Tuesday, June 07, 2011

In-state tuition for illegal aliens will not happen this time

SB 742 is now in the dustbin of this legislative session. The illegal alien proponents gave this everything they had and they still lost.

The sob stories. The poster children. The rallies. It didn't work.

You know why? Because legislators want to keep their jobs and a LAWMAKER who rewards LAWBREAKERS at the expense of voting taxpayers is likely to get voted out of office.


Anonymous said...

It didn't work....

Sort of like a couple centuries of trying to keep "illegal aliens" out hasn't worked?

DAVE01 said...

I'm hoping this is the last of this nonsense of rewarding criminal behavior. With the economy continuing to tank, the last thing we need to do is steal more money from law abiding citizens and reward outright crimes from them and their parents.

The legislature should focus on helping Americans and legal immigrants.

In other news, I read how the law the Georgia enacted is convincing some criminal aliens to hit the road. Just like in Arizona, the laws hasn't even been in force and it's starting to work.

If Ted Kennedy the lion of the senate and traitor to the US hadn't lied in 1986 with that amnesty, we wouldn't be in this situation now.

Again liberals/democrats/progressives fucking this country over.

Anonymous said...

I agree that allowing such a policy would have been a bad idea, and I'm glad it died.

But listening to people like Daniel talk about illegal aliens, you might almost forget that one of the right wing's biggest heros - a man named Ronald Reagan - supported illegal alien amnesity.

Of course, that was back before the conservative movement was taken over by more extremist elements. If Ronald Reagan was running for office today on the policies he actually championed and implemented, he would be summarily branded a "RINO", and would have his name trashed. Ironically, by the very same people who, today, so frequently remind us that he was the last great American President.

Such is the sad state of the modern conservative movement.

Anonymous said...

Reagan signed a bill that allowed illegals already here to become citizens. Part of that bill was that we would tighten the borders and stop future illegal immigration. The politicians reneged on the second half of the law because they believed they could get illegals to vote for them. They could care less that illegals cost taxpayers billions and billions and billions every year. Since that fiasco we now realize that instead of stopping future illegal immigration signing that bill encouraged illegal immigration. If we are stupid enough to do it again it is likely that the next wave of illegal immigration will exceed the 20 million or so we now have. Face it! The Democrats have sold you down the drain for illegal alien votes.

Anonymous said...

It's a global marketplace idiots. You can't expect the world to buy your shit and expect to be able to buy all the world's shit that you don't make or grow and at the same time expect the people who actually make the shit to screw their bottoms to the ground. In a global marketplace (you do support capitalism, don't you?) labor needs to be able to move as easily as capital. Join the 21st century. It's one planet. We're all human. Deal with it.

Hate Slavery, Love U.S. workers said...

Anon 7:53,

We have plenty of mobile labor in this country (over 15 mil. documented unemployed) and import another 1 million + legally.

I just read an article in USA today of the new OIL they are pumping out in southern TX. From a ghost town to trailers and houses and restaurants and stores being put up everywhere.

Americans WILL do hard work, anywhere and anytime, always have.

If Capitalism can only succeed with 21st century slavery, then that is actually Socialism, where we the taxpayer pay Billions for they and their large families too eat, live, get a special education, medical care, etc.

The only way for us to compete and win in this World economy is too do what we are best at - out smart 'em all.

Machines/robots/etc. not with not really cheap to the rest of us 3rd world workers. This worked well for the tomato farmers in CA. after the Bracero/indentured servants program was stopped.

ANON/Democrats -

Entitlements/Gov't programs, both locally and federally have had huge increases in costs/applicants and are UNsustainable. Tens of millions of 3rd worlders coming here have caused this siesmic explosion in services for the working "poor"!

We tried that in the south in the 1800's and it caused huge problems and it is dividing our nation again.

Anonymous said...

How much are illegal aliens/cheap labor costing us?

