Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Great column on Bush's failure

Vigilantes Or Patriots?
I am quick to praise President Bush for his many accomplishments. Therefore, in good conscience I must be just as quick to criticize his failures. Our president has failed us miserably in the area of illegal immigration. The US government is involved in tens of thousands of useless activities, most of which are unconstitutional. But it has failed to do its duty in the single most important area of responsibility assigned to it by the Constitution: the defense of our borders.

This is how a column should be written complete with definitions and source links. (Hey, I do that stuff too!)


Mike said...

Here is another issue involving illeagal immigration: It's too expensive. Sure, we like our strawberries picked cheap. But, the biggest driver of crime in the west and all it's attendant costs is methanphedomine. (sp?) 85-90% of which comes from???????........anyone?????.........that's right.......Mexican super labs. Smuggled in. Any DEA agent will tell you the same. We can't afford illeagal immigration for another day. The meth problem alone is killing city and county budgets much less the human cost.

Daniel said...

But think of the strawberries Mike. Surely you are willing to trade national security, our hospitals financial solvency, a high crime rate, and countless drugs for some strawberries?

Sue K. said...

I don't agree with Bush on the illegal immigration issue. He needs to do something NOW to stop the flow of illegals into the U.S. and that doesn't include paying for their emergency room visits.