I do have a problem with is the pandering to illegal aliens. I understand that the Supreme Court has said that we must provide schooling for these kids. Fine. But don't make it enjoyable for them. Don't pander to their foreign culture. Make THEM adapt. Make THEM do the changing. Make THEM put out the extra effort.

When a foreign county is our "international partner" is getting it's citizens educated at our expense then something is wrong. What does America get out of this? Nothing. We get screwed. "But Mexico is our partner on so many things" you say? Like what? The war on terror? No, we got screwed there. Securing our borders? Don't make me laugh. Keeping narcotics out of our country? Hah! Mexico loves drug money. But our "partner" respects our values right? Wrong. Since America believes in the death penalty Mexico will not extradite murders or anyone facing a possible death sentence.

That corrupt, worthless country subsists on illegal money that comes from America. Illegal workers take billions of dollars from our economy and send it south. 80% of the meth in our country comes from our "partner" Mexico. And what do we do? We make sure that our teachers can educate their children in their language and in their culture.

Excuse me while I go throw up.

Ignore the fact that they killed two people in front of a child

Images conflict of youths held in slayings in Marion County
Authorities describe the teens as burglars who shot possible witnesses; their families tell of church, football and dreams
The authorities aka "the man" are just being totalitarians again, picking on hapless teens. However, the author of this by-line neglects to mention that the teens themselves admit to being burglars who shot possible witnesses.

One played football in middle school. Another liked basketball. None had a criminal record.

They were regular teens, looking for a summer job or preparing to attend community college in the fall. They all went to the same school.
If "regular teens" commit pre-meditated murder in front of a child then we have a problem.

The teens all lived in Labish Village, an unincorporated area just north of Salem. The mostly blue-collar community has a handful of streets, some facing farm fields. Many of the homes were built 50 years ago. Children run and play in the streets or in a pocket park with a basketball hoop and play area.
Who cares? These superfluous details are meant to distract you from the severity of the crimes committed and to paint a more rosy, humanized picture of who the Fishwrapper sees as the real "victims" here: the teens and their families who must have been let down by society.

Lopez-Delgado is the second oldest of five children and recently had his first communion at a nearby Catholic Church. His 40-year-old father and 36-year-old mother work in a nursery in Woodburn. Both are from Mexico and have lived in the United States for a couple of decades. They spoke through a translator.
Illegal aliens? The Fishwrapper doesn't want to say. How you could live in America for a "couple of decades" and not be able to speak English by now is beyond me. These people must be stupid.

The 16-year-old's three brothers, ages 18, 15 and 12, and a 6-year-old sister miss him, said his mother, Elia Delgado. "Sometimes they cry alone," she said.
How sad. They miss the little monster. No mention of whether or not the two people killed have siblings who "cry alone." I guess that's not important.

Elia Delgado visited her son in jail and said he understands his mistakes. "But what can you do now?" she asked.
Apparently you don't understand you stupid woman, a "mistake" is locking your keys in the car, going to a house with the intent to kill people, then breaking into the house and shooting it's occupants dead is not a "mistake," it is a choice.

The mistake of his young life, she said, was agreeing to drive the other two teens back to Donald in his 1990 Nissan. "He said, 'I shouldn't have given them a ride,' " she said.
Where is the accountability? It wasn't a "mistake" it was a choice!!!

Over the years, her family has enjoyed good times. They picnic and drive to Detroit Lake, where they can fish from their small boat, she said. Jorge Ybarra loved basketball, and he honed his abilities at the guard position, she said.
No mention of whether the two people killed had "enjoyed good times" with their grandchild. But I guess that's not important.

A message to the author of this story:
Ron Soble: 503-302-8118;

Ron, you are a piece of shit. You should be forced to read this story aloud to the grandchild of the two people killed on the anniversary of their murders every year until the day that you die. This story that is meant to humanize these killers is disgusting journalism. There is no news here, you provided no relevant information. No one should care if these "teens" (Why do you keep calling all of them that? You don't want to mention that one is an adult?) played basketball or got "hope" from their teacher.

Who do you think the victims are here? Are the families of the killers illegal aliens? Have they trespassed in our country and now two people are dead and children will grow up without their parents because of it?

Why don't you mention the other people in the house who witnessed this grisly scene? A 4 year old child and an 80 year old woman were in the house. Is that not important to you? Which "images" conflict here Ron? The images that the killer's families probably lied to you about and the images (fact) that these worthless "teens" killed two people? Is that a "conflict" for you Ron?

Ron, contrast the sick story that you wrote with this story that talks about the real victims:
Killings bewilder Donald residents
Family, friends and residents of the small town of Donald remembered the Goodes on Wednesday as peaceful, quiet and nice people who kept to themselves but were willing to take in those who needed their help.

"They were just always really nice and quiet," said Jason Wiggins of Donald, a friend of George Ristau, the Goodes' son, since elementary school. "They were just really nice people. There's nothing bad you can say about them."

George Ristau, 23, easily recalled the kindness of his parents.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

How to arrest an illegal alien

N.H. Police Chief's Tactics Stira Storm on Immigration
A few weeks ago, one of Chamberlain's officers came upon Jorge Mora Ramirez, who was making a phone call from his car. Questioned by the officer, Ramirez, a 21-year-old who is Mexican, admitted he was in the country illegally, Chamberlain said. The chief called Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, but they declined to send someone over to pick up Ramirez. Chamberlain applied the only state statute he could think of.

''My position was: If Mr. Ramirez was in the country illegally, he was obviously in the town of New Ipswich illegally," Chamberlain said.

Police officers around the country have told Chamberlain that they plan to follow his example. Last week, Richard E. Gendron, the police chief in Hudson, N.H., cited two undocumented men for trespassing and said he intends to keep doing it.

Hudson cites immigrant with trespassing
A Brazilian immigrant is facing criminal trespassing charges after a traffic stop early Friday morning.

It’s the fourth time in the past two months local police have used a minor state law to charge someone with being in the country illegally. The technique was first used by New Ipswich Police Chief Garrett Chamberlain who reasoned if someone is in the United States illegally, that person could be charged with trespassing.

The first man charged in New Ipswich, Jorge Ramirez, retracted his initial guilty plea after he retained a lawyer at the request of the Mexican consulate.

It looks like this might become a trend among decent police agencies. I sure wish that our local law enforcement would try this same tactic.

164.245 Criminal trespass in the second degree.
(1) A person commits the crime of criminal trespass in the second degree if the person enters or remains unlawfully in a motor vehicle or in or upon premises.
(2) Criminal trespass in the second degree is a Class C misdemeanor.

Oregon State Police: <>

Portland Police: <>

Hillsboro Police: <>

Multnomah County Sheriff: <>

Friday, May 27, 2005

Helping hungry criminals maintain "traditional diets"

Oregon State Univ Extension Helps Hispanic Families Stay Healthy
Hispanic immigrants often eat less nutritiously, once they leave their traditional diets and lifestyles in their native homelands and come to the United States - especially as children discover fast food alternatives at school and parents may begin working long hours.

"One of the goals of our Foods and Nutrition Programs is to help limited-income Hispanic families not only maintain traditional diet, but also improve it," said Lynn Steele, OSU Extension Family and Community Development Program faculty member, who works in Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties.

In her work, Steele has watched the diets of a number of families from Mexico, Guatemala and other Latin American countries turn from the more nutritional and traditional rice, beans and tortillas to American-style convenience and fast food.

