Monday, May 09, 2005

Al Franken comes to town!

Al Franken and Katherine Lanpher are coming to Portland!
Al Franken and Katherine Lanpher are coming to Portland!Live Broadcast from 9a-12p on Tuesday, May 10!
Let me summarize so you don't have to listen:
Bush is the devil. Haliburton is the devil. Bush lied. Cheney is in charge. Health care for everyone. Wal-Mart is the devil. No blood for oil. DeLay broke laws (we won't tell you what they are). Uhhh, Bush is the devil...

Al Franken's Portland Visit Has Been Made Possible By:
Oregon Bamboo Flooring
Oregon Democrats
Spirit One Internet Services
Sweet Oregon Grill
Oregon Chai
Don't patronize these bussinesses! (Like you were really going to Oregon Chai tommorow)

620 AM KPOJ website looks like a page out of "High Times" magazine:


jwalker said...

You by the way forgot the other thing we need to hear: "Christians suck and shouldn't be allowed to vote."

Janeen G. doesn't look as good as that picture...who are they trying to fool...oh yeah right, the Progressives. Not a huge stretch.

Daniel said...

Goes without saying...