Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Clean up the neighborhood

Report: Some illegal immigrants prepare to flee Alabama ahead of new law
Illegal immigrants in Alabama are selling off household items such as microwaves and sofas in preparation to leave the state if a tough new law goes into effect Sept. 1.

The Birmingham News' David White collects anecdotal evidence that some of the estimated 120,000 unauthorized immigrants in the state are considering leaving or have already left because they worry they would be arrested and deported under the new law.

Can you imagine any mayor/governor not holding a press conference if criminals left their jurisdiction in droves? If there was evidence that sex offenders were fleeing the state the headlines would be crying victory. If meth users wanted outside of city limits due to tough new laws there would be cheers at city hall.

But because these are politically popular criminals we get sob stories from the media.

Getting criminal aliens to self deport at no cost to the taxpayer is so easy even a politician can do it.


Anonymous said...

Please!! Don't you know that Democrat voters are NOT criminals? These poor people are "undocumented travelers" (who happen to vote for Democrats when La Raza supplies the ballots.

Anonymous said...

Just as a heads up, most illegal aliens are not criminals according to the law.

Bruce the Barber said...

GOOD....That is one state I am looking at to move to. Hopefully by the time I get there, all the illegals will have left. I wonder what it is like to live in a state where the Governor actually has some balls, and is not afraid to "swing them" when necessary.

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed in you Miglavs: You're passing up a grand opportunity to be making your pithy comments on the "rule of law" story of the moment: the debacle surrounding phone hacking in Britain. I mean, it's taken down the head of Scotland Yard for crying out loud. Not only could you rag on foreigners, but you could bitch about the media at the same time. This is golden!

Oh, wait. That's Rupert "FOX News" Murdoch's outfit, isn't it?

Never mind, I understand completely. Back to "sob stories" about illegal immigrants selling microwave ovens.

Anonymous said...

WOW! The people of America finally getting what they have been asking for the last decade or so.

First Arizona, then Georgia and now AL. !!!!

Only bad thing? They will come here to Oregon to suck on our government teet and are a big part of the Democrat plan to destroy even further what's left of OUR economy.

As I've said here for many years...

Amazing what a Republican majority in AZ, GA & AL. can accomplish.

FIRE the DEMOCRATS in 2012!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:25, in what other countries has the construction of the sort of wall you envision ever solved the "problem" of immigration?

Anonymous said...

@4:47 Germany?

Anonymous said...

What a dummy!! There is no "FOX news in England!! I guess they didn't cover that on Spanish language TV!!

DAVE01 said...

ANON 4:47 PM
Israel. A wall has protected their women and children quite well. Don't you remember a few years ago when Israel had Pali terrorists committing almost daily murders? Now the Palis' shoot rockets over a WALL. In fact, walls and fences work so well our White House has one.

In fact, walls and fences work so well, other countries are building them. Here's a list of walls and fences being currently built. I knew of some of them but learned there are more being built than I thought. You need to calls those countries and tell them they are wasting their money. You should tell them that walls and fences won't solve their problems.

Again, everyone gets a wall but America.

DAVE01 said...

Oops, I forgot the list. Here it is:


Anonymous said...

Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave. You're forgetting (or choosing to omit)the obvious. The SPECTACULARLY obvious. Try again.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me. I see that North Korea is on the list. And you're right. They really HAVE solved the problem, haven't they?

Wanna live there?

DAVE01 said...

ANON 11:41 AM
What is the obvious? I won't try to figure out what a commies thinks is obvious. What might be obvious is that liberals/ democrats/progressives are American haters and traitors to this country. Is that the obvious thing you are talking about?

ANON 11:44 AM
Of course North Korea is on the list. South Korea has built a wall to keep North Korean troops out of their country. Do you even read and comprehend English? How many N Koreans troops have snuck into S Korea in let's say the last decade? We have thousands a day sneaking or overstaying visas.

China is building a wall to keep them out too. You better call the chinese and tell them that walls don't work. I would love to see their reaction to you telling them that fences and walls don't work. Lol, that would be hilarious.

DAVE01 said...

I just read the Hugo Chavez has is terminally ill with cancer and has 18 months to live. I know that bums all you commie lovers out there. I say woo hoo and good riddance to another dirt bag.

Anonymous said...

Dave, justa quick question: If you want hamburgers for dinner and your wife/girlfriend/mother (whichever is appropriate) says they want hot dogs, does that make them a communist?

Because honestly, that really is how you seem to think. Excuse me. I mean, "think."

Anonymous said...

"Israel. A wall has protected their women and children quite well."

Dave, for your sake, I recommend you don't use Israel as an example.

"How many N Koreans troops have snuck into S Korea in let's say the last decade?"

It's happened once or twice.

Besides, Dave, how would a wall solve our immigration problems when many simply overstay their visas?

DAVE01 said...

Hot dogs are American, not communist. I call my girlfriend a commie all the time.

The democrat/progressives these days are socialists which is halfway to communism.