"I can tell how long a family has been here by if they are eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches," Steele said. "It's a tell-tale sign. The longer families are here, the more Americanized their diets become."

Making safe homemade cheese is just one of the topics covered in Extension Foods and Nutrition programs in the metro area.

In summary: The goal of this program is to keep illegal aliens from turning to the American evils of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. These people are actually worried about illegal aliens becoming Americanized with their diets and are actively working to prevent that!

This is one more example of how illegal immigrants have no desire to assimilate. Instead they want to turn America into a northern province of Mexico. And our public institutions want to help them.


A recent graduate and former Programs Finance Committee senator, Hill-Meyer read works drawn from her thesis-zine, "A New Language of Gender and Desire," as well as an essay recently published in the book "Getting Bi." The rapt audience, which included many bisexuals, gathered in a stuffy EMU Suite 34, home of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Alliance.

Instead of being attracted to men and women, as people assume when Hill-Meyer tells them she is bisexual, she said the more gender-deviant a person is and the more in between the two sexes, the more she will be attracted to them, which is why "bisexual" is an often confounding term for Hill-Meyer. It suggests only two genders, when really she sees many more, she said.

By not pigeonholing herself, her gender could fluidly adjust over time, as it already had, she said. This fluidity extends beyond language into the culture and community that are often the true determinant of a person's gender identity.

Our institutes of "higher learning" are graduating people who see more than two genders. In fact they see "many more." They believe that their gender has "fluidity" and can "adjust." These people don't want special rights, just a whole new language that can "define" them properly.

Personally I have a hard enough time just keeping up with their acronyms. First they had LGB (lesbian, gay, bisexual) then they had LGBT (adding transgender) but now it is LGBTQA. (I think that it is Questioning and Ally that were added)

A No-Brainer

Oregon State Rep Krummel Sponsors Sex Offender Web Site Legislation
"Our research shows 48 other states have a web site to profile dangerous sex offenders, I was shocked to learn Oregon was not one of them," said Krummel. There are more than 16,000 registered sex offenders in Oregon, hundreds of them are categorized as predatory.

"High profile cases like the disappearance of Brooke Wilberger in Corvallis, have raised the public's demand for information," noted Krummel. "Information about these sex offenders is already available from state and local authorities, but not nearly as extensive or as updated as we could provide on a state agency web site."

For the past five years OSP has provided lists of registered sex offenders to residents who request the information by phone. A few counties operate their own local web sites and provide data through their community corrections departments. Krummel pointed out, "this is a very frustrating process for citizens who are trying to protect their families from these high risk offenders."

The state police already have all the neccessary information, it's just a matter of putting it on a website. Why wouldn't we do this?

Thank Representative Krummel (my representative) for his work in helping to protect kids and for going on the Lars Larson show yesterday to talk about the issues!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

ODOT: Social engineering at it's finest

The Oregon Transportation Plan calls for doubling the number of bicycling and walking trips over the next 20 years.

Increases in recycling and seat belt use have resulted from successful campaigns aimed at changing behavior. Similar efforts could be applied to encourage increased bicycling and walking. Successful campaigns portray a positive image of walkers and bicyclists, emphasize the benefits of bicycling and walking, and inform the public of the drawbacks associated with over-reliance on the automobile.
The brainwashing, I mean, behavioral correction, starts with psychological tactics. Essentially, they will train us the same way you would train your dog: If you walk/ride you are "good" but if you drive you are "bad." Bikes = Good, Cars = Bad

The experience of campaigns to promote alternate modes indicates that increasing the attractiveness of these modes is often insufficient to make substantial changes in travel behavior. When driving is inexpensive and convenient, other modes such as walking, bicycling and mass transit cannot compete effectively.

Reducing the attractiveness of driving alone can help make other means of transportation relatively more attractive. Observations of travel patterns in other developed nations indicate a correlation between the relative ease of driving and the use of other modes.

Some factors that decrease the attractiveness of driving alone are high gasoline prices, vehicle registration fees and parking rates; low availability of parking; and restricted driving privileges in downtown and other high pedestrian use areas.
Since ODOT can't convince you that the "alternative" to driving is a better choice our government is actively "campaigning" to make your car "unattractive." Not just psychologically either, they will make it impractical. By making car ownership more difficult they can change the current "path of least resistance" for some people. Unfortunately this means that more poor people will have fewer transportation choices and be forced to take the bus in the rain. Less "choice" and punishing "the poor," welcome to the real Democrat's ideas!

Zoning for high densities of employment, housing and mixed-use development places origin and destination points closer together, creating a more pedestrian and bicycle-friendly environment. This can be done more easily in new developments, but can be retrofitted into established areas with neighborhood commerce zoning.
This is coming from the same people who say that a drivers license "should not be an immigration document." Was zoning ever intended to be used as a device to get people out of their cars?

So easy a kid could do it...

Probe finds Mexican students crossing border to attend school
Students living in Mexico have been regularly crossing the border to attend school in a remote southern Arizona community, a misuse of taxpayer funds, the state's top education official said Wednesday.

State schools Superintendent Tom Horne said an investigator he sent to the port of entry in Lukeville videotaped students walking across the border to a bus stop 200 yards north, then taking school buses to the community of Ajo.

...the Arizona attorney general's office said it would not investigate because there was no allegation of a crime.

I am so tired of our public officials turning a blind eye to crime. Perhaps the Arizona AG should go back to law school, or even listen to McGruff during a 3rd grade "take a bite out of crime" presentation. Violating our nation's soverienty to use government services is against the law. It is illegal to cross the border without permission/documentation.

Perhaps the next time I need to use the bathroom I will use the Arizona AG's house to take an "undocumented crap."

And what does it say about our border security if a child can cross every day with consistency to get to school? What kind of morons are running the show here?

New Mac Johnson Column

Rebuild Twin Towers Boldly--Not Just One
I recognize that dedicated effort from many talented and well-intentioned people has gone into designing the Freedom Tower, both as a business enterprise and a memorial symbol. But the concept has two deep flaws that will handicap its chances of succeeding as a symbol. It may overcome these handicaps, but why add them unnecessarily to such an already difficult mission?

Most obviously, the Freedom Tower is a single tower.

An open letter to the man in charge of rebuilding the 9/11 site.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Contact the sellouts!

Seven Most Wanted Senate Republicans
Seven Republican senators (along with seven other Democrats) on Monday blocked the nuclear option on judicial nominees--abandoning the GOP leadership in the process. The following list provides their Washington, D.C., contact information.

Courtesy of Human Events Online.

Email adresses:

Sen. Lincoln Chaffee

Sen. Susan Collins

Sen. Mike DeWine

Sen. Lindsey Graham

Sen. John McCain

Sen. Olympia J. Snowe <>

Sen. John W. Warner

Courtesty of Me.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Which of YOUR liberties are they protecting?

What's the local chapter of the ACLU up to these days? Why, protecting our most precious liberties! Things like free exercise of religion and the right to bear arms you say? No. Let's take a look:

ACLU of Oregon Opposes Requiring Proof of Citizenship to Obtain Driver’s Licenses
March 23, 2005 – The ACLU of Oregon testified before the House Transportation Committee against HB 2608 which would require proof of U.S. Citizenship before a person can obtain an Oregon license or identification card.
Thankfully the ACLU is protecting criminals ability to obtain valid ID.

