Tuesday, February 27, 2007

String them up

U.S. Managers Plead Guilty to Hiring Illegal Immigrants
Five former managers from a major crate and pallet manufacturer that employed illegal immigrants pleaded guilty Tuesday, 10 months after federal agents staged sweeping raids at company sites in 26 states.

James Rice, 37, of Houston, an executive regional general manager of IFCO Systems, pleaded guilty to conspiring to employ illegal workers. Robert Belvin, 43, of Stuart, Fla., a former general manager of the Albany IFCO plant, pleaded guilty to two felony conspiracy charges.

In April, more than 1,100 people were arrested on administrative immigration charges at more than 40 IFCO sites. More than half of IFCO Systems' roughly 5,800 employees during 2005 had invalid or mismatched Social Security numbers, the government said at the time.

If our federal government would simply investigate companies were Social Security numbers don't match names then we wouldn't have an illegal alien problem. We don't need new laws, just enforce our current ones.

Emerald editorial

Illegal immigrants pay taxes, benefit state
Out-of-state tuition is three times higher than in-state tuition. For the children of illegal immigrants, who have a difficult time receiving in-state tuition, the idea of paying out-of-state tuition creates an insurmountable burden to receiving a quality education. For the second time in four years, the Oregon House of Representatives has introduced tuition equity legislation, which would loosen restrictions on in-state tuition benefits for the children of illegal immigrants.

The main argument against this legislation is that illegal immigrants are not "playing by the rules." The rules - however our legislators decide to define them - do not factor into the realities of immigration, illegal or otherwise. This is a knee-jerk reaction to a perceived problem - a political construct borne of populist sentiments and xenophobia. Laws should not act as immovable burdens to individual greatness.

Who teaches these people how to write?

Monday, February 26, 2007


"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

-- Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Some good news

Oregon aims to put Real ID on fast-track
Across the United States, a diverse coalition of states, from left-leaning Massachusetts to right-leaning Arizona, Georgia and Wyoming, are rebelling against the Real ID Act. But Oregon isn't one of them.

For citizens, it would mean this: The next time you renew your driver's license, you will have to produce documents that prove you are who you say you are and you are in the United States legally.

Jim Ludwick of McMinnville, who heads Oregonians for Immigration Reform, told lawmakers Thursday that Oregon is one of only a few states that neither verifies social security numbers nor requires proof of citizenship when issuing licenses.

Thanks to Jim and Rick and everyone who testified/called/emailed to get this ball rolling! We need to continue to keep up the pressure if we expect favorable results on this and other important bills.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'll boycott... oh wait

PGE presents Diversity Summit 2007: From Global Vision to Local Action
Join us for Diversity Summit 2007, the fourth summit presented by PGE. Business leaders and Human Resources professionals will discover new ways to better address diversity issues while networking with attendees from Oregon’s top businesses and organizations.

With important conferences like:

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Diversity in the Workplace

What It’s Like to Be Me: A Personal Perspective on Race & Culture

And of course "The Oregon State Bar has approved this summit for 4.5 Elimination of Bias CLE (Continuing Legal Education) credits for its members."

ODOT, Tri-Met and the PDC are all sponsors of this event as well. It's fine with me if Nike, Fred Meyer, etc want to do this but I am forced to get my power, and therefore give my money to, PGE. They can encourage their employees to hang out with the transgenders on their own time, don't do it with my money.

To say nothing of state agencies using tax dollars to support this...

Party bashing

Democrats: The party of feminine men and masculine women... but claim they support nature.

Republicans: This will say it all. (in my words: you dirty, slimy, illegal alien loving, traitors to America. No money to the RNC ever!)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This will be my drumbeat


I've suffered housing discrimination

The information below is from the Oregon State Bar's Tel-law service, a collection of recorded legal information messages prepared by the lawyers of Oregon.

Federal law protects you from being discriminated against for your race, color, national origin, religion, sex, family status, and physical and mental disability. Oregon law also forbids these kinds of discrimination.

Welcome to Hacienda CDC!
"Hacienda Community Development Corporation is a 501C-3 non-profit organization formed in 1992 to address the affordable housing needs existing in Oregon.

Hacienda's mission is "To improve the overall livability of low-income Latino families by developing a permanent resource of affordable housing..."

