Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Drug dealing rapists come here "to work hard"

For those of you who didn't predict it (see my previous post) the drug dealing, child raping, fugitive who was caught in Vancouver with a 14 year old girl, meth, and 3 other unidentified (probably also illegal aliens) individuals. Lars Larson gave a passionate rant on the problem of these illegals coming here and selling drugs and raping children while our elected officials and the mainstream media turn a blind eye.

(Note: To listen to Lars' national show right now on the internet go to

We need to demand that our media outlets call a spade a spade and call this worthless piece of shit an illegal alien. We need to demand that our governor, the one who champions children, stand up and do something about the rapists who are coming to our country, something about the flow of meth coming from Mexico, something other than giving these rapists and drug dealers a drivers' license.

Coverage from news outlets:

Missing Salem teen found
(KPTV 12)
No mention of illegal alien status

Oregon runaway found at motel
(The Oregonian)
No mention of illegal alien status

Missing Teen Found At Motel With Wanted Man
(KOIN 6)
No mention of illegal alien status

14 year old endangered runaway located
(Clark County Sheriffs Office)
No mention of illegal alien status

Inmate Info:
CFN# 178984
Book Date: 05/02/05
Cell: DET15-F
Release Date: none set

I'm having trouble finding the Marion County warrant/extradition information. (I don't have an expense account for my blog to do detailed public records searches) I have put in several informal requests to various sheriffs offices and the DOC to see if anyone will give me free info on the illegal aliens previous arrests, detentions/deportations, releases, etc. I will continue to update on this as I get more info.

I'm really motivated to put this up as a prime example of the people "who just come here to work hard" that are given a red carpet by our state agencies. I am going to contact each of the emails below, please take a minute to write them yourself. HINT: Write generic letter and copy and paste it. Demand that the media focus on this criminals immigration status and the fact that the DMV aided and abetted his criminal activity by issuing a drivers license.

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