The ACLU of Oregon had urged Senators to oppose SB 818 A-Eng, because it would allow state-wide implementation of a pilot program encouraging state social services employees to assist clients to access faith-based programs operated by churches.
I for one am glad that drug addicts, the homeless, and criminals will have one less opportunity for rehabilitation. This proven method of help, Jesus, is now off the table thanks to the ACLU.

ACLU of Oregon Opposes Requiring Schools to Lead Students in Daily Pledge of Allegiance in Violation of Oregon Constitution
I can't believe the schools were even considering reciting the pledge on a daily basis. Never mind that no one was forced to participate, everyone has a RIGHT not to hear anything patriotic. It's right there in the constitution. Yeah, right there. Next paragraph. No, the one before that...

ACLU of Oregon Opposes Limiting Teen’s Access to Abortions
The ACLU of Oregon testified in opposition to HB 2605 that requires parental notification of a minor prior to receiving an abortion.
Underage girls can kill babies. Yep, right there in the Bill of Rights.


America haters: In demand at Academia

The Scourge of Nationalism
I cannot get out of my mind the recent news photos of ordinary Americans sitting on chairs, guns on laps, standing unofficial guard on the Arizona border, to make sure no Mexicans cross over into the United States. There was something horrifying in the realization that, in this twenty-first century of what we call "civilization," we have carved up what we claim is one world into 200 artificially created entities we call "nations" and armed to apprehend or kill anyone who crosses a boundary.

Is not nationalism--that devotion to a flag, an anthem, a boundary so fierce it engenders mass murder--one of the great evils of our time, along with racism, along with religious hatred? These ways of thinking--cultivated, nurtured, indoctrinated from childhood on--have been useful to those in power, and deadly for those out of power.

Our citizenry has been brought up to see our nation as different from others, an exception in the world, uniquely moral, expanding into other lands in order to bring civilization, liberty, democracy.

That self-deception started early.

Surely, we must renounce nationalism and all its symbols: its flags, its pledges of allegiance, its anthems, its insistence in song that God must single out America to be blessed.

The left hates America. They loathe our success, despise our culture, and empathize with our enemies. They hate our flag, they hate God, they hate that we worship God.

The rantings of Howard Zinn are a harmless read when us regular Americans read it and recognize it for what it is, however, Zinn is a popular University speaker whose diatribes are heard by impressionable youth.


University of Oregon
A Night with Howard Zinn
Friday, April 4, 2003 at 7:00pm
McDonald Theatre Sponsored by the UO Cultural Forum, Concerned Faculty for Peace and Justice, and the McDonald Theatre.

Course Lecture/Reading Schedule:
Article #3: Zinn, Howard. 1997. The Zinn Reader. New York: Seven Stories Press.(Law and Justice) pgs. 7-25
Article #4: Zinn, Howard. 1997. The Zinn Reader. New York: Seven Stories Press.(Columbus and Western Civilization) pgs. 27-37

It is very disturbing that America-haters such as Zinn are allowed within 1000 feet of a student whose mind is still being molded. As taxpayers who fund these institutions we should demand better.

Taxpayer funded sexual harassment havens

'Statesman Journal' Examines Sex harassment at Oregon's Public Universities
SALEM, Ore. (AP) Students at Oregon's public universities are vulnerable to repeat cases of sexual harassment because schools fail to tell them about confirmed cases of sexual harassment, according to the results of an investigation published in the Statesman Journal of Salem.

The newspaper's investigation also found that any punishments for confirmed harassers are usually kept from the general public, and that public universities have not done comprehensive surveys on the number of students who get sexually harassed by professors and peers.

The "brilliant" minds in academia support a women's right to choose, but only to kill her baby, not to choose to be free from sexual harassment. Why are public agencies allowed to hide these things? Why is there not mandatory reporting? How can any parent feel safe sending their daughter to a university where "confirmed harrassers" are allowed anonymity?

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Priority populations: The Chosen Ones

$3208 - $4476 MONTHLY
That's $53,712 annually + 15% benefits = $61768.80 total cost to the taxpayers

This employment opportunity is with Health Services, which is part of the Department of Human Services (DHS). This position is represented by a union.

The person in this position will provide direction and monitoring of the public education and community partnership components of the Oregon Breast and Cervical Cancer (BCC) and Komen Programs. The focus of this work is to assure that the needs of priority populations are served through effective education, outreach and recruitment activities to promote early detection of breast and cervical cancer through the programs. Priority populations, as defined by the funding organizations are women ages 50 - 64, women of color, women with disabilities, lesbians, women in rural areas, women with low incomes, and men with breast symptoms.

I understand that we should be focusing medical attention on high risk groups, that part makes sense, but this list of priority populations doesn't. Are lesbians more likely to get breast cancer? Are poor women more likely to get breast cancer? Are rural areas causing cancer these days?

Friday, May 20, 2005

You say tomato, I say tomato

School discipline rates for minorities skewed
Portland Public Schools suspended or expelled minority students last school year at a rate significantly above their proportion of student enrollment, according to a new analysis by the Oregon Department of Education.

Behavior Problems for minorities is high
Minority students in Portland Public Schools had behavior problems significantly above their proportion of student enrollment, according to a new analysis by the Oregon Department of Education.

Headlines in Daily Dead Fishwrapper skewed
The Portland-centric Daily Dead Fishwrapper printed liberal headlines significantly above their proportion of liberal readers, according to a new analysis by Daniel.

Tax dollars for artwork: a collection

Public Art

Tell me why the city of Medford bought this? Weird statue

Call for Public Art Read more here...

The Oregon City Arts Commission (OCAC) in conjunction with the City of Oregon City is in the process of inviting local artists to submit photos or a CD of existing work for consideration in the display of public art.

It is the intent of the OCAC to select sculpture pieces to be placed in designated sites along the 7th Street corridor for a permanent public art display. There is a total of $20,000 budgeted for the procurement of up to four pieces of public art.
The people who said "how could Bush have an expensive inauguration when there are starving people in the world" seem to have no problem with government wasting $20,000 on a hunk of "decorative" steel.

The Percent for Art legislation, passed in 1975, guides the acquisition of Oregon's State Art Collection which includes more than 2,500 original art works.

ORS sets aside "not less than 1% of the direct construction funds of new or remodeled state buildings with construction budgets of $100,000 or greater for the acquisition of art work which may be an integral part of the building, attached thereto, or capable of display in other State Buildings".

The public art program has been of benefit to Oregon's community of professional artists. Over one thousand artists have been involved with Percent for Art since its inception. Fees and commissions to artists have exceeded $6 million...
This means that the newly built, but un-opened, Wapato jail (cost to build $59,000,000) got $590,000 worth of artwork.

The Public Art Murals Program is a Portland city-wide program administered by the Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) as part of its 25-year-old Percent for Art Program.

For Fiscal Year 2004/05 RACC has approximately $45,000 with which we can provide matching funds for multiple mural projects.
One Porland Police officer... $45,000. Not having to worry about a meth addict killing your family... priceless.

Still hiring...
Cultural Historian Sought for I-205 Light Rail Project
TriMet's Public Art Program is seeking a qualified cultural historian to research and write a report that summarizes the unique cultural, ethnic and historical character of the station areas surrounding the proposed I-205 light rail extension. The compensation for the project is $6,000.

