Monday, May 23, 2005

Which of YOUR liberties are they protecting?

What's the local chapter of the ACLU up to these days? Why, protecting our most precious liberties! Things like free exercise of religion and the right to bear arms you say? No. Let's take a look:

ACLU of Oregon Opposes Requiring Proof of Citizenship to Obtain Driver’s Licenses
March 23, 2005 – The ACLU of Oregon testified before the House Transportation Committee against HB 2608 which would require proof of U.S. Citizenship before a person can obtain an Oregon license or identification card.
Thankfully the ACLU is protecting criminals ability to obtain valid ID.

The ACLU of Oregon had urged Senators to oppose SB 818 A-Eng, because it would allow state-wide implementation of a pilot program encouraging state social services employees to assist clients to access faith-based programs operated by churches.
I for one am glad that drug addicts, the homeless, and criminals will have one less opportunity for rehabilitation. This proven method of help, Jesus, is now off the table thanks to the ACLU.

ACLU of Oregon Opposes Requiring Schools to Lead Students in Daily Pledge of Allegiance in Violation of Oregon Constitution
I can't believe the schools were even considering reciting the pledge on a daily basis. Never mind that no one was forced to participate, everyone has a RIGHT not to hear anything patriotic. It's right there in the constitution. Yeah, right there. Next paragraph. No, the one before that...

ACLU of Oregon Opposes Limiting Teen’s Access to Abortions
The ACLU of Oregon testified in opposition to HB 2605 that requires parental notification of a minor prior to receiving an abortion.
Underage girls can kill babies. Yep, right there in the Bill of Rights.



jwalker said...

It is beyond me what this organization is thinking. Just when I get to the point that I think maybe the right is just using the ACLU as an excuse to rail against the left, they go to new heights to offend.

With all of their money to hire the lawyers that gleefully take on these cases, I see the ACLU as a threat to my way of life as a Christian and as a parent.

Is anything being done to combat this group? I see them going on and on with their ways, I hear complaining from the right, but I see no changes. I also see them getting bolder and bolder. God help us.

Daniel said...

People who believe in traditional values do not have any one group that has the size and influence of the ACLU. However there are several legal groups out there that are doing wonderful work on behalf of the Christians and average Americans.

Daniel said...

jwalker said...

Thanks Daniel; you're a peach.

Anonymous said...

Protecting the right of free speech/free access is not a partisan issue. You should support the ACLU.

jwalker said...

We can only maintain the right of free speech in a society that uses prudence in it's judgements.

NAMBLA should not have free speech.

Anonymous said...

There's a difference, NAMBLA is committing an overtly criminal act. The ACLU is not, but at the same time, if you start to make exemptons for certain groups, eventually the whole system falls apart.

Daniel said...

You are aware that the ACLU has defended NAMBLA aren't you?

One such instance

jwalker said...

The "system" is falling apart now.

Anonymous, we are probably never going to agree for a couple of reasons:

1. Many of us believe that abortion is wrong and any group that defends a young girl's anonymous right to have one is wrong.

2. Many of us believe that the need for society to turn to God is greater than the need for civil liberties. We believe that in a God centered society, we don't let freaks like NAMBLA get a foothold.

3. I personally believe that God's laws should outweigh civil laws.

You probably don't agree, but that is my perspective. ACLU defends people that are eroding our society.

Daniel said...

I believe that our founding fathers intended for America to be a God fearing society. Without moral boundries a self governing democracy can't exist.

This is why you have increased government involvement in everyday life at the same time that the morals of our society are eroding.

Anonymous said...

God's laws can ONLY be interpreted by humans and therefore are all inherently flawed. i.e Thou shalt not kill. There was no exception to this in the commandments, NONE! It is human iunterpretation that has diluted this Divine axion.

But let's go right to Jesus, "if you have done this to the least of my brethren, you have done it to me." So, if you can't see Jesus for the Mexican, you've got no business representing Him, NONE!

jwalker said...

1. Our nation is in danger from terrorists and we need to close the border. I don't hate Mexicans.

2. I want the Mexicans to assimilate and be tax-paying Americans like myself. If that means I hate them, well so be it.

I don't want them to suffer in Mexico, but we have some REAL problems with unchecked immigration that need REAL answers.