"...fulfilling the core elements of our mission to create a safe and flourishing community in which Latinos and other working families can afford to live."

Since I don't have a law degree to sue these people I figured I would at least complain. As a non-Latino I do not believe that I am welcome to live in these housing developments. (although maybe my wife could get me in if these racists aren't opposed to mixed-race marriage)

Alan Kramer, Fair Housing Representative

Victor Merced, OHCS Director

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Guess I'll pack my bags then

I've found a very informative website about Bush's "good-hearted folks." You know, the "immigrant community" that the leftstream media talks about. Yeah, those folks. They have some things to say...


This is "their continent" and we need to be "deported to Europe." Good stuff.

Our cultural wasteland

Please... I beg you... no more "news" reports on Anna Nicole Smith. Just stop. FOX, KXL, etc please leave it to the tabloids where it belongs.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Who is this "immigrant community" that you speak of?

Many of the apologists for the criminals insist that "we are all immigrants." Obviously this is nonsense.

But for those of you who are immigrants I have some good news: CAUSA has details on the bills that will affect YOU that are currently in the Oregon legislature.

That's right, you came here on a Visa from Australia? Well then I'm sure that HB 2685 which "Requires Dept of Human Services to verify lawful presence in U.S. of applicants for public assistance" will affect you greatly.

And you are on a student Visa from Japan? I'm sure you are very worried about HB 2680 which will "require proof of citizenship to register to vote."

Once more, according to CAUSA, these are "Bills Affecting the Immigrant Community in the 2007 Oregon Legislature."

Immigrant Community? What an insult to those who have worked hard to come here the right way. How about "bills affecting criminals and their being able to commit more crimes"? I think that's more fitting.

But could I paint a "for sale" sign on my naked body?

Having a chat with the neighbors about the whole "our kids can't play in the street" nonsense we got to telling tales of government interfering with our lives. (Note to the morons: our kids can play in the street thank you very much)

One of the more ironic ones was a neighbor who was told that he couldn't have a "for sale" sign in his car since it was parked on the curb. It's fine to have the car parked there but without the sign. He could have the sign in the car if he put it in his driveway.

Contrast this to the naked man who enjoys flashing children and gets away with it. Government won't stop him.

I truly believe this is why the average person who doesn't follow politics, who is just trying to live their life, has Republican leanings: they know what Reagan said was true, "Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem."

Pass all the backwards laws in the world while allowing sexual predators to victimize children. Our public officials are idiots.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

You can take my boy's boyhood when you pry it from my cold dead hands

Maybe this isn't America anymore and someone forgot to tell me. I live in a nice family neighborhood. I have kids, most of the neighbors have kids and it's a dead end street. We live right near an elementary school.

Today I was outside playing basketball in the street with my boys and some of the neighbor boys and when a car comes we hold the ball and go to the sidewalk. The car will slowly pass through and we all wave... except for one foreign SUV. (maybe the SUV element to this story will get the libs worked up)

Two ladies sitting in the car wouldn't pass by us, they just stopped. We waited a few minutes and I finally said let's get back in the street. At that point they decided to move forward so we all moved back. Then the lady rolled down her window and said, and I'm serious, "you shouldn't let these kids play in the street, it's against the law" and gave me the most condescending look I've ever gotten from anyone.

SHE THEN ACTUALLY CALLED THE POLICE! The officer just rolled his eyes when he arrived but it really hit me, there are segments of our society who want all our boys to sit around on ritalin like stupified zombies. Or better yet act like girls.

The schools won't allow dodgeball or tag and competitive attitudes are discouraged. (everyone is a winner, even the losers)

Sorry to burst your bubble ladies but my boys play ball in the street, climb trees in the woods, enjoy shooting guns, punching each other, racing and winning.

If you hate kids then move to Portland were you don't have neighborhood streets. (you know, cause you have all that "livability") If you move to Sherwood then realize that families live here. (NOTE: two gays living together is NOT a family)

I've got half a mind to grab the Daisy and take the boys down to the creek to shoot some Nutria. (the exception to Sherwoods "no dishcarge of BB guns inside city limits" is if you are "dispatching" varmits) Maybe then I'll have them cut the heads off and put them on stakes in the front yard (next to the "Illegal immigration is a crime" sign) as a warning to those "sex and city" women who view children as a nuisance instead of our future.

