Friday, February 09, 2007

We need this

Sensible Immigration Reform Legislative Package Kicks Off at Capitol Rally

A package of 10 immigration reform bills was unveiled today on the steps of the State Capitol. “We decided to call this legislation the Sensible Immigration Reform Package because it offers common sense ways to preserve some of the core principles of our democracy: public safety, economic development and recognizing we are a nation of immigrants,” said State Representative Linda Flores (R-Clackamas) at a rally on the steps of the State Capitol today.

Representatives Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer) and Flores have been drafting these bills for months and asked the House Speaker to form a special committee to take a serious look at these reforms. “But that didn’t happen so there’s a good chance these bills will be scattered into different committees and swept under the rug,” said Thatcher. “Don’t let that happen. We need your help to keep up the pressure. Let your legislators know immigration reform is important to you.”

Several other legislators attended the rally to show support. House Republican Leader Wayne Scott (R-Canby) told the crowd, “their package is a wake-up call to the Governor and many in the House and Senate who campaigned on this issue.” These bills are among several already circulating in the Capitol. They will have a first reading on Tuesday February 13th and be posted on the legislature’s web site the following day.

HB 2680
VOTER REGISTRATION - Requires prospective voter registrants to provide proof of citizenship.

HB 2681
STATE EMPLOYMENT FOR LEGAL RESIDENTS -Bars state from hiring or entering into contract with employer of illegal aliens

HB 2682
POLICE TOOLS - Gives law enforcement in Oregon more latitude by repealing ORS 181.850 to give police more flexibility to detain violators of federal immigration laws.

HB 2683
HUMAN TRAFFICKING - Creates crimes of slavery; & sexual slavery of a minor.

HB 2684
ENGLISH LANGUAGE - Makes English official language of Oregon.

HB 2685
STATE BENEFITS - Grants those here legally access to state benefits. Illegal immigrants would only be entitled to benefits currently allowed by federal law.

HB 2686
REAL ID Brings Oregon into compliance with the Federal REAL ID Act. Proof of legal presence required for drivers’ license or ID card, as well as verification of identity, date of birth, address, and other related documents.

HJR 20
AGRICULTURAL WORKERS - Directs State Employment Dept to participate in federal H2A Visa program for temporary agricultural employment.

PRISON BEDS - Resolution requesting that the federal government fully reimburse the states for the cost of housing illegal immigrants in Oregon’s prison system.

CONGRESSIONAL ACTION - Memorial to urge federal government to utilize laws to curb illegal immigration, and commend the contributions of lawful immigrants.


bjdorr said...

I know what is going to happen with those bills. The liberals will vote it down. If they do pass, however, the governor will veto those bills.

It is importatnt that our state take action against illegal immigrants. The illegal immigrant mothers screw with some guy and later drop ten "anchors" out of the womb to only multiply the burden on us and our state, screwing us--the taxpayers--all together.

Must we care and nurture the uninvited "house guests" that trespasses into our homes? That's what illegal immigrants do within our country.

Nek said...

Bjdorr is right, none will pass. Illegals win again.

BEAR said...

As usual, while honest taxpayers foot the bill, our lefty government works to add to the burden, undermine the rule of law, and increase the dependency of its citizens. In their arrogance, the lefties continue to ignore the failure of every socialist system.

Daniel said...

While I do share your pessimism with our current politicians it's important to email/call your representatives and ask them to support these bills.

Step one: get them a hearing. Most bills "die in commitee" and never see the light of day.

I honesly believe that if any of these bills were passed that the Gov wouldn't veto. Once it hits that point it's in the public spotlight. Getting a hearing for these bills is very important.

Tim said...

Yeah it's hard not to be pessimistic which the illegal enablers in charge in Salem. But hey we can't adopt their "You can't deport them all, so we shouldn't even try" attitude...we need to push back in a very public way. If the Gov. veto's Daniel is right, it puts the spotlight on where his loyalties lie...with his newest voting block - Illegal aliens.

Nek said...

Daniel, give me one example of where you, not some PAC you belong to, have successfully lobbied an Oregon Legislator and that legislation has subsequent passed and become Oregon law? Ours is not a system friendly to its citizen as a representative government. Those in power now particularly do not like citizen input and yours even less. Once the latest batch of legislators were elected, the illegal aliens won the power they wanted and America lost to Iraq war. From within our Country shall crumble to a third world also ran and that has begun big time.

Anonymous said...

Most "lefties" are as ignorant about what you call "socialist systems" -- which are NOT "socialist" systems -- as right-wingers are, Bear. Writers here ought to stop throwing "socialism" around like your all-purpose evil buzzword. I haven't seen a post here yet suggesting that writers using the term have any idea what they are talking about.

Rick Hickey said...

