Thursday, May 19, 2005

"Little Black Book" available to middle-schoolers!

Homosexual Group Admits Obscene Material Was Handed Out at Conference
A Boston health clinic has admitted to distributing pornographic books to middle school students and others at a Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) conference hosted by a Massachusetts high school. Initially GLSEN Boston categorically denied its recent 15th Annual Conference event at Brookline High School featured sexually explicit materials.

However, the Fenway Community Center health clinic has admitted to passing out copies of "The Little Black Book -- Queer in the 21st century," a graphic how-to manual on homosexual sex. The superintendent of Brookline Schools has also acknowledged that the sexually explicit materials were made available at the conference when they should not have been, and he has apologized for that fact.

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Little Black Book - Queer in the 21st Century (Explicit)


Anonymous said...

Its being realistic and letting kids know what to do when their urges take over.

Daniel said...

What about kids who have the urge to smoke? Should we just encourage them to smoke filtered cigarettes? How about drinking at prom is ok as long as you have a designated driver?