Friday, February 16, 2007

Maybe BofA could give him a line of credit for bail...

Possible illegal alien faces life in prison
A Medford man convicted Tuesday of murder likely will not be deported for decades amid new allegations of being an illegal alien.

Luis Alberto Salas-Juarez, 23, faces life in prison for the Aug. 13 stabbing of 23-year-old Mark Edwin Lunsford of Butte Falls. Salas is set to hear his sentence today in Jackson County Circuit Court.

Prosecutor David Hoppe said he planned to argue for Oregon's mandatory penalty — life in prison with a minimum of 25 years before parole eligibility — despite a charge of illegally being in the country lodged Wednesday against Salas.

"I'm going to ask that it have no bearing on his sentencing," said Hoppe, a deputy district attorney for Jackson County. "It wasn't an issue at the trial."

If it wasn't an issue during trial then you weren't doing your job. His complete criminal background should have been covered. And if you are interested in preventing more murders then maybe you should have gotten up on your soapbox and condemned this administration for continuing to allow killers to waltz into this country, condemned our DMV for giving them drivers licenses, condemned Bank of America for giving them credit cards and condemned our state legislature for not cracking down on criminals because it wouldn't be "multicultural" enough.


Anonymous said...

So what have you done today that will help Government Grow?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i heard the best idea today. give 10 mexican generals 2 million dollars each for guarding the border. then subtract 10 thousand for every illegal cought crossing in his area of responsibility

bjdorr said...

If he's proven to be an illegal immigrant, here's another one for the "illegal immigrants come to America to commit crimes and make our lives miserable."

bjdorr said...

Just one side note: I just heard Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Missouri) addressed the House Speaker Nanci Pelosi, as "Mister Speaker," live on C-SPAN just a few minutes ago.

Chris P. said...

Let him serve his sentence in the governor's mansion with Sleepy Ted. Maybe he can clean the pool or something, and if something happens, well, it's Ted's fault for making OR so hopsitable to illegal immigrants.

Anonymous said...

Below is a link to a very good movie regarding illegal immigration and the border war. Please pass it on to friends as for sure you won’t see it in the mainstream media.

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Anonymous said...

Feb. 16, 2007 - Can he do it again? Jean-Marie Le Pen, France's combative far-right leader, caught mainstream politicians off-guard in the presidential elections of 2002 with an upset defeat of a sitting Socialist prime minister, which earned him a spot in the runoff against President Jacques Chirac.
He spoke with NEWSWEEK’s Tracy McNicoll by phone from the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Excerpts:
You used to express yourself differently. What happened to that old Le Pen? Didn’t you used to say things like that the Arab-Islamic world was colonizing France?
That it was a risk, yes. I provide the example of Kosovo. Kosovo was Serb, and Albanian immigration progressively invaded it and Kosovo is no longer Serb; now it wants to be Albanian and independent. The same goes for Sri Lanka. And for everywhere because there are these imperative rules. It’s also a little like what happened in the United States, is it not?
In your words, not mine.
At its birth. Immigration conquered, do you see? It’s true.
Sure, it’s a country of immigrants.
European immigration conquered the peoples occupying that land, did it not?
Yes, there. Right. I won’t say more. There are these historically notorious phenomena. So we can’t pretend we don’t notice the threat weighing on us. When 10 million foreigners enter a country like ours in 30 years, mostly from the Third World—and when the global population rose from 1 to 7 billion in 100 years and continues to grow—I worry about finding myself in a country without defenses or borders, subject to a crazy and criminal immigration policy. But I’ve always said it wasn’t the immigrants’ fault and that we shouldn’t be angry with them but exclusively with the French politicians, right and left, who betrayed their mission to defend the French nation and people.

Anonymous said...

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bjdorr said...

Try signing up for a B of A account online.

In the citizenship status, these are the four options:

1. U.S. Citizen.
2. U.S. Citizen dual country
3. Resident Alien with a Green Card and a Social Security Number.
4. None of the Above.

Clicking on Option 4 "None of the Above," here is the response: "At this time, only the applicants listed above can apply online. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. You can apply for an account at a local Bank of America banking center near you."

By the way, going to the "Espanol" version of B of A's site, the instructions state that online applications are in English only.

So if one is an illegal immigrant, they must apply by going to the branch or calling a toll-free number.

Now, this is interesting, but does BoA comply with the Section 326 of the USA Patriot Act (Word DOC)?

Then there was this line in the Act's overview: "Accordingly, Treasury will not seek changes to the final rules to prohibit the acceptance of foreign issued identification documents, such as consular IDs, or to require that financial institutions maintain photocopies of identification documents."

Yes, even the Patriot Act will still accept those phony Matriclua cards, and a hole big enough to drive a truckload of illegals through.