Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I know that I'm proud

In the "nothing better to do" category we have Governor Kitzhaber declaring June to be "pride month."


I know that the genderqueer provide me with endless inspiration! Join Dr. K in this observance!


Kaelri said...

As a matter of fact, I will.

Anonymous said...

And in yet another "nothing better to do" category, Miglavs comments on it.

Anonymous said...

We all know he is a bigot. No surprose here.

Anonymous said...

Nothing quite like an asshole who is proud to be an asshole.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Oregon is a failed state. We keep electing clowns like this. We need more people like Governor Perry. One third of the new jobs have been created in Texas. This country is doomed. The dems and a lot of repubs have destroyed this country.

All the dems can do is steal our future so the unions can be rewarded. After more private jobs are either destroyed or stopped from being created, where will the unions get their next pay raise? They will kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

Bruce the Barber said...

Daniel, I'm surprised. You're not insinuating you own a pink and chartreuse camouflage hunting outfit with matching pink and chartreuse 30 ought? Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,....Just havin some fun, Danny. I'm always behind your views. I also have a blog going.

Kaelri said...

Being gay is actually different from being a hippie in the late 60s. Just so you're aware.

DAVE01 said...

Here's a prime example of the problem with the unions and government sleeping together.

Cook county tax payers owe $108 billion dollars. The average chicago househould owe $63,525 to cover local government debt.


Isn't that the same town the president is from? Didn't he bring some of the folks from Chicago to DC? That is so funny. People vote for politicians who have totally fucked up a chicago and expect different results. Liberals should be declared insane and locked up for my safety.

Isn't the secretary of education the same clown who ran the schools in Chicago where they breed gang bangers who don't need no stinking education. This country is doomed by liberalism and democrats.

Gays make me Uncomfortable said...

Sooooo, you are a Bigot or Asshole if you do not think the Gov. of a economically damaged state should be wasting our money/time/staff to publish a note for the seriously mentally and physically diseased of our state?

Is this really what you all want for the CHILDREN?!

Kids look at the CEO of our state as an example of leadership?

Instead of leading this state out of a depression he is telling boys too suck dicks and have a dick shoved into your Ass is OK?!

Instead of telling the Gov't Unions that the people can no longer fully pay for your gold plated benefits package as we will go Bankrupt otherwise, he wants kids to go to a disgusting Parade too watch men(?) wearing G-strings dry hump other men?!

The Gov. should be a leader and help solve our economic woes, not be out there promoting disease spreading and life destroying optional "lifestyles"!

AND he could issue an Executive Order to B.O.L.I. to use E-Verify on every company here and free up over 150,000 JOBs presently stolen away by criminals from foreign countries.

BUT he is a Democrat and obviously wants all of us dependent on Gov't too survive, obviously.

Kaelri said...

@Gays make me Uncomfortable: First, I doubt it took a lot of money, time or staff to slap a Word document into a PDF template. It probably took less time to write than your comment about it.

Second, the proclamation makes no mention of the mentally or physically diseased. It's been 38 years since the American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality as a disorder. Continuing to believe that gay people are diseased is the medical equivalent of believing that plague is cured by animal sacrifice.

Third, the proclamation does not instruct or even suggest homosexual relations as a course of action for those who are not already so inclined. Rather, it supports the view that those who are inclined shouldn't be demeaned, harassed or discriminated against, as in e.g. calling it "disgusting" and "life destroying" to seek committed and supportive relationships with the person one loves.

Fourth, the proclamation makes no mention of a parade. You should be aware that participants of the kind you describe represent a vanishingly small portion of overall participants, who themselves represent a small portion of the overall LGBT demographic. Nonetheless, since attendance at such events is not compulsory, I recommend that you simply stay home.

Fifth, STDs are also transferred by heterosexual relations. If you weren't aware of this, I strongly urge you to schedule a doctor's appointment to arrange relevant testing.

DAVE01 said...

Daniel, if you love that about the governor, you'll love this about the ATF.

They are hosting their first gay pride observance day.


Let me get this right, they supply high powered assault weapons to mexican narco terrorist gangs who use those guns to murder American LEO and probably many American citizens. They also use those guns to murder at least 150 mexican citizens, military, LEO's and government employees and they are holding a gay pride observance day.

How funny. Don't forget Moochelle is in Africa discovering her roots or something like that. Another multi-million dollar vacation on our dime. She probably spends more than any other royalty on the planet.

Gays make me uncomfortable said...


First, I don't care how much it cost me/us for this far left Gov. letter to be produced. Any of our monies wasted on this Big Brother order of how I shall treat sicko's is not the Gov.'s job, turning this depression around IS!

Second, I don't care of what a handful of Gay doctors in San Fran sicko claim about their mental disorder. I know Gay people that are depressed, mad, angry, confused, drug and booze addicted to hide their shame from themselves and know they have a serious mental disorder and wish it would go away. They understand why their Parents are pissed that their child will not have a normal life without HELP - not support to stay sick but too cure the disorder. Dr.s get paid more to "treat" the sick for years than too cure them, so they'll never really help them.

