Thursday, May 12, 2005

Doing the job that government won't (government won't do something?!?)

Minutemen may patrol Texas border in October
HOUSTON - After spending a month engaged in a citizen patrol along the Arizona border, the Minutemen are finalizing plans to come to Texas.

Chris Simcox, the leader of the controversial Arizona project to prevent the entry of illegal immigrants from Mexico, says he has tentatively set October as a date to begin patrols along the Rio Grande in South Texas. Other patrols are being considered for New Mexico and California.

My prediction is that they will get almost no media attention this time around unless there is a violent incident. Last time the media was all excited for examples of "gun-toting rednecks" committing hate crimes but they never got it. The Minutemen simply did their jobs professionally and effectively. The media doesn't want to highlight the immigration problem again if they can't put the "racism" angle in the forefront.


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