House Passes NEA Increase!
U.S. House of Representatives approved the Congressional Arts Caucus Amendment to increase funding for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) by $10 million and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) by $5 million.

Oregon Representative David Wu spoke in favor of the amendment.
He had a good reason to write a letter in support of that inmate... but he's sorry. He's also sorry that he held a pillow over a girl's face while he tried to rape her. He's not sorry that tax dollars are spent on art. Great guy.

An issue for the ACLU! Government funded religion!
A Leap of Faith, An interactive play encouraging dialogue on the issue of Christianity and gay marriage

Leap of Faith is a touring interactive performance that explores the issue of gay marriage and Christianity by looking at both theology and the day-to-day lives of congregational members. A Leap of Faith encourages audience members to explore tenets of their belief in an atmosphere that allows for mutal respect and human connection.

First United Methodist Church 1838 SW Jefferson Portland, Or South Minister Presbyterian Church 12250 SW Denny Rd. Beaverton, Or Ainsworth United Church of Christ 2941 NE Ainsworth Portland, Or

RACC Program: RACC Project Grant

RACC is the steward of public investment in arts and culture, and works to create an environment in which the arts and culture of the region can flourish and prosper. RACC is funded in party by local, regional, state and federal governments to provide grants to artists and operating support to art organizations in the tri-county region. (Funders include the City of Portland, Metro, and Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington Counties, the Oregon Arts Commission, Oregon Cultural Trust and the National Endowment for the Arts. For a complete list of public and private funders, click here.)
So RACC uses public money (your money) to have a church put on a play about homosexual marriage. Do you think that this will include the traditional Christian views of homosexuality or this will be a play all about "tolerance?"

Contact Rep Krieger

From OFF alerts:

HB 2768, which was supposed to allow CHL holders to purchase firearms without a background check was "gut and stuffed" with language the Oregon Sheriffs wanted to make it easier to deny and revoke handgun licenses. All the good language was removed. (The new language is not yet available on the legislative website.)

Both OFF and the NRA expressed opposition to elements of the bill. We were told that new amendments would be drafted and attached to the bill in full committee. Both OFF and NRA stated that until we saw the amendments, we opposed the bill.

If this bill gets to the House floor and on to the Senate, a bad bill could turn into a nightmare bill.

Please contact the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee and tell him to do whatever it takes to stop HB 2768.

Representative Wayne Krieger

Sample letter: (copy and paste)
Dear Representative Krieger,HB 2768 moved out of your committee in spite of your assurances that it would not.

There is no reason to believe that problems with the bill that were not corrected in your committee will be addressed when the bill is in the hands of Ginny Burdick, whose animosity towards gun owners is well known.

I urge you to do whatever you must to make sure this bill is pulled off the House floor. Please keep your promise to gun owners.

Very truly yours,


Visit for more info on protecting our constitutional rights!

Welcome to Mexigon: Where the dreamers dream in spanish

MEDFORD, OR - Walking into the Oregon State Employment Office at 119 N. Oakdale Ave. in Medford, Oregon can already be a daunting experience for many who are looking for work or have to file a claim. To many it can be a stressful occasion. Being met by a Mexican flag hoisted above the Stars and Stripes on the back wall of this state-run office is for many, like Earl Howard of Shady Cove, OR, "downright un-American."

Un-American and illegal! Why would a state agency fly a Mexican flag anywhere, especially above the American flag? Do we want to make the illegal aliens feel more welcome here?

Thanks to Oregon Conservative for the link!

Lars Larson show on the net

Message from Lars:
The local version of my talk show airs in real time from 11am to 3pm. 11am-2pm is available on the air on KXL…and the 2pm-3pm hour is available from the Radio Northwest Network stations around the state. A number of the stations run the show from noon-four, noon-two, noon-three etc.

The first three hours of the show are available on a free stream which you can get to from the site.

the fourth hour of the show is available now from

the national radio show airs in real time from 4-7pm pacific time (7-10pm in the East and 3-6pm in Alaska). You can stream that free of charge at
I pay for the streams so that you don’t have to.

hope this helps.


For those of you outside of Oregon you should check out Lars' local show. For those of you inside Oregon the stream of his national show is a great deal since it airs so late on the radio. It's all free so maybe you should show your gratitude by going to his website and visiting a few of his sponsors...

Thursday, May 19, 2005

"Little Black Book" available to middle-schoolers!

Homosexual Group Admits Obscene Material Was Handed Out at Conference
A Boston health clinic has admitted to distributing pornographic books to middle school students and others at a Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) conference hosted by a Massachusetts high school. Initially GLSEN Boston categorically denied its recent 15th Annual Conference event at Brookline High School featured sexually explicit materials.

However, the Fenway Community Center health clinic has admitted to passing out copies of "The Little Black Book -- Queer in the 21st century," a graphic how-to manual on homosexual sex. The superintendent of Brookline Schools has also acknowledged that the sexually explicit materials were made available at the conference when they should not have been, and he has apologized for that fact.

See previous post

Little Black Book - Queer in the 21st Century (Explicit)

Shell game

Schools' budgeting is unethical
The chairman of the Salem-Keizer School Board, Mike Basinger, (guest opinion, April 15), along with the Oregon School Boards Association president, Peggy Penland, (letter to the editor, April 25) and state Rep. Phil Barnhart (guest opinion, April 26), want Oregonians to believe that they are responsible and transparent budget wizards when it comes to school rainy-day reserves. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Let's do the math: Each ELL student brings around $2,400 extra each school year to school districts. In the past four years, the Salem-Keizer School District received an extra $48 million for the education of ELL children and spent only $25 million on their special programs. This practice begs the question, where did the other $23 million go? This is where the school district got its rainy-day reserves.
Unions: Money? jingle jingle What money? jingle jingle I don't see any money?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Step one: take public's money; Step two: Waste it

Lincoln City council sets goals
Setting goals is easy. Meeting them is more difficult, especially during tough economic times.

Lincoln City council members set four challenging goals last year, and have worked diligently toward reaching them. They met April 4 to review those goals and decide where to go next, and unanimously approved a new list for 2005-06.
What are these urgent goals you ask?

Goal One: "Develop an effective, stable funding source for effective services that keeps pace with inflation and growth." Benchmarks include examining all franchise fees to determine whether increases are "possible and reasonable," and look at the city's fee structure to make sure it covers the costs "where appropriate."
Translation: Take more money from residents.
Definitions applied: "Reasonable" means "as long as there is no public vote"
"Appropriate" means "whenever we want more"

Goal Two: "Develop a clearly stated city identity."
Toward that end, they want to adopt a vision statement; support efforts to add public art, a cultural center, and a nature center; and complete an economic development study, using the results to revise the vision statement to match those findings.
Translation: Someone's cousin is an out-of-work artist who builds crappy statues out of rusty metal and needs a $10,000 contract. Also a "cultural center" for "those people who vote for us but we still get nervous if one is standing behind us at the ATM" and a "nature center" where liberals can enjoy "nature" without having to put down their soy latte and strap on some boots.

Goal Three: "Review and revise the land use system in the city, including the comprehensive plan, Urban Growth Boundary (UGB), and zoning ordinance."
Translation: Artificially inflate housing prices, screw people out of their private property rights.

Goal Four: "Develop a long-term integrated capital improvements plan for water, transportation, and drainage."
Translation: This is actually necessary but since we are government we will screw it up by giving the contract to someone's uncle and the project will mysteriously run "over budget."

