Friday, May 27, 2005


A recent graduate and former Programs Finance Committee senator, Hill-Meyer read works drawn from her thesis-zine, "A New Language of Gender and Desire," as well as an essay recently published in the book "Getting Bi." The rapt audience, which included many bisexuals, gathered in a stuffy EMU Suite 34, home of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Alliance.

Instead of being attracted to men and women, as people assume when Hill-Meyer tells them she is bisexual, she said the more gender-deviant a person is and the more in between the two sexes, the more she will be attracted to them, which is why "bisexual" is an often confounding term for Hill-Meyer. It suggests only two genders, when really she sees many more, she said.

By not pigeonholing herself, her gender could fluidly adjust over time, as it already had, she said. This fluidity extends beyond language into the culture and community that are often the true determinant of a person's gender identity.

Our institutes of "higher learning" are graduating people who see more than two genders. In fact they see "many more." They believe that their gender has "fluidity" and can "adjust." These people don't want special rights, just a whole new language that can "define" them properly.

Personally I have a hard enough time just keeping up with their acronyms. First they had LGB (lesbian, gay, bisexual) then they had LGBT (adding transgender) but now it is LGBTQA. (I think that it is Questioning and Ally that were added)


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Yeah and IRPGB too!

jwalker said...

Why IS academia so concerned with people's sex lives? Why does this come up so much?

My theory is that the academics are out to completely reprogram young people's minds from the trash of faith and values that they learned in their backwards hometowns.

I mean, really; we can't have a bunch of people running around that have conceptions of right and wrong and believe God created the Earth in 6 days. That would be a travesty. We have to do SOMETHING about this. Thank God for Academia.


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You guys are great!

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There is nothing great about the "not" joke. It died like five years ago.

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It wasn't supposed to be funny. Surely you have heard of irony.