Drive thru Woodburn between 2:45 & 4pm. This is a high school where 9 of 10 students sucks away an extra$3,000 p/yr. for a decade or more of our money for a so called Bilingual Ed. to get a Diploma in failed Spanish and same # are on the "Free" b-fast and lunch tax payer funded (not Farm Owner) program.

If you are on I-5, take the Woodburn exit, go opposite way from that outlet mall, stay on that same road to the high school. You will see in a huge traffic jam, hundreds & hundreds of kids from Mexico. You will also see them walking over to the "farmworker housing" you pay for across the street (dark brown and dk. green buildings).
Then as you just get thru the congestion, you will come to a very special crosswalk. This is for the customers only of Salud De Medicale.
You will also see in thier Walmart or walking around, Young Mexican girls pushing strollers with 4, 5 and 6 kids!
I would rather pay an American worker $20/hr. and bene's and they take care of their Family on thier own, than too keep expecting GOV't too take care of these people at OUR expense.

THANK YOU to the 4 Democrats that would not go on record supporting in-state tuition for illegals.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 3:34 PM3
Ted kennedy was one of the ones who championed the amnesty. Here's a quote from him:
"“In 1986 Senator Kennedy said, ‘This amnesty will give citizenship to only 1.1 to 1.3 million illegal aliens. We will secure the borders henceforth. We will never again bring forward another amnesty bill like this.’

I wonder how many secrets Ted gave to the Soviet Union. I wonder how long he was a traitor.

More like three million were amnestied and the border has never been secure. It was kennedy who lied to us and has done a lot of damage to this country. He's one of the main causes of our massive immigration since the sixties.

ANON 7:53 PM
You live in a socialist world. You might want to take a look at Europe. Socialism is falling apart faster than communism did. Socialism will fall apart when the politicians run out of other people's money (OPM).

The US is going to help bail out Greece again. Why don't you just send them check directly instead of allowing the politicians to mortgage my grand children's future away? You might just be spewing out shit. Put your money where your mouth is instead of stealing from our children. Socialists are good at stealing money from children instead of spending their own.

DemocRATS are destroying the lives of millions of American children. The children will have to spend the rest of their lives to pay off the debt the democRATS are spending right now. DemocRATS are putting American children into economic slavery. The next step will be to stick some of them into prison or ovens when they get upset because they have to spend the rest of their lives paying off this debt.

DemocRATs, Nazis, communists (commies murdered one hundred million women, men and children last century) are all the same.

Where is general Pinochet when you need him. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:53, you hit the nail on the head.

Conservatives LOVE the free, unfettered movement of capital. They recognize capital as an important production input. But the free, unfettered movement of labor…another important production input? Blasphemy! We can’t just let business owners freely enter into consensual labor agreements with people willing to do the work! That would be un-American! Oh, wait….

The illegal alien issue appeals to right-wingers only on a social and emotional level. It can’t appeal to them on economic grounds, because a truly free-market, capitalism-loving conservative would say that government in a truly free society has no business regulating consensual labor agreements between business owners and workers. It’s ironic how these people bitch and moan about the minimum wage, saying that it is nothing more than government interference in the free labor market, but they want government to control who employers can and can’t hire because that, you see, is not government interference in the free labor market. (Well it is, but intellectual consistency is not something you’re often going to find among this crowd.)

So here again, we have “conservatives” like Daniel loving big, intrusive government…just as long as that government is doing something he likes.

Oh, and for those who say “Americans will do the work”, I got news for ya…repeating a false statement over and over again, doesn’t make it true. The entire reason employers hire suspected illegal aliens is precisely because they can’t find Americans who will do the work they need done! Some say, “But there are 15 million Americans looking for jobs!” Yes, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that these people will go pick crops in a field all day, or do other similar, hard labor. Most of them won’t. Just ask any busy owner who has tried to find such labor. (And on a side note, many Americans who can’t find employment, can’t find it because they don’t have marketable skills. My own company is trying to fill over 40 positions, and we’re having a very hard time finding qualified applicants. Most of these jobs require a college degree, and with the unemployment rate for college-educated workers hovering around 4.5%, it is a tight labor market for SKILLED, EDUCATED labor.)