KATU CH#2 reported that Democrat leadership supports two of the Bills aleady.
Every Bill already has 10-20 co-sponsors.

KATU also reported on the Ballot inititave for English Immersion in Schools that we handed out at the Rally. We are working with someone who gets enough signers to put it on the Ballot.
We will Vote in 2008 on Immersion.

Our Dreams will come true because we are doing the right thing, that is why this continues to be brought up.

Last session we stopped in-state Tuition and "Special" Drivers' License for Illegals.

This session we will have laws passed in our favor.

Especially if YOU contact committe heads and tell them to let these get to a hearing.

Thank you to all who showed up on a weekday

Next...Rally at SEIU office in Salem...Legislative day @ Capitol...Day Labor Site protest

32 other States ARE passing similar laws, we will too if we keep the pressure up!

Rick Hickey said...

Also I announced Michael Forrest for Salem School Board.
A State employee & accountant & defiant SEIU member, that will count OUR pennies and leader of OR. Minutmen who will prove Immersion is better & cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Pull out the stops folks, this is our best shot.

Don't waste it.

Anonymous said...

At the Rally I noticed how the Male members of our Legislature who came out to support Reps Kim and Linda, did so by standing off to the side, in the shadow of the building and when asked to speak only one stepped forward.

This helps explain why we have not been successful in the past with passing positive immigration legislation.

Way to go guys, you make us proud!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Why don't voters simply write to their elected representatives and demand they support these bills? The legislators need to hear from the people who can vote them out of office. It seems we have more power than the special interest and the lobbyist our votes.

Don't reply, write a letter, not an email, a real letter and copy Rep. Thatcher and Rep. Flores to let them know you support and appreciate their efforts.

I'm just a voter.

I invented the mullet said...

"I need help with my computer. I is always freezing when i open IE? What do you think?

By the way, I love that too! Where did you get that at?

See you soon! WonderGirl"

Would you like some spam with your spam?
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BEAR said...

The 'real i.d. act' will have the most impact of any legislation to-date. I am hopeful that sufficient citizens will pay attention to the results, and that the momentum will continue this progress. I fear that too many illegals, and the terrorists using the same pathways will overwhelm our ability to protect ourselves from a great many unnecessary deaths.

BTW, anon 9:12, the former Soviet Union was a socialist system. So is Cuba (you know, the western hemisphere's economic giant). So is Albania (you know, the poorest country in Europe). So is North Korea (you know, the country which starves everyone except the military). A socialist system is one in which government bureaucrats supplant religion, bestow and take away "rights" as they see fit, remove incentives to economic prosperity, and kill anyone brash enough to contest their authority. Their trademark is tyranny of the many by the minority. The lefties are not ignorant of this, as you so foolishly contend. They depend upon the good hearts of their victims to enable their evil deeds. In addition, conservatives are not ignorant of either the methods or the goals of the anti-American Left, we are the folks warning of the danger to our liberties by being inattentive or inactive.

Bobkatt said...

I'll have your spam, I LOVE IT!

Bert Corona said...

No human being is illegal.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"No human being is illegal."

That is about the dumbest statement I have ever heard.

Perhaps its lost in translation.

Scottiebill said...

Daniel, Can't you delete those stupid and utterly irrelivant offerings like the one by anon 8:42am? All it does is take up blogging space and irritate a lot of people. That should also include the anon blogger from a couple of weeks ago that offered up a bunch of porn sites. Like we all needed to know about that bit of his fantasies and obvious likings.

Daniel said...

I try to delete them when I can.

And a "human being" who breaks the law is a criminal.

wrench said...

This is especially a concern with jaywalkers, who are notorious for breaking the law.

Anonymous said...

This is a huge issue. After reading Pat Buchanan's "State of Emergency: the Third World Invasion and Conquest of America", I am convinced that there are few issues greater than immigration reform.

eddie said...

You're right, if by some miracle these got out of committee and an Act of God allowed them to pass, then the governor would surely veto away...

That said, the fact that they're out there demonstrates that at least some of our Republican representatives have demonstrated posession of a backbone. That's good.

Also, by focussing attention on these bills, and publishing the debate that ensues, we can illuminate the prevailing mindset of our state government... a mindset that I have a feeling runs counter to the attitudes of the constituents in a big way.

However, if things don't go that well, remember, if you really want Oregon to rise up and toss the illegales (my new term, kind of festive faux-spanish), then tell folks that they're all from Baja California... Oregon is always ready to keep out Californians.

Bobkatt said...

Americans Pay Millions To Clean Mexican Sewage.
he president’s proposed 2008 budget includes nearly $72 million to rid U.S. beaches of the Mexican sewage that for decades has infested them even though the government already has a contract with a politically-connected company to do the work.
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