Sunday, May 29, 2005

How to arrest an illegal alien

N.H. Police Chief's Tactics Stira Storm on Immigration
A few weeks ago, one of Chamberlain's officers came upon Jorge Mora Ramirez, who was making a phone call from his car. Questioned by the officer, Ramirez, a 21-year-old who is Mexican, admitted he was in the country illegally, Chamberlain said. The chief called Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, but they declined to send someone over to pick up Ramirez. Chamberlain applied the only state statute he could think of.

''My position was: If Mr. Ramirez was in the country illegally, he was obviously in the town of New Ipswich illegally," Chamberlain said.

Police officers around the country have told Chamberlain that they plan to follow his example. Last week, Richard E. Gendron, the police chief in Hudson, N.H., cited two undocumented men for trespassing and said he intends to keep doing it.

Hudson cites immigrant with trespassing
A Brazilian immigrant is facing criminal trespassing charges after a traffic stop early Friday morning.

It’s the fourth time in the past two months local police have used a minor state law to charge someone with being in the country illegally. The technique was first used by New Ipswich Police Chief Garrett Chamberlain who reasoned if someone is in the United States illegally, that person could be charged with trespassing.

The first man charged in New Ipswich, Jorge Ramirez, retracted his initial guilty plea after he retained a lawyer at the request of the Mexican consulate.

It looks like this might become a trend among decent police agencies. I sure wish that our local law enforcement would try this same tactic.

164.245 Criminal trespass in the second degree.
(1) A person commits the crime of criminal trespass in the second degree if the person enters or remains unlawfully in a motor vehicle or in or upon premises.
(2) Criminal trespass in the second degree is a Class C misdemeanor.

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Allen said...

Thanks for the idea and links. I have added e-addresses for Salem and Marion County and kicked copies forward with your site linked.

Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this 21 year old was working? I wonder if the sherrif even attempted to find out who his employer was?

Probably not. It's silly to go after the ones hiring illegals and creating demand for more illegals. That would be addressing the problem directly. No, it makes more sense to lock up Jorge, he's Mexican. Don't worry taxpayers, keeping traffic violaters locked up is cheap, it won't cost you anything.

Of course we'll forgive his bosses "trespasses" because he was only looking for cheap labor and a way to avoid paying taxes and benefits. He a true American

With all the talk on this site about illegals, I'd like to hear more discussion about our country's dirty little secret: illegals work and we love to pay them. Coming at this issue with supply side rhetoric is simpleminded.

I'd love to hear an intelligent response.

jwalker said...

Isn't part of the problem that illegals can buy an ID on any street corner in most big cities?

I think it is time to tie the social security number into everything.

Daniel said...

That's for taking the time allen!

As for you anonymous: if you know an employer who knowingly hires illegal aliens please send me the info so that I can report it to the proper authorities. I will. I think that any person/company/bussiness who knowingly hires an illegal alien should be fined $1,000,000,000,000,000. But I also think that the criminal who violates our nation's borders should be locked up.

jwalker: Oregon DMV will ask for an SSN when they issue a driver's license, unfortunately they will not verify it. You could go to the DMV tommorow and tell them you number is 999-99-9999 and they won't check it. Thankfully the Real ID act will force the 8 states who refuse to make sure that ID is only issued to legal citizens/residents start to comply.

alien said...

Might be within da letter of dat law, but not within da spirit, homey. Yo man, I need me some cerveza and some futbol.

Daniel said...

Ummm, alien... I'm just not sure what to say to that. We are a country of laws and you are expected to follow them "to the letter."

Oh, and in America, it's football. At least I think that is what you were trying to say.

Anonymous said...

Hombre de Yo, necesito un poco de cerveza, un poco de pizza y un cierto fĂștbol. Amors I esos mexicano maldito.

Daniel said...

Why does everyone keep speaking Spanish here? I think your point is that you like a little beer and pizza while you watch football. Me too. But I'm not sure what that has to do with arresting illegal aliens...