All statists are bad in my opinion. Whenever you give a person or a group of people massive power, they will abuse their power.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 4:13 PM
Your first link didn't work. Why not use Israel as an example? I also gave a bunch of other examples. I

You are correct on the visa problem. If I remember correctly, the 911 commission recommended that we implement an exit visa program to know who did and didn't leave our country. I think the visa overstayers are about 40% or so of the criminal aliens.

We have to stop the new border jumpers at the border. That will give us time to start to get rid of the other border jumpers and the visa overstayers.

We gotta start someplace.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the first link. My bad.

Why not use Israel? Maybe because the government of Israel treats the Palestinians like crap.

Regardless, a wall is not a viable solution to immigration problems. Much like gun control legislation, a 20 foot wall will only provide illegal immigrants an incentive to use a 21 foot ladder. And how much will this wall cost the American taxpayer?

Anonymous said...

I call my girlfriend a commie all the time...

I'm sure those are (ahem) very enlightening discussions.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 4:34 PM
With your statement on how the Israeli's treat the Pali's, I can see that you are bigoted and racist against the Jews. I put the blame on both of them. The Jews treat the Pali's a lot better than the Pali's treat the Jews. It still doesn't matter. Their fences works and works quite well. That was their goal.

A wall is the most viable option. People keeps screaming that it does not work. If they don't work, why in the hell are countries building them? Why is there one around the White House?

The cost for the fence if I remember correctly was about $2.5 billion per year to build and maintain. That is the most viable and cheapest solution out there. I don't understand why everyone worries about the cost. The cost to educate the criminal alien children is a little more than that. Probably in the hundred billion range.

There are about 34,000 mexicans in our federal run prisons. In 2006, it cost about $22,650 a year to incarcerate them. At that rate, that's about $770 million dollars. That's about one third of the cost of building and maintaing the fence.

How can we not afford to build the fence? If we could just keep the mexicans out with a fence, we would pay for a third of it.

Since you think fences don't work, why don't you call the White House and tell them to tear down their fence since it costs too much and somebody will just use a ladder one foot taller. Here's the phone number. 202-456-1111 In addition, you could drive down the road and tell all the people with fences that they don't work and are too expensive.

Anonymous said...

This will be broken up into parts.

Well, Dave, now that you've chided me for being a bigot and a racist, I don't mind pointing out your own glaring gaps in logic or the areas where you've put your foot in your mouth.

"... I can see that you are bigoted and racist against the Jews."

Because I said Israel treats Palestinians like crap? That's quite the reach. So let's do something that's not quite a reach. Recognize any of these comments?

"If they only speak spanish, they are probably criminal aliens and I don't want to catch some disease from them."

"We allowed too much immigration from third world latin countries."

"No esse, you better pack your burritos to travel."

"That way, the poor mexicans won't be forced to rape young girls, it will be just called sex. That's a cultural thing that we need to change for diversity."

You make this too easy, my friend. If I were you, I'd quiet down about racism and bigotry because you make your feelings about Mexican people pretty well known.

Anonymous said...

Being critical of the Israeli government and its policies is not anti-Semitic, and to claim that it is only reveals a SPECTACULAR ignorance of what true bigotry really is. Israel is a country. Judaism is a religion. Figure it out, Dave.

Anonymous said...

"The Jews treat the Pali's a lot better than the Pali's treat the Jews."

Really? From 2000-2005, 125 Isreali childeren were killed verses 1467 Palestinian children. Yeah, those Israelis sure know how to treat Palestinian kids better. Or perhaps locking an entire Palestinian family in a single room in their house, then using their house as an Israeli base shows that the Israeli's treat Palestinians better.

"If they don't work, why in the hell are countries building them?"

Think back to the 1950's. "If communism doesn't work, then why is one of the world's largest superpowers communist?" Do you see the problem with that logic? I mean, I hate to sound like your mother, but that old adage about jumping off a bridge because your friends are doing it comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

"The cost for the fence if I remember correctly was about $2.5 billion per year to build and maintain."

So you don't know? Maybe you can point me somewhere on the Internet that does know.

"I don't understand why everyone worries about the cost."

Do the words "Poor economy" mean anything to you? I think it's viable to be concerned about the cost of a wall.

"The cost to educate the criminal alien children is a little more than that. Probably in the hundred billion range."

A) Not criminal. Just in case you missed the second comment on this post, most illegal aliens are not criminals according to the law.

B) Where do you get off calling children, who, in most cases, have no say in coming to America, criminals?

C) If their parents have a job/own property, they pay taxes just like we do, whether they're illegal or not. What's more, they cannot withdraw certain benefits because they have no social security number.

D) So you have no idea how much it costs to educate them? You admit to as much as pulling figures out of your ass. So let me tell you what I do know: total government spending in 2008 for education was $596.6 billion. The population of illegal immigrants in 2008 was 11 million. So, if we do some basic math, we learn that illegal immigrants comprise 3 percent of our population. So how is it that 3 percent of the population takes up a fifth of the education budget? Even if you argue that illegal immigrant families have more children than families of citizens do, that's still one hell of a stretch.