The nutria: will he make good slippers?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Maybe BofA could give him a line of credit for bail...

Possible illegal alien faces life in prison
A Medford man convicted Tuesday of murder likely will not be deported for decades amid new allegations of being an illegal alien.

Luis Alberto Salas-Juarez, 23, faces life in prison for the Aug. 13 stabbing of 23-year-old Mark Edwin Lunsford of Butte Falls. Salas is set to hear his sentence today in Jackson County Circuit Court.

Prosecutor David Hoppe said he planned to argue for Oregon's mandatory penalty — life in prison with a minimum of 25 years before parole eligibility — despite a charge of illegally being in the country lodged Wednesday against Salas.

"I'm going to ask that it have no bearing on his sentencing," said Hoppe, a deputy district attorney for Jackson County. "It wasn't an issue at the trial."

If it wasn't an issue during trial then you weren't doing your job. His complete criminal background should have been covered. And if you are interested in preventing more murders then maybe you should have gotten up on your soapbox and condemned this administration for continuing to allow killers to waltz into this country, condemned our DMV for giving them drivers licenses, condemned Bank of America for giving them credit cards and condemned our state legislature for not cracking down on criminals because it wouldn't be "multicultural" enough.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bank of America: reap what you sow

BofA is enjoying some serious negative publicity for offering credit cards to illegal aliens. Great news report can be watched HERE.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Watch it!

First Promo:

Another clip:

Blogging my phone call

Register your disapointment with Bank of (Central) America for offering credit cards to illegal aliens!

Not only did I send the fax I will now liveblog my phone conversation:

On hold with BofA as I type this. Speaking with Peter. Peter is transferring me to his supervisor after my little speech...

Note: still on hold. The phone tree took a few minutes to get through. Finally I just started speaking gibberish and it transfered me to a live person. I would also point out that the first option under the "other options" category is to send money to Mexico. Way to support the economy.

Speaking with David. Expressed dismay at the foolish business decision to allow people with no SSN to have a line of credit. Expressing dismay over the moral and patriotic ramifications of doing business with criminals. He is actually documented all the points that I am making!!

*You can't garnish wages that don't have an SSN
*How do you determine line of credit when they have no legal wages
*Illegal aliens identify themselves illegaly
*Lost money must be passed on to legitimate customers through less service/higher rates etc

*Won't do business with a business that works openly with criminals
*No different than a store selling meth ingrediants to drug dealers
*Encouraging a "quality of life" for criminals
*Creating an atmosphere where criminals are welcome

That was actually a worthwile 10 minutes. (trusting that David wasn't playing solitaire and rolling his eyes on the other line) He actually tried to reaasurre me about "asset recovery" through use of ITINs and debate a few points with me.

Unfortunately the ITIN is only for filing a tax return (and only for illegal aliens) and not something you put on a W-4. You still have nothing to garnish wages if you have an ITIN. You could take a tax return but why file if you have no obligation to because you make money illegaly?

David apologized several times and will pass on a report to his supervisor regarding my concerns. Now you call!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Obama: why are we still talking about him?

Barack Obama: The Human Rorschach Blot
Allegedly, his appeal rests with his "inspiring" story. Lord knows he's told his story enough: in two books, uncounted speeches and interviews and occasionally in explanations of why the story in the books seems to differ from the facts. (Obama was telling the "literary" truth, rather than getting bogged down in the literal truth.)

He overcame the oppression of being born to a well-off middle class white woman and a Harvard Ph.D. father, then he overcame the oppression of attending private schools his entire life. His story took a dark turn toward further oppression when he was admitted to Columbia University and then -- gasp -- Harvard Law School -- where he was practically lynched into the position of President of the Law Review by an overwhelming majority. Nay, an oppressive majority. From there, his life has just been a Hell of accolade and accomplishment.

The Boston Globe this week cited as an example of his oppression that children at his private school sometimes made fun of his unusual name. Please excuse me if I don't rush off to a sit-in on his behalf.

Mac Johnson even has a picture of "Oblatma" on his website. Classic stuff. Read the whole column.

