Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Thank goodness the Republicans will save Planned Parenthood from... the Republicans

I very much enjoy knowing what the other side is doing/thinking (if you can call it "thinking") so I subscribe to several liberal mailing lists. One of those groups is Planned Parenthood. I just received a very ominous email from them complete with a "countdown" and multiple mushroom clouds. (no you hippies, not those mushrooms, the nuclear kind) Here is an excerpt:

"If we lose this fight and the nuclear option is triggered, our ability to block the appointments of extremist anti-choice judges is at stake. Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and James Dobson will have a clear path to controlling the Supreme Court and Roe v. Wade will be overturned!!!" (Their hysterical emphasis)

Can you believe it? Dr. Dobson will control the Supreme Court! And he's not even a lawyer! Wow. Fortunately the PP email tells me that this "nuclear option" is a bad thing and that I should oppose it. How do they demonstrate the inherent "badness" of this procedure? By using quotes from noted "Republicans" such as John McCain -"R" and Susan Collins -"R".

These two fine Republicans are very worried about the "minority" (less votes equals more power) and the "moderates" (Republicans who want to be liked by the NY Times, also known as "Democrats")

Planned Parenthood then urges Oregonians to contact Senator Smith and tell him to vote NO on the "Nuclear Option."

Please take a moment yourself to counter the opinions of the baby-killing Nazis and tell Senator Smith to support Senator Frist and support the constitutional option to stop the filibuster.

Contact Senator Smith


Anonymous said...

You do realize they're breaking the rules to do this, it normally takes 67 votes to amend the rules.

Daniel said...

Uh no, it takes 51 votes. In the event of a tie the Vice President casts the deciding vote.

Anonymous said...

No, the Senate Rules require 2/3 majority to amend. THis will require Bill Frist to overrule the immpartial Senate parliamentarian.

Daniel said...

Care to source that for me?