Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Like the regular olympics except with a sexuality theme

Gay Games VII
From 15-22 July 2006, Chicago will play host to the world and welcome thousands of athletes, spectators and cultural participants into our homes, our hearts and our city for the seventh quadrennial Gay Games Sports and Cultural Festival.

Partner Organizations
Notice the common theme among these groups. There's no John Doe's Bowling club, it's "John Doe's Gay Bowling Club." Everything has to have a rainbow and shout to the whole world that the theme of the store is GAY. Who knew that there was a "Queer Utah Aqautic Club."

The Gay Games Social Committee is currently in the process of gathering together Chicago’s best bars and clubs, and some of the biggest and best party promoters in the country to create a Social Schedule unlike anything you’ve ever seen.
Top althetes are always going to bars and clubs.

On the day of Opening Ceremonies, we will have a special Chicago 'torch' run, through the ethnically diverse Chicago neighborhoods, which represent dozens of countries throughout the world.
Which countries? Don't Americans live in those neighborhoods?

I just wonder how they are going to enforce gender rules during the games. A man can claim to be a woman in this crowd and then compete with the females. No one would argue!

AFA is urging people to call Kraft (maker of Oreos, mac & cheese, etc) and tell them to drop their support of the "Gay Games".
Their toll-free number is 1-800-323-0768


Anonymous said...

Come on sweetheart, be inclusive. Let the gay community have their time on this planet and have fun. Lord ony knows what awaits them on the other side.

Daniel said...

I though the regular olympics were inclusive! They don't specify a sexuality, anyone can play. I'm not here to stop anyone from their "fun," I just think that if there were "straight games" that people would not call that "inclusive."

Anonymous said...

But honey, since you won't recognize them as people, let them have their fun. It'll be super!

Liberal Man said...

Ah yes, AFA, the group that hates everyone who doesn't think like them. At least liberals accept people and don't call them "immoral" and "evil". We might strongly disagree with them, but still...

Daniel said...

"since I don't recognize them as people"

What? Why would you think that I don't recognize gays as people?

"at least liberals accept people"

Liberals don't call names? Liberals accept people? Why was Foi Groie banned? Because according to liberals it was "immoral." Why do we have income redistribution? Because it's "moral." Why do liberals want gay marriage? Because it's "moral." People who disagree are immoral bigots.

Also, google the words "Bush & evil" and tell me that liberals don't call people "evil."