I like how the first priority with government is always "how can we get more money," second is "how can we waste it on art" and the last is "how can we increase infrastructure capacity with necessary improvements."

Job search: Check classifieds or crawl under fence?

Family hopes father won't be deported
Fabian Ruiz was 19 when he first decided to seek work in the United States. He and a cousin waited until nightfall, then ducked through a hole in a fence separating Nogales, Mexico, from Nogales, Arizona.

They stowed away on a freight train bound for Tucson, then caught a bus to Utah. Another bus took them to Portland. A week or so later, they had joined friends working on a Christmas tree farm in the Salem area.
Hmmm, last time I was looking for work I checked the online classifieds. It just seemed easier than ducking through holes in the fence and stowing away on freight trains. But I guess I'm just a lazy American.

Eleven years later, Fabian is married to a U.S. citizen. He's a father of four and is living and working in the mid-valley. Now immigration authorities may send the 30-year-old back to Mexico, with a 10-year ban on any possibility of return.
What amazes me most is that some people read that paragraph and don't see the multiple laws being broken: Fabian is living here in violation of the law and he is working here in violation of the law.

It all points to a nation that talks out of both sides of its mouth when it comes to illegal immigrants, said Amy Ruiz, Fabian's wife.

"My personal view is this government wants the illegal Mexicans here," she said. "Why would they issue them (a tax number) if they didn't have a Social Security number? Why would they give them a way to pay taxes if they were here illegally?"
First, I don't care about your personal view. As to the second part... because they are morons who have no respect for the letter of the law.

Fabian's situation began, ironically, because he was trying to become a legal resident, the couple said.
Uuuh, no, his "situation" began when he was crawling through holes in fences and breaking the law.

The two have been together for about six years and have three children together, ages 4, 2½ and 16 months. Each also has a 10-year-old son from a previous relationship.
That's $480,000 worth of education his kids are getting.

Fabian returned to Mexico briefly in 1998 after learning that his grandfather had suffered a heart attack. Coming back, he tried to make a daylight jump over a fence outside of Douglas, Ariz. This time, however, the Border Patrol caught him and sent him back.

Fabian waited until nightfall, circled around the outskirts of town and tried again. This time, he was successful. But he's not counting on being able to do it again.
The Democrat Herald does not point out that this makes Fabian a felon.

Fabian is one of some 100,000 to 150,000 undocumented aliens in Oregon, according to estimates from the Pew Hispanic Center. The nation's undocumented population is estimated to be about 11 million people, more than 6 million of them from Mexico.

Their effect on the state is hard to determine. Schools and medical clinics aren't allowed to deny services to someone based on his legal status. Law enforcement agencies aren't allowed to check for green cards or arrest people for immigration violations.
In unrelated news: law enforcement will no longer be able to look at their watches when "enforcing" curfew.

Fabian obtained a job, a driver's license and a marriage license without legal residency. He and his wife rent a residence, own two vehicles and pay taxes. Two speeding tickets and his presence in the United States are the only marks on his record, said Hecht, his attorney.
He is an unconvicted felon, working illegally, and in violation of our immigration laws. Let's not forget that.

This is another one of those sob stories presented by the mainstream press to try to make us feel sympathetic towards lawbreakers. They purposely leave out factual evidence and statistics while emphasizing quotes from the family and invoking "children" throughout. It's just shoddy reporting.

Made a bad choice? Erase it in the morning!

Oregon Bill to Sell Morning After Pill Over the Counter Under Passes
Legislation that would make Oregon one of just seven states nationwide to allow sales of the so-called morning after pill over the counter received approval from the Oregon state Senate Tuesday. The measure comes at a time when the FDA is considering allowing women over 16 to purchase the drugs without a doctor's visit.

You know what works better than a "morning after" pill? Don't do something stupid the night before!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Gay marriage in Massachusetts

Hard-core pornographic homosexual "how-to" booklet given to hundreds of kids at Brookline High School
Written by AIDS Action Committee with Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health and Boston Public Health Commission. Contains horrible medical misinformation, says physician expert in sexually transmitted diseases. QUESTIONS NEED TO BE ASKED, ANSWERS DEMANDED!

"The Little Black Book - Queer in the 21st Century" (Graphic) (But I guess it's good enough for high school kids...)
OH MY GOD... Initially I was thinking that I would be able to repeat a good portion of what is in the "little black book" but it is awful. What they are telling these kids should be a crime! And this was produced in part by the Boston Public Health Commision. I just can't believe what I am reading. I'm in shock.

Hat tip: Traditional Values Coalition

Cultural Perversity

Today Lars discussed the "cultural competency" letter that was signed by several school superintendents. Here are the online files dealing with this issue:


Cultural competence, Oregon-style (Dave Mowry's "In My Opinion" piece)

Cultural competency valued (Letter to the editor from Superintendents)

Excerpt from letter:
Social justice is promoted, not by advocacy, but by enterprise, as we work to meet this challenge. It's that simple.

Excerpt from Summit Proceedings: (page 7)
Rather, cultural competence entails actively challenging the status quo and advocating for equity and social justice. For example, one table noted the need to incorporate institutionalized
notions of power, privilege, and oppression into the definition.

Excerpt from Summit Proceedings: (page 9)
Advocates for social justice

Excerpt from Summit Proceedings: (page 54)
Encouraging/nurturing capacity to advocate social justice

Our school superintendents are either stupid, or they think that we are stupid. It's that simple.

Cultural Competency makes assumptions about race, ethnicity, income levels, etc. It's that simple.

The Summit pulled together an ethnically, racially, and linguistically diverse group of education
leaders from multiple segments of the Oregon education system. 2 Given that the state of Oregon is 86% white, it was striking that 50% of the participants were people of color.
What is "striking" is that these people can't look at a room full of people without noting who has what skin color.

Exhibits awareness of key concepts: privilege, affirmative action, assimilation vs.
pluralism, color blindness vs. color awareness, meritocracy, etc.
mer·i·toc·ra·cy - A system in which advancement is based on individual ability or achievement.

Obviously that is the WORST system possible. How will a someone who doesn't speak English, does drugs, is lazy, and acts like a perpetual victim be able to advance if it is based on merit?

I work at a school that has very little diversity. To be in a room filled with such amazing
people who are and have accomplished so much was just empowering. I was amazed that
with the diversity we had in our group our thoughts and desires were the same. (Teacher)
So according to someone who is responsible for teaching our children, the definition of "diversity" is when everyone's "thoughts and desires [are] the same." Scary.

Many people spoke of the power of simply sitting in a room with 100 colleagues who shared their passion and commitment to creating an educator workforce that more effectively meets the needs of all students, especially students of color, low income students and second language learners.
They like everyone equally but they especially like students of color, low income, and ELL.

One of the most effective ways to ensure a climate of welcoming support for students and
families is to increase the number of staff who share their racial and cultural background and
who can speak their language.
I think that they are saying that white kids will be taught by white teachers, Christian kids will be taught by Christians, conservatives by conservatives, and so on. No? This just applies to people of color and non-Americans? A white kids only hope to be included is if he is gay or poor? What about the Christians? I see, not "culturally competent" and therefore banned.