And for those saying, “But illegals cost us billions!”, I question where you’re getting your info. The most comprehensive study ever done on the subject concluded that the average illegal alien worker contributes far more into “the system” than they’ll ever get out of it. This is because they do pay taxes for benefits they are, as of today, not legally entitled to receive. Fact is, without illegal alien labor, Americas farmers would be up you-know-what creek without a paddle. Crop prices would soar even higher, and then the same people who bitch about illegal labor, would be bitching about food prices.

The illegal alien issue is essentially an economic issue. And trying to fight the economic forces that create a market for that labor, is tantamount to spitting in the wind. Nah, those who object to this labor do so on a social and emotional level. All this is precisely why they have mostly lost the battle thus far, and will continue to lose the war. They can get on board and help set up some constructive parameters for use of this labor, or they can keep kicking and screaming about it while they are shut out of the process. Their choice, of course.

P.S. What Reagan did was called "amnesty". You can sugar-coat it all you want if it helps allieve the cognitive dissonance for you, but he allowed illegals to stay here. If that isn't amnesty, I'd love to here what you call it.

Anonymous said...

Dave, I see you are still engaging in the 3rd grade antic of blaming all of society's ills on Democrats. As if the GOP hasn't had a very significant hand in bankrupting America. People like you are part of the problem. You're so busy pointing fingers, you refuse to see that the Republicans are selling you out every bit as much as any Democrat. The GOP loves rubes like you.

And nice try at blaming Kennedy for amnesty, but I regret to inform you...the law that authorized that amnesty doesn't have Kennedy's signature on it. It has Ronald Reagan's signature on it. I know that's hard for you to wrap your mind around, but ignoring or forgetting that fact...doesn't change it. Here too, people like you refuse to acknowledge any complicity by your own ilk for the issues of the day.

Yup, a real rube.

Bruce said...

They are cutting the funding to each student little by little as more "students" enroll. The community college system is crying for more money...why are we letting hundreds of, "these people who don't even belong here", get away with not paying the higher rate. Bigger question...Why are they even allowed to participate to compete for the available money in scholarships, loans etc., with citizens who were actually born here, and deserve first crack at the available money.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:44 -

Income is taxed on a "progressive" scale greedy bastard and involves many deductions.

Mostly uneducated unskilled low wage illegals, of who put 9 kids on thier W-2, do NOT pay squat in Taxes.

In fact I have a report published in a DC paper, where the IRS admits they can't check all those child S.S.#'s and admitted too paying over $7 Billion to "immigrants" with the E.I.T.C.

They get way more back than any of them pay into the system. AND they have mass quantities of Anchor babies, who DO qualify for food stamps, housing, OHP, ESL, etc. etc.
One, just one Anchor Baby cost us over $13,000/yr. just for ESL, more than most illegals earn in a year. Add in - housing, "free" b-fast and lunch yearound, free too them - Medical, Dental, Vision via OHP, TANF $, Food stamps @ $600 + p/mo. for an illegal family of 4, etc., etc.

Illegals in Oregon can and do file for UNemployment checks also. Decision granted by our Supreme court in the late 90's.

Over 50,000 live in Farmworker housing, nice apt.s & homes, 3-4 bedrooms, washer/dryer/web access, tutoring, etc. etc. included.
Rent is no more than $300/mo. for Immigrant workers only, hello?
Farmer is NOT paying the housing, food, health care and education for thier 21st century slaves, WE ARE!

Credible and accurate University reports prove that fruit & veggies would only go up 3-6% if Farmers hired Americans instead.

PEW research said that bout 26% of Construction workers are illegals. So 3 of 4 are Americans! My family are those americans that will do all of those jobs at an American, not turd world, wage. Same w/ Factories, restaurants, motels, etc.

The multi-Billion $$$ debt in California, in the state with the most ILLEGALS (should be the most prosperous right?), is a poke in your greedy, corrupt eyes.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:20 - As the saying goes, "You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts".

