Monday, February 19, 2007

Who is this "immigrant community" that you speak of?

Many of the apologists for the criminals insist that "we are all immigrants." Obviously this is nonsense.

But for those of you who are immigrants I have some good news: CAUSA has details on the bills that will affect YOU that are currently in the Oregon legislature.

That's right, you came here on a Visa from Australia? Well then I'm sure that HB 2685 which "Requires Dept of Human Services to verify lawful presence in U.S. of applicants for public assistance" will affect you greatly.

And you are on a student Visa from Japan? I'm sure you are very worried about HB 2680 which will "require proof of citizenship to register to vote."

Once more, according to CAUSA, these are "Bills Affecting the Immigrant Community in the 2007 Oregon Legislature."

Immigrant Community? What an insult to those who have worked hard to come here the right way. How about "bills affecting criminals and their being able to commit more crimes"? I think that's more fitting.


BEAR said...

I'm sure that 'causa' is looking out for each and every legal immigrant....not! Their name screams ethnocentricity, and arrogance and their commitment to their chinese (no) french (no) german (no) russian (no), oh yeah, ILLEGAL HISPANIC ALIEN friends! I am a legal immigrant, and every ILLEGAL ALIEN supported by 'causa' can head for the border right now.......southern, that is.

Rick Hickey said...

WOW! I need to read 1984 by George Orwell again. Everything he wrote is coming true-BUT it was the Gov't doing all the BS not citizen groups in bed with the Gov't.

CAUSU talks of the "immigrant" community? None of these affect LEGAL immigrants.

ACLU is a group with the words American in it BUT they represent Illegal Foreign Nationals NOT Americans.

SEIU is supposed to be an American union but again they support ILLEGAL foreign Nationals.

AND If someone with any common sense says Illegals should go home they are called "Racist" even though there are Illegal "Immigrants" from all over not just Mexico (even white ones).

I hope most of you are intelligent enough to not fall for all the BS.

AND they left out the other "immigrant" Bills introduced like making Human Smuggling or Slavery against the law, CAUSU didn't list that one did they? So they don't like that one either or could not give Republicans credit for showing they do care about ALL people, not just one race like CAUSA.

The constant LIEs are appalling and that anyone beleives any of it is the scary part.

I hope many will join me this Thur.s to ask our reps to put through the REAL ID License Bill.
Squeakiest wheels get the grease and we cannot let these liar wheels take all the grease.

Bobkatt said...

The Stormtroopers for a Democratic Society have managed to stomp on our free speech rights again shutting down another debate between the Minutemen and open border speakers.

Rooster said...

Have you seen this one yet?

Anonymous said...

Answering your question, the immigrant community is made up of decent, hard-working men and women you don't deserve to share a sidewalk with.

Anonymous said...

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BEAR said...

anon 9:53, you fool! Bordercrashing, identity theft, fraud, parasitism, and begging are not honorable or DECENT! What part of illegal don't you get? I know, the same part as the coward and anti-American, el gordo smith......sheesh.

Kalpakian said...

CAUSA says they exist to "defend the immigrant community in Oregon." I went to one of their "lobbying" workshops and all I saw were Hispanics, old liberals, and two Africans. I and my family do NOT need or want defending by this group, and the fact that they are claiming us under their "immigrant community" umbrella just straight pisses me off. I would love to meet the head of this group face to face and explain to him/her/it that I don't appreciate being spoken for - and in Spanish. Since this is probably an impossibility, I wonder if there's a creative lawsuit out there somewhere...