Need government help to sign my name

Oregon Secretary of State Submits Bill to Hinder Petitioning
In Oregon, the Secretary of State and certain other state executive officials may sponsor bills. Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury is sponsoring HB 2082, which has its first hearing in the House Elections Committee on February 14. The bill makes these changes: (1) no one but a signer can add the signer’s printed name and address to the petition; (2) for initiatives, no photocopies of the petition are permitted; every sheet must come from the Secretary of State’s office, and each sheet has a unique page number; (3) no one can circulate an initiative without first taking government-sponsored training; (4) the chief petitioner must submit a list of all the circulators; signatures collected by somone not on the list are void.

Bradbury is just so darned tired of conservative ideas getting on the ballot and citizens voting for them. And hey, maybe now we could create the Department of Peition Circulator Training. Of course then we would need various Commissions, Offices, Branches, Licensing offices, Boards and so forth. Just add it to the list.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Bank of criminals

BofA aims new credit card at illegal immigrants: report
Bank of America Corp. has begun offering credit cards to customers without Social Security numbers, typically illegal immigrants, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.

In recent years, banks across the country have been offering checking accounts and even mortgages to the nation's fast-growing ranks of undocumented immigrants, most of whom are Hispanic, the paper said, adding these immigrants generally have not been able to get major credit cards.

You traiterous bastards. I look forward to you reaping what you sow. Offering criminals a line of credit is not only something shameful from a moral and patriotic standpoint but a business one as well. I hope you lose money hand over fist and that real Americans will no longer do business with you.

I spit on your figurative grave.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Worth looking at

Go here for some good pictures from the weekend rally in California to support the jailed Border Patrol Agents.

The Oregonian just doesn't have the guts to do this article

New wage boost puts squeeze on teenage workers across Arizona
Oh, for the days when Arizona's high school students could roll pizza dough, sweep up sticky floors in theaters or scoop ice cream without worrying about ballot initiatives affecting their earning power.

Some Valley employers, especially those in the food industry, say payroll budgets have risen so much that they're cutting hours, instituting hiring freezes and laying off employees.

And teens are among the first workers to go.

Tom Kelly, owner of Mary Coyle Ol' Fashion Ice Cream Parlor in Phoenix, voted for the minimum-wage increase. But he said, "The new law has impacted us quite a bit."

It added about $2,000 per month in expenses. The store, which employs mostly teen workers, has cut back on hours and has not replaced a couple of workers who quit.

Way to go moron, you gave your workers a raise then cut back their hours.

Liliana Hernandez brings home noticeably more under the new law. The 18-year-old, who attends Metro Tech High School in Phoenix and works part time at Central High School, is saving the extra money, maybe to put towards buying a used car.

Hernandez said she deserves the raise just like any other Arizona worker even if she still lives with her parents.

No you don't deserve a raise if bleeding heart voters have to mandate you one. You deserve a raise when you work hard, improve your skills and make yourself more valuable to your employer.

Now why doesn't The Oregonian look at what happens to teenage employment after our annual wage hike? Looks like the crack reporters there won't do the story that doesn't fit with their political agenda.

Friday, February 09, 2007

We need this

Sensible Immigration Reform Legislative Package Kicks Off at Capitol Rally

A package of 10 immigration reform bills was unveiled today on the steps of the State Capitol. “We decided to call this legislation the Sensible Immigration Reform Package because it offers common sense ways to preserve some of the core principles of our democracy: public safety, economic development and recognizing we are a nation of immigrants,” said State Representative Linda Flores (R-Clackamas) at a rally on the steps of the State Capitol today.

Representatives Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer) and Flores have been drafting these bills for months and asked the House Speaker to form a special committee to take a serious look at these reforms. “But that didn’t happen so there’s a good chance these bills will be scattered into different committees and swept under the rug,” said Thatcher. “Don’t let that happen. We need your help to keep up the pressure. Let your legislators know immigration reform is important to you.”

Several other legislators attended the rally to show support. House Republican Leader Wayne Scott (R-Canby) told the crowd, “their package is a wake-up call to the Governor and many in the House and Senate who campaigned on this issue.” These bills are among several already circulating in the Capitol. They will have a first reading on Tuesday February 13th and be posted on the legislature’s web site the following day. www.leg.state.or.us

HB 2680
VOTER REGISTRATION - Requires prospective voter registrants to provide proof of citizenship.

