Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Criminals are dirty but thankfully the laundry is clean

DA ceases to go after low-level criminals
Petty theft and about 100 other nonviolent misdemeanors - including forgery, credit card fraud and car break-ins - won't be prosecuted by the Lane County district attorney starting today.

"I don't like this either," Harcleroad said. "Currently, we have only 21 lawyers in the criminal division, which is the lowest number we have had in 20 years. We're having to make tough decisions about what are the most important things to do."

One of the other crimes that will not be prosecuted is "failing to register as a sex offender." So it's anyone's guess as to who is living next to you or your children's school.

Lane county doesn't have enough prosecutors to try criminals for their crimes. But what employees do they have the money for?

To supervise and participate in the laundry operations of the adult correctional facility; and to perform related duties as assigned.

Supervises washing, extracting, sorting and drying operations; performs laundry work as needed.
They need an employee that does nothing but laundry?

To plan, develop, coordinate, implement, and evaluate services aimed at reducing the number of minority youth in the Juvenile Justice System. To develop and provide culturally relevant intervention and advocacy for youth.

Develops and provides culturally relevant intervention and advocacy for youth referred to the Department of Youth Services by law enforcement agencies.

Provides counseling opportunities for minority youth and their families.
An employee who serves "minority" youth and their families. I'm feeling left out.

To perform tire service including mechanical repair and maintenance associated with automobiles, light trucks, machinery and heavy equipment tires; field maintenance and repair; and maintain tire inventory.

Maintain a perpetual inventory of tires.

Initiate orders for purchase of new tires.
This guy and the "laundry specialist" must get together after work and laugh about their jobs. In unrelated news the local barber shop has hired a "broom specialist", "scissor cleaning & disinfecting specialist", "chair operator", and "guy in charge of asking which way you want your hair parted." Haircuts now cost $57.

To direct and coordinate the activities of the Performance Development and Diversity Program including assessment, evaluation, coordination and curriculum development; to coordinate performance development activities with other departments; to oversee the implementation of Lane County's Diversity Plan; and to perform related duties as assigned.

Oversees implementation of Lane County's Diversity Plan; provides technical assistance, consultation, policy and resource development to County departments in the area of Diversity.
The word "diversity" gets a capital "D" now?

Lane County also has the money to maintain this website:

They also have enough money to have all the diversity employees (listed in subcategories) on this page:


To plan, organize, manage, and implement Lane County’s Intergovernmental Relations program.
This is the program where one agency makes sure another agency awards no-bid contracts to someone's cousin or bussiness partner.

All these jobs but not enough money to hunt down sex offenders who fail to register or someone who breaks into your car. Don't think that this affects just Lane County either. If a sex offender fails to register he can feel free to move next to your kid's school or day care center in any county. Not to mention that other county DA's are doing this as well and will continue to as long as public safety is below "cultural competency" on our government's priority list.

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