Hillsboro Superintendent Lyon
(If you no speaka the English then you can contact Hillsboro School District's "Hispanic Outreach" or "Migrant Education" HERE)

State Superintendent Castillo

Portland Superintendent Phillips

Beaverton Superintendent Colonna

Thank goodness the Republicans will save Planned Parenthood from... the Republicans

I very much enjoy knowing what the other side is doing/thinking (if you can call it "thinking") so I subscribe to several liberal mailing lists. One of those groups is Planned Parenthood. I just received a very ominous email from them complete with a "countdown" and multiple mushroom clouds. (no you hippies, not those mushrooms, the nuclear kind) Here is an excerpt:

"If we lose this fight and the nuclear option is triggered, our ability to block the appointments of extremist anti-choice judges is at stake. Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and James Dobson will have a clear path to controlling the Supreme Court and Roe v. Wade will be overturned!!!" (Their hysterical emphasis)

Can you believe it? Dr. Dobson will control the Supreme Court! And he's not even a lawyer! Wow. Fortunately the PP email tells me that this "nuclear option" is a bad thing and that I should oppose it. How do they demonstrate the inherent "badness" of this procedure? By using quotes from noted "Republicans" such as John McCain -"R" and Susan Collins -"R".

These two fine Republicans are very worried about the "minority" (less votes equals more power) and the "moderates" (Republicans who want to be liked by the NY Times, also known as "Democrats")

Planned Parenthood then urges Oregonians to contact Senator Smith and tell him to vote NO on the "Nuclear Option."

Please take a moment yourself to counter the opinions of the baby-killing Nazis and tell Senator Smith to support Senator Frist and support the constitutional option to stop the filibuster.

Contact Senator Smith

Monday, May 16, 2005

The UN wasn't effective?

US Congress Releases Documents Showing Saddam Manipulated Foreign Officials, UN
A U.S. congressional committee has heard new testimony and released documents showing former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein used the U.N.-run oil-for-food humanitarian program to influence foreign officials. A hearing Monday marked a new round of efforts by lawmakers to shed more light on Saddam Hussein's attempts to undermine U.N. sanctions.

"Documents presented here today appear to confirm that some of these individuals were indeed using the Oil for Food Program for their own purposes. I can think of no legitimate reason for any politician or government official of any nation to receive oil from Saddam Hussein. Ironically, every dollar that these people took out of the program was money that should have gone to help the Iraqi people," he said.
Our media probably still won't accept that the UN is a corrupt and ineffective bureaucracy. If only they showed this much skepticism when a story that could hurt America came around. *cough* Newsweek *cough*

Mutlnomah County: Can't open a jail but has a "sewing specialist"

Any time I am feeling like maybe government needs just a little bit more money to operate the schools, the jails, and perform their essential tasks, you know, they will promise to spend it wisely this time, I simply go to a government website and start looking at job titles.

A few Multnomah County Jobs...
SEWING SPECIALIST $24,429.60 - $30,004.56 annually
To provide sewing, mending, alterations, and repairs to county property i.e., linens, uniforms, inmate clothing including underwear, upholstery, etc. Work is accomplished by hand sewing and by use of electric sewing machine.
Clearly this work MUST be done by a PERS recipient. There is no way this job could be outsourced to the private sector.

RECREATIONAL & EXPRESS THERAPIST $41,384.16 - $47,961.36 annually
Provide recreational and expressive therapy activities in groups so that clients are provided opportunity to change problematic behavior; carry small caseload of individual clients; develop recreational and expressive therapy programming consistent with cognitive behavioral and social learning modalities; facilitate expressive therapy activities in groups; facilitate or monitor recreational activities in groups; and orient and educate clients to expressive and recreational therapy modalities as well as Program and Facility policies.
I am positive that the community would rather give criminals "expressive therapy" than lock them up in that new jail that the county doesn't have the money to open.

LIBRARY OUTREACH SPECIALIST $42,177.60 - $48,900.96 annually
To develop, plan and implement outreach programs for special needs clients, e.g., parents of young children, toddlers and preschoolers in day care situations, and low income or homeless.
Parents of young children are "special needs?" Do you realize how many job titles that start with "Library" that Multnomah County has? I'm not sure what the "Librarian" is doing all day but apparently she needs the help of an Events Coordinator, Clerk, Assistant, Materials Proccessor, Page, Support Services Admin, Supervisor, etc.

They get paid to hear from you

Email Them! Tell Your Senators To Support Efforts To End Judicial Filibusters!
It is imperative that you contact your two U.S. Senators this week and ask them to vote YES on efforts to restore Senate tradition.

Send this form letter! You just add the subject!

Also try the Google Toolbar with autofill to fill in forms! (Name, adress, etc) This is a must for the online activist!

New Mac Johnson column

Lawlessness: The Solution to Anarchy!
According to the FBI, every 14.6 seconds one burglary is committed in America. The primary reason behind this disturbing fact is that it remains illegal to take other people’s stuff.

Clearly burglary, or “undocumented income redistribution,” is a serious problem. But fortunately there is a solution: just legalize burglary. The simplicity of this approach is so overwhelming that I find it hard to believe no one has thought of it before me. I cannot, however, take full credit for this marvelous idea. Really, I just stole it from John McCain and Ted Kennedy, who propose something similar in their new “plan” to address illegal immigration, the 2005 Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act.
Clever, witty, and links at the bottom to contact the "we'll just legalize it" crowd.

We want government approval... I mean personal choice

L.A. Advocates, Oregon Governor Kick Off Drive to Win 'Compassionate Choices' for Terminally-Ill Californians
Former Oregon Governor Barbara Roberts, who signed into law that state's historic "Death with Dignity" law, made the case for a similar law in California today.

Joined by local senior, clergy and medical activists, the Governor said the time has come for California to show compassion by respecting the right to choice for terminally ill people. "I have learned that more than costs and more than pain, the biggest issue for the terminally ill is loss of choice," Roberts said.

Mrs. Crouch, 78, said she is grateful for the hospice care she is now receiving and for the continuing love and support of her husband, children and grandchildren. "It is my choice to have no more invasive treatments and no more hospital stays," she said. "I want the option to hasten my death when life becomes unbearable."
You know these people are liberals because they can't even kill themselves without asking governments permission. Not to be rude but if you want to die then stick a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger. Don't ask the state for permission and then ask them to do it for you.

Do these people need to be coddled by government for everything? Or is this about making a culture of death public policy? Is this about not valuing human life when it a person becomes "inconveniant." Do we want euthanasia laws that are similar to Amersterdam? Should depressed teenagers have this "choice?" Oh wait, they do have the personal choice to kill themselves, really who can stop them, they just can't do it with the state's approval and assistance.

Responsible media update

Newsweek called treasonous over 'Quran-in-toilet' report
Fifteen dead, scores injured, relief buildings burned down.

Years of coalition-building with the Muslim world against terrorist fanatics set back.

That's the toll to date for a brief story about a U.S. prison guard throwing a Quran down the toilet – a story Newsweek now admits it got wrong, and one being blasted as "criminal" and "treasonous."

"It's treasonous at worst," Hunt added. "How about not hurting the war? How about causing no harm? I think Newsweek should lose every reader it ever had."
How many false stories that hurt America do we have to put up with?

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Our responsible mainstream media

Newsweek Apologizes for Quran Story
Newsweek magazine Sunday apologized for a May 9 report alleging U.S. interrogators flushed the Quran down the toilet at Guantanamo Bay, an allegation that had prompted attacks in Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Gaza Strip that left 15 dead and scores more injured.

