Monday, May 02, 2005

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Mexican residents gain ID benefits
For the first time in Ashland — and with no questions about immigration status — Mexican-born residents of the valley flocked to get a highly valued card called the matricula consular, a secure ID card that enables them to open bank accounts, get a driver’s license and start on the road to work and legal residency.
Liar. A sham ID card does not get you "on the road" to "legal residency", following our immigration laws and applying for citizenship or a visa will do that.

The process took place at Our Lady of the Mountain Catholic Church and included a "carousel" of tables, connecting locals with vital information about taxes, employment, community college classes, police and driving in the United States.
When they are teaching about employment to they tell the Mexicans that it is ILLEGAL for them to work in this country?

Oregon, she added, is in a small minority of states that don’t require a Social Security card to get a driver’s license. California, Arizona and many other states have set up that hoop, Copeland noted, thus producing a ripple effect of Mexican immigrants to Oregon.
So being friendly to illegals has caused an increase in their numbers? I'm just shocked.

Consulate official Martin Alcalia from Portland, who was issuing the cards, said determination of one’s legal status in the United States is solely the job of the INS and that "it’s not a matter for us. We just care if they are Mexicans."
If I was in charge I would deport this worthless parasite immediately.

Maria Swann, minority liaison officer for Medford police, said she often holds classes for immigrants, bringing a cop to answer questions and help them get used to the idea that they shouldn’t be scared of police.
No, no, just because you are breaking the law doesn't mean you should be scared of law enforcement. We don't really enforce our laws in America. You should take this as encouragement that you can drink and drive, rape young girls, use drugs, and generally behave as though you were still in Mexico. I'd probably call the police to talk to them about his but they don't have a "straight-white-male liaison officer" to give me personal service.

I heard Lars touch on this on his show today but after reading the whole article I'm just furious. Go back and read the previous post about Rep. Tancredo to restore your blood pressure if need be.

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