HB 2681
STATE EMPLOYMENT FOR LEGAL RESIDENTS -Bars state from hiring or entering into contract with employer of illegal aliens

HB 2682
POLICE TOOLS - Gives law enforcement in Oregon more latitude by repealing ORS 181.850 to give police more flexibility to detain violators of federal immigration laws.

HB 2683
HUMAN TRAFFICKING - Creates crimes of slavery; & sexual slavery of a minor.

HB 2684
ENGLISH LANGUAGE - Makes English official language of Oregon.

HB 2685
STATE BENEFITS - Grants those here legally access to state benefits. Illegal immigrants would only be entitled to benefits currently allowed by federal law.

HB 2686
REAL ID Brings Oregon into compliance with the Federal REAL ID Act. Proof of legal presence required for drivers’ license or ID card, as well as verification of identity, date of birth, address, and other related documents.

HJR 20
AGRICULTURAL WORKERS - Directs State Employment Dept to participate in federal H2A Visa program for temporary agricultural employment.

PRISON BEDS - Resolution requesting that the federal government fully reimburse the states for the cost of housing illegal immigrants in Oregon’s prison system.

CONGRESSIONAL ACTION - Memorial to urge federal government to utilize laws to curb illegal immigration, and commend the contributions of lawful immigrants.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Your department of labor at work

Serving Hispanic Workers
The Department of Labor's Hispanic Worker Initiative is focused on helping Hispanic Americans take advantage of job opportunities in high growth sectors of the economy.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration has also mounted a significant effort to reach out to Spanish-speaking workers and their employers, including printing health and safety materials in Spanish, setting up a Spanish-language hotline, and extensive community outreach, particularly in the construction industry.

Anyone used to do contruction but found themselves pushed out by low-wage taking, Spanish speaking, child raping, border crossing illegal aliens? It's so nice that our DOL has race-based (for just the one preferred race it appears) initiatives to assist in replacing our American workforce.

One more time: To become an American citizen you are required to learn English. If you are born here then by the time you are "construction worker age" then you obviously speak English. If you "no habla" but do construction work then my money says that you are illegal!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sadly, it's probably a more stable source than cigarettes

Inmate tax proposed to bolster ER funds
Orange County supervisors are scrambling to find a new way to steer more taxes to fund overburdened hospital emergency rooms.

To date, they've been unwilling to use a state law allowing them to hike fines for traffic tickets. But Supervisor John Moorlach has another idea.

Tax illegal immigrants landing in Orange County jails.

Local activists were stunned by the idea.

"Truly inhuman," said Amin David, president of Los Amigos of Orange County. "I just can't fathom it. I thought I'd heard everything. It just doesn't stop."

Reading this article I'm torn between wanting to cheer for the great idea, cry over the fact that Moorlach seems to want to apologize at the same time he's suggests it and throw up in my mouth over the comments that the illegal alien apologists have made. Read the whole thing.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Upgrade to an etch-a-sketch

I hate Macs
I hate Macs. I have always hated Macs. I hate people who use Macs. I even hate people who don't use Macs but sometimes wish they did. Macs are glorified Fisher-Price activity centres for adults; computers for scaredy cats too nervous to learn how proper computers work; computers for people who earnestly believe in feng shui.

PCs have charm; Macs ooze pretension. When I sit down to use a Mac, the first thing I think is, "I hate Macs", and then I think, "Why has this rubbish aspirational ornament only got one mouse button?" Losing that second mouse button feels like losing a limb.

Oh yes... it's sooooo good.

Random things to say to infuriate a liberal

Got liberal co-workers that won't shut up? Tired of sitting by during a family gathering while your liberal relatives say "Bush is stupid" and laugh hysterically like they are speech-writers for Leno?

I've found that the best way to have fun in these situations is to think of the most extreme thing possible to say and then take it one step further.

"I'll be happy when I can get my Hummer to run on spotted owl carcasses" for instance.

"We didn't give women the right to vote... we just gave husbands two ballots" is another favorite.

Sometimes I just call Clinton a rapist.

If you get there eyes to bug out with incredulity then you know that you did it right.