Most Americans think that illegal aliens are a drain on the economy. And they are wrong. If you look at all the data, economists generally agree that immigrants (legal and illegal) provide a net gain for the economy. As I said before, the economics of the issue are not on your side:


This is yet another reason employers hire illegal aliens. Because they know that in fact it does not hurt the economy.

BTW, I find it interesting how you imply that you and your family members are somehow entitled to a certain wage. I got news for ya buddy...you are entitled to no more than any employer is willing to pay you. And if you don't like what an employer will pay you for a particular skill set (like construction), then you go get an education so that you can make a wage more to your liking. That's how free markets work.

It's amazing how conservatives shout about the virtues of free markets, and then whine when the free market tells them that their labor isn't worth what they'd like for it to be worth.

Your post shows that the entitlement mentality is alive and well with conservatives just as much as with anyone else.

Again, the entire illegal alien issue is a social and emotional issue for people like you. America has changed due to the global economy, and with that comes labor mobility...and you don't like it. Mostly because a great number of people like you have low levels of education, and are now directly competing with these illegal aliens for jobs. The smarter among you realize this, and are increasing your market value by acquiring more education. The rest of you are just sitting around complaining that the brown people are taking "your" jobs. (Yes, it would be silly to deny that for many people like you, race plays some part in this.)

Quick...someone call the whambulance!

nostalgiccurmudgeon said...

Alabama enacts anti-illegal-immigration law described as nation's strictest
Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley signs a bill that, among other things, bars illegal immigrants from enrolling in or attending college; prohibits them from applying for or soliciting work; and makes it illegal to rent them property. The ACLU says it will sue to try to overturn the law.
Wouldn't this be nice if we could one day see the word "Oregon" instead of "Alabama", and have the story be about this state. For the whole story go to

Bobkatt said...

I have the advantage to be around when Reagan was president and was not that impressed with him. He had his conservative problems-he believed in covert wars and funding projects that he couldn't talk the American people into with drug money and arms sales. That said, I think he would have eliminated many of the social programs and incentives that attract illegals if he had the chance.
I think he genuinely liked the Mexican people and that America should be a beacon for any immigrants. He was instrumental in bringing down the Berlin wall and I don't think he would have wanted a U.S.-Mexico wall. But I don't think he would agree with 20-30 million people being here illegally though. He was dealing with about 1/10th that number and was told the border would be secured-didn't happen.
Anon-7:53- Yes it is a global marketplace. But how do you compete with 2 dollar a day laborers coming here and displacing native workers? The hardest hit segment of the American working force are those with little education, read Blacks and other minorities.
Ironically the most Pro-Union supporters are also Pro-illegals and most of the unions are trying to keep their wages at an unsustainable level.
Anon-9:44- The free flow of capital is working so well that the major banks and Wall St. boys have just about drained every dime we and the rest of the world have.
The illegal alien issue is a lot more than a financial issue. It is a security issue-throughout all of our history we have screened immigrants for diseases and mental illness. We can't do that now. We also have no idea if those sneaking in have serious criminal records or if they pose a genuine threat to U.S. security. If your first act in the U.S. is to break multiple laws that's not a good sign.

