Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Metro: the culturally insensitive puppet masters

In the lower left corner of this billboard is the logo for our regional government, Metro. Since your tax dollars paid for this ad let me translate: We are Oregonians and we recycle.

What really bothers me is how culturally insensitive this billboard is. On the road where this billboard is placed there are a lot of businesses that cater to Spanish speakers but I notice that the advertisements done by these companies are much different. These ads almost exclusively have a picture of a woman in a bikini on them.

This was taken by me just down the street during a 2008 day labor protest

For Metro to try to advertise to the illegal alien community using pictures of fully clothed women just shows that all the diversity training done so far has been a waste of time.

I'm convinced that the only way for Metro to make up for this multicultural faux pas is for them to make sure that their new employee, the puppeteer, can speak Spanish. Yes, Metro is currently hiring a puppeteer for $14.77 an hour.

The position will be represented by AFSCME Local 3850. You blue collar union boys must be proud.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's time for a compromise so that we can move forward

Both sides need to give a little in this situation. It is absolutely unthinkable to me that we would go into August without some sort of deal worked out. It's been a long debate but the deadline to act before it negatively impacts us is rapidly approaching. Get it done this coming week guys. We need to move forward.

I am, of coarse, talking about the NFL lockout.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

How long is this nutjob going to be my representative?

Wu at center of sex allegation
Rep. David Wu has been accused of an “unwanted sexual encounter” with the teenage daughter of a longtime friend, the latest scandal to engulf the troubled Oregon Democrat.

The Oregonian reported that the 56-year-old Wu “acknowledged a sexual encounter to his senior aides but insisted it was consensual,” according to sources aware of the incident.

Calling the episode “very serious,” Wu did not specifically address allegations that he made unwanted sexual advances toward the young woman who is the daughter of a donor.

After it became public that he tried to rape someone in college the voters of my district still returned this guy to office. Now I have to put on my really really really really surprised face when I hear news that he did something similar again.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Clean up the neighborhood

Report: Some illegal immigrants prepare to flee Alabama ahead of new law
Illegal immigrants in Alabama are selling off household items such as microwaves and sofas in preparation to leave the state if a tough new law goes into effect Sept. 1.

The Birmingham News' David White collects anecdotal evidence that some of the estimated 120,000 unauthorized immigrants in the state are considering leaving or have already left because they worry they would be arrested and deported under the new law.

Can you imagine any mayor/governor not holding a press conference if criminals left their jurisdiction in droves? If there was evidence that sex offenders were fleeing the state the headlines would be crying victory. If meth users wanted outside of city limits due to tough new laws there would be cheers at city hall.

But because these are politically popular criminals we get sob stories from the media.

Getting criminal aliens to self deport at no cost to the taxpayer is so easy even a politician can do it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

As long as they rape in a culturally competent way

Oregon to close youth sex offender cottages at MacLaren
State officials plan to close the three closely guarded cottages that house sex offenders at MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility in Woodburn, The Oregonian has learned.

Plans call for transferring about 75 convicted sex offenders into other "close custody" units elsewhere in Oregon or, potentially, into less secure halfway houses run by private nonprofits.

The closures, set to occur by Oct. 1, are the result of state budget cuts approved by the Legislature.

Of coarse the ONLY solution is to release sex offenders on the public. There is NOTHING else that the Youth Authority could do. It's not like they have ever made a claim like this:

OYA is the only juvenile justice agency in the nation with an Office of Minority Services.

Sometimes being the "only one" to do something means that you are doing it wrong. But hey, if someone needs to get raped so that the OYA can keep
Lily E. Caceres, Minority Services Hispanic Coordinator on the job then so be it.

But these are great priorities, it's not as if their class on Cultural Competencies & Overview of OMS services
is 4 hours long while the class on Contraband is a measly hour.

You know what else is more important than locking up rapists? Providing no charge tattoo removal! And of coarse you can't have a tattoo removal program without a Tattoo Removal

This is just me spending 10 minutes on the OYA website. A public records request for the working job titles of everyone in this department and then doing a search for the terms "diversity" and "multicultural" would only show how much more of this nonsense exists.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Go Rick Perry!

Texas executes Mexican after court stay rejected
Texas executed a Mexican citizen Thursday for the rape-slaying of a teenager after he and the White House pleaded in vain for a Supreme Court stay, saying he was denied help from his home country that could have helped him avoid the death penalty.

"One more thing," he said as the drugs began taking effect. Then he shouted twice, "Viva Mexico!"

After his execution, relatives of Leal who had gathered in Guadalupe, Mexico, burned a T-shirt with an image of the American flag in protest. Leal's uncle Alberto Leal criticized the U.S. justice system and the Mexican government and said, "There is a God who makes us all pay."

Uncle Alberto talks about God making someone pay but he's not referring to his nephew who raped and murdered a girl, he's talking about the justice system that held his nephew accountable.

So the rapist/murderer shouts "viva Mexico," the Mexicans burn the American flag and the whole time Obama was worried that we would offend our great neighbors to the south.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Because I would hate to see a criminal enterprise crumble

Oregon businesses join with unusual allies to press for comprehensive immigration reform
With Congress edging back into the battle over immigration reform, the leading House proposal is drawing opposition from a surprising place - Oregon businesses.

One of the leaders, Jeff Stone, executive director of the Oregon Association of Nurseries, calls the legislation introduced by House Judiciary Committee chairman Lamar Smith, R-Tex., "a recipe for disaster, not only for agriculture but for the national economy."

"In the worst case," he says, "you could see some Oregon operations crumble."

Smith's proposal would require all employers to use a federal database known as E-Verify to confirm that a prospective worker is legal. Currently, 250,000 businesses use E-Verify on a voluntary basis. That number would jump to 6 million if it became mandatory.

In unrelated news several local area bars and liquor stores are protesting a law requiring them to ask for ID when a patron looks under the age of 21. "This will cost us money" said the owner of one tavern.

Also, gun shops and sporting goods stores have now decided to treat form 4473 as a mere formality. "Sure we have someone fill it out, but we can't actually be bothered to verify if the information is accurate" was the response of most gun stores. An industry advocate said "Our business model requires that we sell firearms to felons and those prohibited by law, when we ignore the rules we make more money."

In news related to the economy it seems that local business have taken to pirating software on a mass scale. "I would estimate that 70% of our business software is undocumented" said one local office who wished to remain anonymous. It seems that companies have figured out that if they break the law it can only strengthen the bottom line.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Go drive drunk on their roads

An Illegal Alien's Guide to the Top Five Best Places to Live In America
When “relocating” to the United States, it’s best to avoid states that have selfishly put the interests of their legal residents ahead of yours with laws that hinder your access to jobs and benefits. But many attractive destinations remain, endorsed by millions of illegal aliens already living in each.

1. California
2. Montgomery Country, Maryland
3. Washington State
4. Chicago - All of Illinois too!
5. New Haven, Connecticut

Final Tip

Given that the citizens of these destinations keep voting for politicians who enact policies that welcome illegal immigration, we’re certain they’ll be pleased by your arrival.

Valid reasons for the top five selection are spelled out in the article. We can only hope that somewhere a Spanish version of this list exists so that maybe Oregon will experience fewer drug crimes, have fewer jobs stolen and fewer wastes of taxpayer money.