Tuesday, May 10, 2005

New Mac Johnson column

Gleefully Awaiting North Korea's Nuclear Test
For me, the only question is how do we goad the imbeciles into testing two bombs? After the first test, perhaps we should issue statements along the lines of "probably just seismic activity," "people that short can't possibly have made more than one bomb," or "Whoops! Wasn't looking. Can you do it again?"

Listening to the anti-testing crowd, you would think that the problem is not that irrational North Korea has atomic weapons, but that it might set one off in a big hole. Why? Because it would remove the last shred of doubt from the issue and force the apathetic and self-interested proponents of "stability" to actually do something? It's as if the international community suffers from a collective psychosis of willed denial -- one that permits its adherents to live with any problem, however threatening or serious, as long as it's not actually in their face, as long as there is even the slimmest possibility that it might not really exist.

Only Mac Johnson makes dictators with nuclear weapons this much fun!

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