"We regret that we got any part of our story wrong and extend our sympathies to victims of the violence and to the U.S. soldiers caught in its midst," Editor Mark Whitaker wrote in the magazine's latest issue.
Newsweek "regrets" having published a false story that has resulted in rioting, death, destruction of property, and anger towards America. Actually, Newsweek doesn't care about the anger towards America, radical Islamists are the only group who may hate our country more than the mainstream media does.

In unrelated news Newsweek has announced that it will no longer be taking news tips from Jayson Blair or Dan Rather.

Another Fishwrapper trumpets the "transgenders"

Transgendered Teen Pursuing Diversity
SPRINGFIELD - By mid-May, most high school seniors are focused on matters other than school district policy statements. Esmael Spencer is the exception.

Spencer, an 18-year-old at Thurston High School, is a transgendered youth - born female but identifying as male. At the start of the school year, Spencer asked teachers and classmates to call him Esmael - a variation of the Hebrew name Ishmael.

The graduating senior insists he will feel less like an outcast if the Springfield School Board ultimately approves a diversity plan that specifically lists gays, lesbians and transgendered youths as among those who are guaranteed equal rights and protection from harassment.
I would feel like less of an outcast if school boards everywhere would approve a diversity plan that specifically lists conservatives as among those guranteed equal rights.

He typically spends the lunch hour on his own, often in a corner of the band room. When nature calls, he uses a unisex bathroom in the school's health room.
If this bathroom is not open to everyone then the school should be sued. That isn't "equal rights."

Earlier this spring, Spencer reluctantly declined a school award that is traditionally presented to the top female senior in English literature. He had hoped to be nominated as the top male senior in English lit.
This is where the problems start. If you have a mental disorder (see the DSM IV) and want to eat lunch by yourself that is one thing, but when you expect everyone else to take you seriously and let you participate in areas that are strictly for a specific gender then you are asking us to ignore reality.

Kash said the school district has no statistical evidence to suggest that discrimination against gay or transgendered students is a persistent problem.

He said the U.S. Constitution guarantees equal protection of all citizens, and that he objects to the listing of specific protected classes.

"By listing a few, you inescapably exclude the majority," he said.
Exactly. If an assault or harrasment occurs then the offender should be arrested and charged with the appropriate crime. However this is what we do for everyone so it isn't good enough for the transgenders (or the gays), they want their disorder put up on a pedestal of special protection.

The Fishwrappers in this state are working in tandem to create an evironment of normalcy for transgender youth. Their goal is to make it appear that this is a common situation and put a human face on these troubled kids. But don't be fooled, they can find one or two kids with a gender identity disorder but this is not a common occurance. I could just as easily find one or two kids who live in a fantasy world where they would rather be goblins because they play too much Dungeons and Dragons. (Really, I took my kids to a comic book store the other day, there are people like that)

See previous post (Fishwrapper story where parents took their sixth grade boy to a transgender parade dressed as a girl)
See previous post (Fishwrapper tries to explain their story)

It gives me no small amount of pleasure that a Google search for "sander" (the boys name in the first Fishwrapper story) and "transgender" has my blog posts listed before the original Fishwrapper story in the search results. We aren't living in the mainstream media world any longer!

My collection of identity disorder stories that the fishwrappers won't emphasize
Sci-fi fan gets Spock ears - Who wouldn't want pointy ears?

Virtual worlds, real romance - "Vickie Annett spends more than a dozen hours each week pretending to be an elf in a make-believe world of ogres, gnomes and barbarians. She never thought that's where she'd find real-life romance."

Everquest Fest - These people think they are in a game.

Are the schools going to give these people special accomodations?

Friday, May 13, 2005

Great cartoon

The Good, The Bad, The Media
This cartoon first appeared a year ago on May 11, 2004, when the video of Nick Berg's murder was released and much of the media were, and remained in, full Abu Ghraib mode.

Some great editorial cartoons can be found at:

And more cartoons at:
Lars' Cartoon Gallery

Support Tom DeLay

Tom DeLay is a true Ronald Reagan conservative. Tom DeLay is an effective Majority Leader, an unapologetic pro-growth tax-cutter, defender of America's traditional moral values, and a pro-military patriot who is unashamed to stand up for our country's interests both at home and abroad.

Simply add your name to the list.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Must be an "equality" thing

PTA conference rejects ex-gays but allows gay activist group
The National PTA, representing 26,000 local affiliates, solicited a workshop and exhibit by Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) for public school action against anti-homosexual beliefs at the PTA's convention next month, Ron Schlittler, PFLAG executive director, told The Washington Times.

But another group, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX) of Alexandria, was rejected as an exhibitor at the June 24-26 convention in Columbus, Ohio, because the PTA and its members "have not identified homosexuality or same-sex marriage as an issue," according to Jennifer Gaster Sopko, National PTA spokeswoman in Chicago.

Mrs. Sopko declined to explain the participation of PFLAG.

Send Your Letter Now!

Take a few seconds to send the form letter to the PTA asking for equal access.

Why Paul Krugman is a liar

The Final Insult
Today's Krugman column, carried in The Fishwrapper, was so full of lies and glaring omissions that I have to pick it apart. Read the whole thing then read my excerpts.

If the plan really would do that, it would be worth discussing. It's possible - not certain, but possible - that 40 or 50 years from now Social Security won't have enough money coming in to pay full benefits. (If the economy grows as fast over the next 50 years as it did over the past half-century, Social Security will do just fine.) So there's a case for making small sacrifices now to avoid bigger sacrifices later.
"It's possible?" Mr. Krugman is the ONLY economist who thinks that with no changes Social Security will pay full benefits to people at the current required retirement age. Oh, he clarifies that "small sacrifices" are needed. Let me help define "small sacrifices" for you.

Small Sacrifices v. Huge tax increases

Suppose you're a full-time Wal-Mart employee, earning $17,000 a year. You probably didn't get any tax cut. But Mr. Bush says, generously, that he won't cut your Social Security benefits.
Yes, suppose you earn $17,000 a year. Guess what you pay in federal income taxes? ZERO! NONE! ZILCH! But I guess I should tell you this: If you make $17,000 a year and have a child or two the federal government will GIVE you tax money that you didn't even pay! Obviously you can't give a tax cut to someone who doesn't pay taxes but making sure your Social Security benefits don't get cut is a pretty good deal.

In last fall's debates, Mr. Bush asserted that "most of the tax cuts went to low- and middle-income Americans." Since most of the cuts went to the top 10 percent of the population and more than a third went to people making more than $200,000 a year, Mr. Bush's definition of middle income apparently reaches pretty high.
Sigh. Let's go over this one more time. Tax cuts are like coupons. Say you and I both have 10% off coupons for Wal-Mart. I go to the store and spend $20 and you spend $2000. I will get $2 off while you get $200 off, we both got the same amount off PROPORTIONALLY to what we paid. Now if I had a 30% off coupon and you had a 10% off coupon and we spent $20 and $2000 respectively, me getting $6 off and you $200 off, I would have gotten a LARGER percent off than you even though the dollar amount you got off was more. At that point it's debatable who "saved more" which is how Krugman can claim that most of the cuts went "to the rich."

Let's consider the Bush tax cuts and the Bush benefit cuts as a package. Who gains? Who loses?
Why would we consider these as a "package" since they are completely separate. Income taxes have nothing to do with Social Security taxes or benefits.