The more you argue, Dave, the more clear it is you really don't understand any of the facts or issues surrounding illegal immigration.

Anonymous said...

I've gotta call bullshit on you, Anon 11:46. Immigration is only one of the things Dave doesn't understand. He's an idiot about lots of issues.

I'm just saying.

Anonymous said...

I am the person who wrote BUILD that wall and...

Waaay back in 2006 Pres. Bush signed a bill approved by both houses of Congress.
This was to build over 750 miles of double layer 40 ft. high walls, just like the effective ones in Isreal that have stopped the daily suicide bombings.

California is almost complete BUT the Pres. Hussein Obama gang has stopped building it because they need more Democrat/Leaches/Entitlement voters in America.

It is a FACT that the Drug Gang War in northern Mexico amped up after some of the wall/fence was built in AZ and thier routes to export Heroin/Meth/Crack/Child SEX slaves, have narrowed via less paths to travel.

AZ has just put a Website to raise funds too finish the wall (voted in by thier legislature and signed by the Gov.) They will finish what Obama refuses to do - secure our Nation from invasion.

A 20 ft. fence and a 21 ft. ladder?

We are not all Stupid Democrats brain washed by 21st century slave owner - Pelosi in here dummie, your argument is insulting.
I want too see you carry a 21ft. ladder (& water/food and a 60lb. bale of black tar heroin) for 3 days in the desert!

CA. alone wastes over $1 Billion/yr. on health care for illegals not counting the millions of Anchor Babies there and another $1 Billion/yr. on jailing them.

A few Billion(?)-(the usual over exagerated gov't funded program) for a wall is well worth it and those hundreds of Illegals in those detention centers in AZ & TX could build it for nothing!

Luv Mexicans, Hate MEX. Gov't said...

Oh I forgot about your part D - Education.

Over 5 million in English as a second language (usdoe)nationwide @ $13,000 p/yr = $65 Billion!

Not including National Council of LA RAZA new fact that ONE in TWO Latino kids are on Medicaid!

Build that WALL it is a LAW and ENFORCE immigration law(s)!
The leaches will go home and stop being cowards and fix Mexico's problems.

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI for all the Miglavian-watchers. I found a photograph online of Dave. Here he is!

Anonymous said...

1:10 and 1:17 (aka Love Mexicans, hate mexican govt)

You care to provide any links to support what you're saying?

Anonymous said...

I am sure dave is much more bald and wearing a white sheet.

DAVE01 said...

For all you anons, the above anon said, there is the cost of educating the children of the criminal aliens. $65 billion a year. My fifth grade math tells me that is a little more than $2.5 billion a year to build and maintain our fence.

You say "poor economy" is a reason not build the wall. You seem to be concerned about spending $2.5 billion a year but you are not concerned about spending $65 billion a year to educate the children of the criminal aliens. We can afford to spend $65 billion a year to educate the children of the leeches but we can't spend $2.5 billion to build a wall. What kind of idiot twisted logic is that?

Actually, most of the criminal aliens are criminals. If they are working illegally, they are criminals, using somebody elses SSN is a felony. Working and not paying taxes is a felony. Haven't we been over this many times before? If they have been tossed out of the country once and came back, that is a felony. In conclusion they are all criminals who are stealing something.

Once they are of age and realize that they are here illegally, they need to self deport to their home country. The last time I checked, those two pieces of garbage who did the murdering in Columbine were children when they committed those murders. I think that is the reason why we have McClaren. It's for children who are criminals.

Most of them don't pay the taxes. It's the Earned Income Credit and other bullshit loopholes. They also claim many exemptions. They know how to game the system.

We need to look at the number of ESL students. We should actually mandate an investigation of how many children of illegals are here. I don't care if it is one kid in our schools who is an illegal. That is one kid who is stealing resources from an American child.

By the way, I up the fence to over 40 ft. Now let's see some mexican carry a 41 ft ladder, food, water and a fifty pound bag of dope walking for days in the desert.

Anonymous said...

Dave, self deporting is the stupidest thing I've heard you say on here. Everyone knows you wouldn't self deport, especially if you didn't speak the language of your home country.

DAVE01 said...

They are self deporting out of Arizona, Alabama, Georgia and other states that have enacted get tough on criminal aliens. They are even going to count the children in the schools in Alabama.

Some politicians take their oath and obligations to protect their citizens and state seriously. Some want the criminal aliens for cheap labor or votes.

Your statement is lacking on facts and the truth.

If you dry up all the jobs, social services and all other benefits for them and their children, they will leave. If you couldn't get a jobs or social benefits, would you stay here or go home?

DAVE01 said...

One last comment. You must have missed all the sob stories of the criminal aliens self deporting from those states where good laws were enacted against criminal aliens.

They are and will self deport.

Anonymous said...

If we simply make it illegal to deduct the wages of illegal aliens from state and federal taxes, employers will stop hiring illegals and most of them will self deport.

I.C.E. needs to ramp up enforcement of our immigration laws, too.