Wednesday, July 13, 2011

As long as they rape in a culturally competent way

Oregon to close youth sex offender cottages at MacLaren
State officials plan to close the three closely guarded cottages that house sex offenders at MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility in Woodburn, The Oregonian has learned.

Plans call for transferring about 75 convicted sex offenders into other "close custody" units elsewhere in Oregon or, potentially, into less secure halfway houses run by private nonprofits.

The closures, set to occur by Oct. 1, are the result of state budget cuts approved by the Legislature.

Of coarse the ONLY solution is to release sex offenders on the public. There is NOTHING else that the Youth Authority could do. It's not like they have ever made a claim like this:

OYA is the only juvenile justice agency in the nation with an Office of Minority Services.

Sometimes being the "only one" to do something means that you are doing it wrong. But hey, if someone needs to get raped so that the OYA can keep
Lily E. Caceres, Minority Services Hispanic Coordinator on the job then so be it.

But these are great priorities, it's not as if their class on Cultural Competencies & Overview of OMS services
is 4 hours long while the class on Contraband is a measly hour.

You know what else is more important than locking up rapists? Providing no charge tattoo removal! And of coarse you can't have a tattoo removal program without a Tattoo Removal

This is just me spending 10 minutes on the OYA website. A public records request for the working job titles of everyone in this department and then doing a search for the terms "diversity" and "multicultural" would only show how much more of this nonsense exists.


Anonymous said...

This is just me spending 10 minutes on the OYA website...

Another exciting evening at Daniel's house.

Anonymous said...


OYA MONEY IS GENERAL FUND,THE FING PEOPLE IN SALEM....98 PERCENT DEMORATS....ROLLED THE DICE TO SAVE THESE JOBS AND STAY IN POWER,,,,All caps because I'm PISSED, I know why they did it......MARY NOLAN...running for PDX council last carried the bill, and had it, just before they quit.

We do not need her anywhere near PDX CITY HALL.

Anonymous said...

Of course government jobs are more important than protecting our children. The children won't be able to vote for several years. An added bonus for the goverment is when the sex offenders rape again. This will produce repeat customers for some type of state help. Kitzhaber and the democRATS call this a win-win.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 8:56 PM
Somebody needs to point out the waste and corruption in this government. I don't see you doing it.

idiot Miglavian said...


FP said...

"Another exciting evening at Daniel's house."

'Cause we all know that ten minutes constitutes an entire evening.

Anonymous said...

And after that ten minutes was up, what did you and Miglavs do then, FP?

Anonymous said...

Letting Rapists loose on the streets and still the Democrats in here find reasons why that is OK!?

That is disgusting and horrible and unfortunately, expected from the bleeding heart Democrats in Oregon.

But hey the masters of the Democrats - SEIU, obviously want it that way. They have proven again with this they will use KIDs as pawns for their agenda, no matter who suffers.

Only Democrats would defend Rapists.

Anonymous said...

Who here, exactly, is, in your words, actually "defending" rapists? Please quote the exact words that constitute this alleged "defense" of rapists.

Anonymous said...

FP finally comes in from the cold after fleeing the scene of this discussion. Still have nothing to say, I see. Some things never change.

Robin said...

Daniel, tried to E-mail you..

State of Oregon job Announcement:

Public Service Representative 4 (Spanish Implementation Coo)

Salary - $2,472.00 - $3,385.00 Monthly


This position assists in the implementation of Spanish language election materials. This includes outreach to affected communities and the development of strategies to identify and serve voters who need election materials in the Spanish language.

Develop and implement voter education programs with an emphasis on the state’s Hispanic communities.

Form partnerships with leaders and attend events in the ethnic/cultural communities.


DAVE01 said...

Robin, I tried to click on the link and it didn't work. So much for the requirement to read, write and speak English for US citizenship requirements. I guess when the mexican terrorist gangs start beheadings in our state, our treasonous leaders might understand that

Anonymous said...

Because when you do voter outreach to Spanish-speaking communities, the next logical step is beheadings by "Mexican terrorist gangs."

Welcome to Miglavia.

Robin said...

trying again


Anonymous said...

The "OREGON HISTORICAL SOCIETY",in the last hours of the Oregon session recieved 2.5 millon dollars to keep the doors open...WHERE DID THAT MONEY COME FROM??? THE OYA BUDGET.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 1:18 PM
When you do voter outreach to spanish speaking communities, you are committing treason.
People who only speak spanish cannot vote in this state and country. If they are voting, they are committing additional felonies. Such wonderful people who only want to follow the law, after committing several felonies.

We should probably change the voting laws that they don't want to follow because it's racist. Hell, why don't we go additional steps and lower the consent age for sex because the older ages are racist against mexicans. That way, the poor mexicans won't be forced to rape young girls, it will be just called sex. That's a cultural thing that we need to change for diversity.