I'm not being unfair. In fact, I've weighted the scales heavily in Mr. Bush's favor, because the tax cuts will cost much more than the benefit cuts would save. Repealing Mr. Bush's tax cuts would yield enough revenue to call off his proposed benefit cuts, and still leave $8 trillion in change.
I get very tired of hearing "roll back the tax cuts and Social Security would be just fine." Bush cut INCOME taxes not Social Security taxes. Income taxes did not fund Social Security, they went to the general fund where they were used to fund diversity programs and lavish D.C. parties.

So Krugman is of the opinion that Social Security is "just fine" as long "small sacrifices" (which will be determined during a Democrat administration) are made, that tax cuts should go to people who don't pay taxes and that Bush cut Social Security taxes instead of income taxes. That is an insult.

University of "ill repute"

Quickie Google Search Lays Out "Brothels"
What do the University of Oregon's history department in Eugene, Ore.; the Happy Ending bar in Manhattan; and the Abstinence Clearinghouse in Sioux Falls, S.D. have in common?

According to Google Maps, the for-free location and driving instructions service that the San Francisco-based search giant operates, all are identified as houses of ill repute.

American users who enter their Zip codes in the search field at Google Maps, then type in "brothel" (without the quotation marks) are shown a map with various business and organizations identified as, yes, bordellos.

Well, I guess it is "LGBTQA" week at the University. It just might be a brothel.

If only they would stay this way... sigh.

*SPECIAL* Mac Johnson column

Billboard Causes Panic: Los Angeles Population Plummets 14% in Three Days
Los Angeles -- A controversial billboard campaign in Los Angeles continued to make headlines this week as anger rapidly turned to confusion and hysteria.

The billboard, advertising a Spanish Language television station, originally made news by enraging many Americans with its aggressive Mexican Nationalist message --declaring that Los Angeles was no longer part of the United States, but was instead a Mexican city once again.

When I asked what had precipitated this mass exodus, one migrant, whom we’ll call Jose “X,” simply turned, pointed to the Billboard looming over his neighborhood and said, “¡Oh Man! I stopped walking too soon!” --then bravely continued on with the others.

I asked a second man why he was fleeing Los Angeles, Mexico. “I did a lotta bad things back in Mexico, I’m afraid of police there,” he said matter-of-factly, then added “In America, police must give me Latte, so I walk to America. Again. ¡Norte!”

When questioned about the efflux of migrants blackening all roads leading out of Los Angeles, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Hugh Dick responded “What Mexicans? I don’t see any Mexicans.”

Must... stop... laughing... can't... breathe...
This is the funniest thing I have read in a long time. At least since the last Mac column.

Doing the job that government won't (government won't do something?!?)

Minutemen may patrol Texas border in October
HOUSTON - After spending a month engaged in a citizen patrol along the Arizona border, the Minutemen are finalizing plans to come to Texas.

Chris Simcox, the leader of the controversial Arizona project to prevent the entry of illegal immigrants from Mexico, says he has tentatively set October as a date to begin patrols along the Rio Grande in South Texas. Other patrols are being considered for New Mexico and California.

My prediction is that they will get almost no media attention this time around unless there is a violent incident. Last time the media was all excited for examples of "gun-toting rednecks" committing hate crimes but they never got it. The Minutemen simply did their jobs professionally and effectively. The media doesn't want to highlight the immigration problem again if they can't put the "racism" angle in the forefront.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Great column on Bush's failure

Vigilantes Or Patriots?
I am quick to praise President Bush for his many accomplishments. Therefore, in good conscience I must be just as quick to criticize his failures. Our president has failed us miserably in the area of illegal immigration. The US government is involved in tens of thousands of useless activities, most of which are unconstitutional. But it has failed to do its duty in the single most important area of responsibility assigned to it by the Constitution: the defense of our borders.

This is how a column should be written complete with definitions and source links. (Hey, I do that stuff too!)

New Ann Coulter column

It's always important to get liberals to stop complaining long enough to make a hard prediction. This week we will review liberal predictions on bringing democracy to Iraq.

When they weren't claiming the Iraq elections would not take place at all — and, even if they did, the people wouldn't participate — liberals were telling us that if we let those crazy Arabs vote, the Iraqi people would elect extremist Islamic mullahs hostile to the United States.

Iraq's first democratically elected government in half a century has a Shia prime minister and a Kurdish president and several Sunni cabinet ministers. In fact, toss in a couple of dowdy lesbians from the Green Party and it would look a lot like Vermont's state house.

Coulter takes quotes from liberals and shows us how laughably wrong they really were.

Criminals are dirty but thankfully the laundry is clean

DA ceases to go after low-level criminals
Petty theft and about 100 other nonviolent misdemeanors - including forgery, credit card fraud and car break-ins - won't be prosecuted by the Lane County district attorney starting today.

"I don't like this either," Harcleroad said. "Currently, we have only 21 lawyers in the criminal division, which is the lowest number we have had in 20 years. We're having to make tough decisions about what are the most important things to do."

One of the other crimes that will not be prosecuted is "failing to register as a sex offender." So it's anyone's guess as to who is living next to you or your children's school.

Lane county doesn't have enough prosecutors to try criminals for their crimes. But what employees do they have the money for?

To supervise and participate in the laundry operations of the adult correctional facility; and to perform related duties as assigned.

Supervises washing, extracting, sorting and drying operations; performs laundry work as needed.
They need an employee that does nothing but laundry?

To plan, develop, coordinate, implement, and evaluate services aimed at reducing the number of minority youth in the Juvenile Justice System. To develop and provide culturally relevant intervention and advocacy for youth.

Develops and provides culturally relevant intervention and advocacy for youth referred to the Department of Youth Services by law enforcement agencies.

Provides counseling opportunities for minority youth and their families.
An employee who serves "minority" youth and their families. I'm feeling left out.

To perform tire service including mechanical repair and maintenance associated with automobiles, light trucks, machinery and heavy equipment tires; field maintenance and repair; and maintain tire inventory.

Maintain a perpetual inventory of tires.

Initiate orders for purchase of new tires.
This guy and the "laundry specialist" must get together after work and laugh about their jobs. In unrelated news the local barber shop has hired a "broom specialist", "scissor cleaning & disinfecting specialist", "chair operator", and "guy in charge of asking which way you want your hair parted." Haircuts now cost $57.

To direct and coordinate the activities of the Performance Development and Diversity Program including assessment, evaluation, coordination and curriculum development; to coordinate performance development activities with other departments; to oversee the implementation of Lane County's Diversity Plan; and to perform related duties as assigned.

Oversees implementation of Lane County's Diversity Plan; provides technical assistance, consultation, policy and resource development to County departments in the area of Diversity.
The word "diversity" gets a capital "D" now?

Lane County also has the money to maintain this website:

They also have enough money to have all the diversity employees (listed in subcategories) on this page:


To plan, organize, manage, and implement Lane County’s Intergovernmental Relations program.
This is the program where one agency makes sure another agency awards no-bid contracts to someone's cousin or bussiness partner.

All these jobs but not enough money to hunt down sex offenders who fail to register or someone who breaks into your car. Don't think that this affects just Lane County either. If a sex offender fails to register he can feel free to move next to your kid's school or day care center in any county. Not to mention that other county DA's are doing this as well and will continue to as long as public safety is below "cultural competency" on our government's priority list.