Monday, February 05, 2007

And you thought that roads were for cars

Designing Streets for Bicyclists
Designing Streets for Pedestrians

This course is designed for persons responsible for planning, designing, operating, or integrating bicycle facilities in the transportation network. Taught by Michael Ronkin, the former manager of ODOT's Bicycle and Pedestrian Program.

Important Planning & Design Considerations
- Land Use
- Street Connectivity
- Urban Form

Multi-Use Paths: Planning & Design

I know that when you were driving home today, driving approximately 35mph past the 55mph sign, you were very concerned about the "urban form" that maybe wasn't allowing a bicyclist to do his grocery shopping.

And I for one am delighted that more thought will be put into multi-use paths so that when I go to get my new furniture it will be easier to bring home.

And the land use, or as I call it "don't EVER use land anywhere", rules clearly need to be designed to pack us in like sardines. We aren't too crowded yet.

Thank you ODOT.

Oh, and by the way, why are you considered a "corporate sponsor" for several events put on by a racist organization? Did you become a corporation like State Farm insurance or BlueCross/BlueShield? I'd love to look at your quarterly earning...

Immigration Rally

Immigration Reform Legislative Rally

Mark Your Calendar !

Friday, February 9th, 2007


Oregon State Capitol Steps

You’re invited to join State Representative Linda Flores (R-Clackamas),
State Representative Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer) and other legislators as they unveil legislation for immigration reform in Oregon.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Random questions for blog readers here

1. Does everyone love the Geico "caveman" commercials as much as I do?

2. To Vista or not to Vista?

3. Speaking of: PC or Mac?

4. If a tree falls in the forrest and no one is around to hear it... does an environwacko blame God?

5. Colts or Bears? (have to answer this one before the game starts)

6. Would you buy a foreign car?

7. Pump or semi-auto?

8. Are liberals bad people or just bad Americans?

9. Seriously, do you still laugh every time you see a Geico "caveman" commercial?

The first one.


Friday, February 02, 2007

I know, let's put them in charge of our health care!

New Jersey City Pays Dead Man $130,000 a Year
A recent audit of cash-strapped Camden, N.J. school district's finances found it was paying an employee $130,000 annually — and he's been dead for more than three decades.

City officials were shocked by the discovery.

Shocked I tell you. I'm not. You liberal idiots who think that government gives us our rights, protects our rights, ensures our standard of living and is directly responsible for our happieness.

Example after example of financial (and other) mismanagement and people still have faith in the public schools. So sad.

Skin color requirement... ideology requirement also?

Diversity conference set on campus
The continuing debate over immigration in America will be examined through the eyes of five prominent first generation and immigrant writers of color during the New Writing, New Thinking Conference at the University of Oregon beginning Tuesday, Feb. 6.

It's fine with me that you have a "color requirement" for speaking at this event but I wonder if there will be any diversity of thought amongst the presenters. I would hope that our taxpayer supportered schools of higher-ed will allow some diversity of opinion in what they say is a "debate" rather than allow it to be a one-sided "open the borders and give amnesty" cheer.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Mexican victims of illegal immigration

From the women and children of Mexico.........to the people of the U.S.A.

Enforce Your Laws.

Please Close the United States Border to Illegal Migration.

Help us to Keep Our Husbands Home with our Families

The work is in the United States that is why the men left. Leaving millions of broken families in the villages, now our men are running from the police...

This is very interesting. While I'm not positive that this is for real it would seem that a group of Mexican women have started a movement to bring their husbands home. (most likely leaving thousands of pregnant teenage girls behind)

Apparently their group produces artwork (pictures available) and sells it. They even include a link with illegal immigration news and letters they have written to their husbands asking them to come home.

If this is sincere then I have to say to the target of the website (illegal alien men): go home to your wives. You aren't a provider just because you make more money. You have abandoned your family and you can't call yourself a man. Go home, love your wives, raise your kids and find a legal way to be productive.

Other races need not apply

Latino Student Services
If you're Latino and feel lost here at CCC, or not, read on.

At this point I knew that I should stop reading this taxpayer funded website because I wasn't the preferred race but since "danger" is my middle name I continued anyways.

There is an office on our campus that can help you figure out a few things. We're called Latino Student Services and we can help you out with a few things, or just be a place for you to visit.

I was also interested in the Oregon Leadership Institute but it turns out you have to be Hispanic for that one too... (don't worry, that application is also available in Spanish)