Third, I will not publicly harass Gay people, which is a real challenge cause they are sick and they know it. But privately I have Free Speech rights and Gay people and their "Demands" offend me and make me uncomfortable. Tough shit as Names will not hurt anyone just sticks and stones. And KIDs should never be involved with these creatures.

Fourth, You are correct, Gov. did not mention Parade! But I may go too see Mayor Sam Adams wearing a thong and dry humping an 18 yr. old Boy.

Fifth, Yes normal people get STD's. BUT the C.D.C. reports that Gay Men are the majority of AIDS & other STD carriers in the U.S. and they have a much higher mortality rate when they have aids compared too the few normal people that have it. I do not know if that is punishment from God or their filthy disgusting Sex Acts that cause that.

Thanks for the discussion, it has been fun :)

Kaelri said...

@Gays make me uncomfortable: I strongly doubt that Oregon's economic performance will in any way hinge on the half of a lunch break spent by some intern spent typing this document. That said, if anything, I suspect that ending the arbitrary and destructive exclusion of at least 1 in 20 people from polite society can only be a boon to American prosperity.

The APA is not a "handful of doctors," and they are based neither in San Francisco, nor in the fictional location of "San Fran sicko," which does not, to my knowledge, exist. (If you'd like to defend your childish and utterly unpersuasive pun on the name of a well-known American city, I'll ask that you give me a moment to put my drink down, because I'm probably going to laugh and I don't feel like spitting ginger ale all over my keyboard. That really kills the mirth.)

I know people who are depressed, mad, angry, confused, drug- and booze-addicted for an enormous variety of reasons. I know some of them who feel that way because they're gay, and that's a result, to be blunt, of attitudes like yours. Of not being given the credit and respect of a full human being, and of having to hide an quality of themselves - a quality which in other people is celebrated and embraced - because for some reason, people like you insist not only on visualizing the physical aspects of their relationships, but deciding that they're "disgusting" just because you're not personally attracted to the idea.

The fact is that for a condition to be considered a "disease" or a "disorder," it has to either cause harm to a person, or be otherwise disruptive to their normal functioning. Being gay does neither, period. There is nothing involved in a homosexual relationship that isn't also involved in a heterosexual relationship, in which context it is entirely legal and unconditionally accepted. It's exactly the same stuff - and not just in the physical ways that you like to gross yourself out with, but in the sense of the emotional bond, the personal commitment, and the mutually-supportive family structure in which, if you haven't noticed, gay people all over this country are crusading for the opportunity to partake. Anyone who cares about family values in America ought to be waving a rainbow flag this month.

Anonymous said...

Dave, you said, "Liberals should be declared insane and locked up for my safety."

The scary thing is, I think you really mean it.

It's interesting and insightful that you think people who don't share your own political beliefs, should be in prison. That's the exact same view that Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, and a number of other dictators held. They knew that they couldn't control society solely on the merits of their pathetic political ideals, and so, they simply took everyone who didn't agree with them, and put them in prison.

And yet, you wonder why right-wingers like yourself are sometimes called "fascists"? Well, it's because you say things like this, that indicate you really ARE a fascist.

If you're gonna act the part, don't get mad or act all offended when people call you what you really are.

Anonymous said...

Hey "Gays make me uncomfortable", you are what's known as a troglodyte.

And fortunately, you are a dying breed. Which is good, since people like you (and Dave) are an embarrassment to American ideals.

And right-wingers wonder how come they suffer from a PR problem??? Gee, I wonder why...

Comfortable said...

In my experience, the most deeply repressed and emotionally troubled gays are the ones who howl the loudest about gays being "perverts" and "sick."

I'm just saying.

I'm not trying to pick an argument with you Uncomfortable, but if I'm close to the truth, get help. Seriously. And not from a church that claims it can "change" you. They can't.

Anonymous said...

4:25, here's hoping that Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman is the nominee for the R's, because I want the highest possible level of stupidity on display for the duration of the election so the American public can have a long, good look at what the Trogs are really all about. Actually, a Bachman-Palin ticket would be ideal. Every other day, one or both of them would step in shit up to their eyeballs.

Anonymous said...

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DAVE01 said...

ANON 4:20 PM

Obama's liberal policy of arming mexican gangs to take away 2nd Amendment rights for Americans citizens was dangerous to Brian Terry. He's dead now.

Our governments liberal policy of leaving our borders open and not booting out the criminal aliens get Americans killed everyday.

I would say liberalism is not only dangerous, it is downright deadly. Liberalism will get many Americans killed every year.

I think anyone that continues policies that gets innocent people, especially children killed is insane. What would you call it?

You are calling pol pot and stalin right wingers? I don't think so.

The problem with mao tse tung, pol pot and the rest of the left wing crazies is that they are trying to hurt a certain group of people, I'm trying to protect Americans from doom, death and destruction from an idealogy that is apparently very bad for America as anyone can see if they look outside.

