Friday, May 20, 2005

Lars Larson show on the net

Message from Lars:
The local version of my talk show airs in real time from 11am to 3pm. 11am-2pm is available on the air on KXL…and the 2pm-3pm hour is available from the Radio Northwest Network stations around the state. A number of the stations run the show from noon-four, noon-two, noon-three etc.

The first three hours of the show are available on a free stream which you can get to from the site.

the fourth hour of the show is available now from

the national radio show airs in real time from 4-7pm pacific time (7-10pm in the East and 3-6pm in Alaska). You can stream that free of charge at
I pay for the streams so that you don’t have to.

hope this helps.


For those of you outside of Oregon you should check out Lars' local show. For those of you inside Oregon the stream of his national show is a great deal since it airs so late on the radio. It's all free so maybe you should show your gratitude by going to his website and visiting a few of his sponsors...

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