Why don't you put your money (life) where your mouth is. Why don't you head down to the border since it's so safe and do some camping out there. I'm sure the locals and ranchers can head you to a wonderful are (make sure your affairs are in order and your will is made out) so you can experience the wonderful culture that does not stop at the border that the wonderful mexicans export to our country.

Tear all fences and walls right now. They are racist. Why should the white house have a fence and wall when my country does not?

Anonymous said...

Well Dave, if you knew anything about U.S. population demographics and the accompanying social realities (and you obviously don't) you would know that the vast majority of Latinos in this country are U.S. citizens, and many of them (and I know you don't like this, but that's your problem) are raised in homes where Spanish is the dominant language. So I guess what you need to do, Dave, is to show me the law that specifically requires that you speak English in order to vote in this country. Cite its exact source in the federal code, and link to it so we can all read it.

Happy hunting!

DAVE01 said...

I'm assuming you are calling the anchor babies American citizens? Anchor babies are not citizens.

How do they get through a US school and graduate without learning English? I'm not talking about ebonics.

By the way, where is your proof that the VAST MAJORITY OF LATINOS IN THIS COUNTRY ARE CITIZENS. I would say the vast majority are criminal aliens. If I remember correctly, some years ago Mexico even admitted that their citizens here outnumber the legal mexican-Americans.

Since you are the expert, enlighten me with some proof.

Anonymous said...

So then, you can't find it?

Anonymous said...

"I'm assuming you are calling the anchor babies American citizens? Anchor babies are not citizens."

Actually, yes they are because the law says they are. Whatever happened to "rule of law?"

DAVE01 said...

ANON 2:52 PM
Are you a constitutional lawyer?

Anonymous said...

Dave, I don't see why it matters. "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside."

DAVE01 said...

ANON 4:02 PM
It matters. When you say it's the law and the law says they are. Well, the law also says the rights of the citizens to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The rights of Americans in DC and Chicago were definitely infringed.

If they are here illegally, are they subject to the jurisdiction of the US? I would say no. Where is their allegiance? As we have seen, it's not to the US. Most of the illegals are from mexico and we see where their loyalty lies.

You need to read who wrote the amendment and read what they wrote. Common sense will tell you that they didn't make it so everyone on the planet who dropped a baby here was automatically a citizen.

DAVE01 said...

Actually, you are wrong. The child of an ambassador is not a citizen if they are born here.

That's why I asked if you (I'm assuming it was you, it's tough with all the anons) were a constitutional lawyer.

Anonymous said...

It is something that will have to be settled at the supreme court level.

Anonymous said...

"Rule of law" is a Miglavian term, actually. In Miglavia, it means, "Enforcement of whatever laws I think are important, in whatever way I choose to interpret them, is absolute ... unless I change my mind."

For example: Dave has decided that when you do voter outreach to Spanish-speaking communities, "you are committing treason."

Now, of course this isn't treason, but Dave assumes (wrongly) that if you speak Spanish, then you are an "illegal alien." Of course, even if you were doing voter outreach exclusively and even expressly for illegal immigrants, you still would not be anywhere in the vicinity of "treason" as it is described in the federal code, but as far as Dave is concerned, there's an electrical chair somewhere with your name on it, because you're guilty. (Note: In Miglavia, you are presumed guilty until proven innocent).

Welcome to Miglavia!

Anonymous said...

I'm wrong about "anchor babies?" We're not talking about the children of ambassadors. We're talking about "anchor babies," right?

Because, if we are, then 100 years of legal precedent agrees with me. And when we talk about laws or the interpretation of laws, we refer to legal precedent to give us clarification.

I've read the law, hundreds of judges have read the law, and they tend to side with me.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:46, it's a valiant effort, but you're arguing with people who live in an alternate universe where they make their own reality. Global warming doesn't exist there, the ice caps are as big as they've ever been, and Obama is a socialist Muslim from anywhere but Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

That's ok 6:52. I always love watching posters engage in mental gymnastics to avoid fact.

Anonymous said...

Just as some additional food for thought, Dave, here is what "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof" means. The only exceptions are as follows:
(1)Those born to foreign rulers or diplomats

(2)Those born on foreign public ships

(3)Those born to enemy forces engaged in hostile occupation of the country's territory.

Anonymous said...

Just infuriates me that there seems to be endless positions for illegal catering! My boyfriend is currently seeking employment and on the unemployment site there is a spanish only option. Why the hell would a "legal" person seeking employment need only spanish. You know, they are just taking jobs Americans need in our current economic crisis. B.S.!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:09, back away from the crack pipe! Really? Dave, I could not agree with you more!!!