Socialism and fascism are closer to each other than capatilism.

Obama is trying to turn this country more towards socialism. The last century should have proved to any sane, intelligent, logical person that extreme left wing ideas are bad for America, mankind and downright evil. If the hatred and bigotry of left wing ideals are allowed to fester, it will tear this country apart.

Obama has been in power for about two and a half years, has anything gotten better in this country as we march towards socialsim? No! The economic situation is in the shitter, the races problems have grown worse, the governmnet is picking winners and loser. This president is the worst this country has ever seen. I wish we had Carter.

Why would I get mad or offended when somebody calls me a name? I'm not a child and not sensitive like most people are these days, especially when they are wrong.

It just proves to me that you are missing a few cards in the deck. You must be a liberal and are therefore mentally disabled.

FP said...

Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.

Anonymous said...

FP is Miglavia's resident expert on "haughty spirits," his wisdom the natural product of being one.

FP said...

Anon 7:10,

Sigh... so predictable. I thought about cutting you off at the pass, but then I would have unfairly deprived you of your Captain Oblivious moment, and we just can't have that, now can we?

Kaelri said...

I must add that as a New Yorker, I am feeling this pride particularly strongly tonight.

Anon 7:10 said...

As always, FP does "haughty" with a capital "H." Who's predictable?

Bobkatt said...

Come on Kaelri. Lately you've just been calling it in. I guess we're no longer worthy of your analytical comments.

Kaelri said...

Well, in my defense, I did nine paragraphs earlier in this comment thread alone. But I'll try a little harder for you, Bobkatt.

Bobkatt said...

Mia Culpa.

FP said...

Anon 7:10 @ 3:05,

Last I checked, this thread wasn't about your opinion of me.

Anonymous said...

And last time I checked, it wasn't about you getting your Haughty on.

FP said...


Go ahead. Repeat the phrase "FP is haughty" or some variant thereof over and over again. It's a well known fact that young kids have self-soothing mechanisms to deal with stress, like sucking their thumb or holding on to their favorite blanky.


Glad to see that you stand in solidarity with people who are willing to redefine an entire long-standing institution to suit a minority "identity" based on nothing more than what they do with their genitals. Tell me: Do you believe in evolution? You know, the molecules-to-man kind?

Kaelri said...

Yes. Don't you?

Gentle Ben said...

Does that mean that heterosexuality is based on "nothing" more than what they do with their genitals?

Kaelri said...

Careful, let's not get sidetracked. I want to see where he's going with this evolution thing. (Actually, I already know, and I have an answer prepared. But it's still fun to watch.)

Gentle Ben said...

Agreed. FP, you're up.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it looks like FP is out.

Kaelri said...

Yeah. :(

FP said...

Kaelri, since you seem to know where I'm going with this question, then why don't we just cut to the chase, shall we? Let's see your prepared response.

Gentle Ben, you missed a key phrase: minority identity. Heterosexuals (i.e., normal people) don't derive their identity from the antics they engage in genitally.

Gentle Ben said...

None of the gay men and women I know do, either. If you're going to judge the entire homosexual population from the "antics" you see from a select few at, say, a gay pride parade, may I judge the entire heterosexual population based on, say, the nation's $14 billion porn industry? Or what I can watch on, "You Think You Can Dance?"

Kaelri directly answered your question and has treated you (and everyone else on this blog) with nothing but respect, so why not show a little yourself and answer the damn question?

FP said...

Psst... for those of you who actually bothered to click the link from the newer thread, please note: Kaelri still hasn't shared her prepared response.

For [the not so] Gentle Ben:

With all due respect (and really, are you due any?), my beliefs regarding evolution are irrelevant to this discussion. Kaelri seemed to figure out that I was going somewhere with my question... where were you?

Kaelri said...

Well, fine, if you're not going to play...

Usually, when someone brings up evolution in a discussion of homosexuality, it's to make the point that homosexuality is "unnatural" insofar as it does not contribute to the continuation of the species - in other words, if everyone were gay, there would be no pregnancy, and the human race would become extinct. This point of view only makes sense to someone who believes the gay community has an agenda to "promote" their sexual orientation. And those people do exist. Because although this subject has been part of the national dialogue for over forty years, a good many opponents of gay rights still can't get their heads around the idea that a person cannot choose to whom they are attracted. The rate of incidence of LGB orientations remains more or less constant, and cannot be artificially raised (or lowered).

Gentle Ben said...

... my beliefs regarding evolution are irrelevant to this discussion.

You were the one who brought it up, implying that it is in some way (in your opinion, anyway) relevant to this discussion. The fact that he said (to me) that he had a suspicion of where you intended to take the argument does not somehow exempt you from answering a direct question, asked politely and in good faith, that related directly to something you brought up in the first place. And for that matter, you also ducked my question, posed in the 8:33 post.

What's really happened here, FP, is that you have become irrelevant to this discussion. Pretty pathetic for someone who actually seems capable of expressing himself clearly.