Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Need government help to sign my name

Oregon Secretary of State Submits Bill to Hinder Petitioning
In Oregon, the Secretary of State and certain other state executive officials may sponsor bills. Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury is sponsoring HB 2082, which has its first hearing in the House Elections Committee on February 14. The bill makes these changes: (1) no one but a signer can add the signer’s printed name and address to the petition; (2) for initiatives, no photocopies of the petition are permitted; every sheet must come from the Secretary of State’s office, and each sheet has a unique page number; (3) no one can circulate an initiative without first taking government-sponsored training; (4) the chief petitioner must submit a list of all the circulators; signatures collected by somone not on the list are void.

Bradbury is just so darned tired of conservative ideas getting on the ballot and citizens voting for them. And hey, maybe now we could create the Department of Peition Circulator Training. Of course then we would need various Commissions, Offices, Branches, Licensing offices, Boards and so forth. Just add it to the list.


Anonymous said...

And fees. Don't forget fees!

Anonymous said...

There is some testimony being taken today in Salem on the subject. You can read about some of it at democracydirect.us where Tim Trickey has posted his testimony he is about to present.

Scottiebill said...

This action is fairly typical of Guillermo Bradbury. Anything to hinder and/or completely stop the public of having any say-so in the political processes.

If the Oregon legislature wants to do something that will really and truly benefit tthe people, they should launch a full-scale investigation into the SecState, his office, and his administration of his Constitutional duties (or the lack thereof).

Here, again -- Ain't gonna happen, not in this lifetime.