Monday, May 16, 2005

New Mac Johnson column

Lawlessness: The Solution to Anarchy!
According to the FBI, every 14.6 seconds one burglary is committed in America. The primary reason behind this disturbing fact is that it remains illegal to take other people’s stuff.

Clearly burglary, or “undocumented income redistribution,” is a serious problem. But fortunately there is a solution: just legalize burglary. The simplicity of this approach is so overwhelming that I find it hard to believe no one has thought of it before me. I cannot, however, take full credit for this marvelous idea. Really, I just stole it from John McCain and Ted Kennedy, who propose something similar in their new “plan” to address illegal immigration, the 2005 Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act.
Clever, witty, and links at the bottom to contact the "we'll just legalize it" crowd.


activist kaza said...


So what's your alternative to the Kennedy-McCain plan? Ship 11m illegals back across the border? Build a new "great wall of China" across the US-Mexico border to keep 'em out? How about we build a bunch more Wal-Marts to employ 'em all???

Daniel said...

I like all those ideas! Especially if they build the Wal-Marts where the spotted owls live!

Or how about we just enforce our laws! We stop "tolerating" this lawlessness. We stop creating an illegal alien friendly environment. Don't give them drivers license and then require ID to get a job, sign up for services, etc. Start treating the criminals like criminals.

I truly believe that it will be cheaper to deport 11 million illegals back to Mexico than to keep paying for their kid's schooling, health care, benefits, etc.

Gullyborg said...

If illegal aliens are really undocumented workers, then shouldn't bank robberies be undocumented account withdrawls?