Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Mexican victims of illegal immigration

From the women and children of the people of the U.S.A.

Enforce Your Laws.

Please Close the United States Border to Illegal Migration.

Help us to Keep Our Husbands Home with our Families

The work is in the United States that is why the men left. Leaving millions of broken families in the villages, now our men are running from the police...

This is very interesting. While I'm not positive that this is for real it would seem that a group of Mexican women have started a movement to bring their husbands home. (most likely leaving thousands of pregnant teenage girls behind)

Apparently their group produces artwork (pictures available) and sells it. They even include a link with illegal immigration news and letters they have written to their husbands asking them to come home.

If this is sincere then I have to say to the target of the website (illegal alien men): go home to your wives. You aren't a provider just because you make more money. You have abandoned your family and you can't call yourself a man. Go home, love your wives, raise your kids and find a legal way to be productive.


Anonymous said...

I can tell you for a fact that a lot of the migrant workers here have families back home. And many of these workers have families here as well, or are working on making one. Two "esposas" is not unusual. You don't have to really be married there to have an "esposa" or a "mujer." A lot of this is a function of ignorance (lack of education) and no real social mores or norms.

BEAR said...

gee, and I thought that mehico was Catholic.....apparently with conditions, like amorality. Maybe this esplains the widespread corruption and criminal tendencies of their "leadership?"

Anonymous said...

This is a real problem in places such as Oaxaca, where communities have been emptied of their men, leaving hte women and children largely defenseless against criminal gangs who prey on them.

This was the reason why the Oregon Republican Party resolution on illegal immigration included the following:

"WHEREAS, illegal immigration harms the country of the immigrants’ origin by draining their native lands of the labor and talent necessary to foster economic opportunity in their home country, thereby weakening such nations and the surrounding region,"