Monday, May 16, 2005

They get paid to hear from you

Email Them! Tell Your Senators To Support Efforts To End Judicial Filibusters!
It is imperative that you contact your two U.S. Senators this week and ask them to vote YES on efforts to restore Senate tradition.

Send this form letter! You just add the subject!

Also try the Google Toolbar with autofill to fill in forms! (Name, adress, etc) This is a must for the online activist!

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Gullyborg said...

I absolutely encourage everyone to contact their Senators. But don't copy form letters. Write something original, even if you use the form letter as your inspiration. Politicians at this level get thousands of e-mails every day. E-mails that have identical text are quickly noticed and ignored. Trust me, I've been in these offices answering e-mail. If you want to make impact, have a unique subject line (not just NO ON SB 965 or whatever the issue is). And in your text, be brief, be clear, get to your point, and use your own language. As soon as staffers get a second e-mail on the same subject with identical text, every successive e-mail is ignored because it looks like an organized campaign by activists and not honest opinions of constituents.