Thursday, May 05, 2005

OLCC: Big government at it's finest

I ran across this editorial on the OLCC and thought it was worth passing along:

What is an OLCC?
Liquor Stores in Oregon are an interesting institution... OLCC is the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. Says it all. Like the Post Office in the Internet Age, OLCC should likely be phased out along with ATF and the IRS... It likely won't happen in the lifetimes of anyone reading this page. OLCC is a mean spirited bureaucracy full of control freaks who lord it over everyone in their path; all in the name of a taxing agency for the State of Oregon. Its self-importance and bigger government and more controlling which it refers to as "employee growth" as a goal becomes somewhat nuts when they talk about making alcohol available to legal users through quality customer service. They serve no one but themselves. They make decisions about product availability that has little to do with what "customers" want or what makes good business sense to OLCC's retailers. If ever there was a case for bureaucratic reform, OLCC is Oregon's most deserving candidate.

Not only would eliminating the OLCC create an easier, cheaper, free market approach to buying liquor in Oregon, it would also save some taxpayer money! I can't think of a single good reason to keep this waste of a government agency.

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