Monday, May 16, 2005

The UN wasn't effective?

US Congress Releases Documents Showing Saddam Manipulated Foreign Officials, UN
A U.S. congressional committee has heard new testimony and released documents showing former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein used the U.N.-run oil-for-food humanitarian program to influence foreign officials. A hearing Monday marked a new round of efforts by lawmakers to shed more light on Saddam Hussein's attempts to undermine U.N. sanctions.

"Documents presented here today appear to confirm that some of these individuals were indeed using the Oil for Food Program for their own purposes. I can think of no legitimate reason for any politician or government official of any nation to receive oil from Saddam Hussein. Ironically, every dollar that these people took out of the program was money that should have gone to help the Iraqi people," he said.
Our media probably still won't accept that the UN is a corrupt and ineffective bureaucracy. If only they showed this much skepticism when a story that could hurt America came around. *cough* Newsweek *cough*

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