Monday, May 02, 2005

Senate Dems: It's your move

Oregon State Representative Richardson's Legislative Update
Salem, Oregon - In addition to the drama over the imminent meltdown of the joint ways and means process, the debate is heating up over Civil Unions vs. Reciprocal Benefits.

Both the House and the Senate understand there is only $12.393 billion available to be spent for the next biennium. The Senate wants to fund K-12 education with at least $5.325 billion, which results in drastic cuts in programs for needy seniors, children and families. The House is willing to allot $5.175 billion to K-12 while using the $150 million difference to maintain important services for Oregon's most needy citizens.

The question on everyone's mind is whether the Democrat Senators are willing to stay the course and live within their means, which is the agreed upon revenue amount of $12.393 billion, and work out a budget with cooperation from the House, or will the Senate Democrats break their agreement and gush forward on their own with unbridled spending and the usual biennial-demand for higher taxes.

Representative Richardson speaks out on the current legislative session.

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