Anon-1:26- I read the link provided and believe it to be skewed at best. First they use the old canard that those of us pro-borders people are also anti-immigrant. There are some pro-border people that are anti-immigrant but it is a cheap tactic to insist that feeling makes up a majority or pro-border people. It's much like saying that everyone who doesn't like Obama's policies are racist.
In my opinion Obama has out-Bushed Bush with his policies and war mongering.
I have seen articles that refute your Newsweek one but don't have them at my fingertips. But, if you look at it logically I don't see how that article makes any sense. They lump legal immigrants in to the pot to insist that they contribute to taxes, which they do. If somehow they are contributing to taxes, are they using stolen or forged IDs? However once again it's not about legal immigrants. They don't mention the costs involved with emergency hospital services that have forced many ERs to close, or illegal parents having babies, how much is that 5-8 grand each, or free education that often requires special accommodations and ESL classes. They don't mention the free services that are encouraged by government employees that we pay for (Matricula cards,etc) . Please don't tell me that they don't ask for and receive special treatment, that is Bullshit. They don't tell you about the millions of dollars wasted on multi-lingual pamphlets, brochures, translators, etc. It's no coincidence that the states with the highest number of illegals and social services are also dealing with the largest budget deficits.
You also state that no one is entitled to more than any employer is willing to pay you. By this I assume you are against unions and the minimum wage.
You state "...brown people are taking "your" jobs."
Finally, I knew the issue would turn to racism eventually,cudos for waiting so long.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 9:44 AM
I picked the berries and my father and his father were builders. I have done some building myself. You are totally confused and lying when you say Americans won't do other hard labor. We need about a million on the farms. We have children who could supply that labor. I know young white adults that do in fact work on farms.

If I remember correctly, about half of the labor force in construction are AMERICANS. The other half are illegals. I guess that half that are Americans must be some fantasy in your mind because you are telling us that they are all illegals.

ANON 9:52 AM
Can you show me a copy of the bill where Reagan wrote it?

It looks like Romano L. Mazzoli was a Democratic representative from Kentucky and Alan K. Simpson was a Republican senator from Wyoming who wrote the bill.

Who is the rube now? YOU!

Anonymous said...

How come you Miglavians get your panties twisted into such a big wad over a bunch of Mexicans picking strawberries anyway?

Anonymous said...

ANON 9:36 AM.
We get our panties twisted in a was because the mexicans steal jobs from children. I guess that's just fine with you. Why don't you get your panties in a wad when children have their jobs stolen?

Why do you hate children?

Anonymous said...

12:01- You want your children to be strawberry pickers? Do you hate your children?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
It's a global marketplace idiots. You can't expect the world to buy your shit and expect to be able to buy all the world's shit that you don't make or grow and at the same time expect the people who actually make the shit to screw their bottoms to the ground. In a global marketplace (you do support capitalism, don't you?) labor needs to be able to move as easily as capital. Join the 21st century. It's one planet. We're all human. Deal with it.

Dear ANON: You think one planet is OK?

A bunch of people in the middle east think so to....THEY DON'T WANT TRADE, THEY WANT YOUR HEAD...idiot!!!

Anonymous said...

ANON 12:34 PM
I want them to learn how to be good workers and productive citizens of this country. Picking berries when you are young is good for the work ethic. Are you an idiot or what?

I don't want them hanging around and turning in to democrats and obama supporters looking for a handout.

Anon 9:36 said...

I knew that would set you guys off. :-)

Anonymous said...

It is only a matter of time before tuition equity passes. There are already so many republicans in the or legislature that support it. Just give it a little time. Racism and bigotry and hatred against immigrants and kids is so out.

Anonymous said...

there are already several universities and community colleges that give in state tuition to undocs and out of staters.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 7:36 PM
If it is tuition equity, will Americans from Washington state be given the same tuition equity? No! It is not tuition equity, it is tuition theft from Americans and making Americans second class citizens in their own country.

It's a racist and bigoted policy because one group of people get preferences over all others. Kinda like the whites only at the drinking fountain. Now it's hispanics only at the drinking fountain.

It takes the democRATS and some republicans to roll back decades of civil rights movements. That's the typical racism and bigotry from the democRATS.

I thought the messiah was going to unite this country. What a joke.

Since most of the immigrants legal and illegal only are concerned about the race or ethnic group, maybe it's time to stop immigration from certain groups. We don't need more KKK and La Raza types in this country. I would think stopping all immigration from countries from south of our border would be a start.

We need equity in immigration.

DAVE01 said...

I would like to add I can't see why the hispanics deserve to be the only ones at the drinking fountain. What did they do to EARN it? They stole their position in line.

We need to equalize the line at the drinking fountain by sending all the illegal hispanics back to the end of the line. That would be in mexico or whatever shithole they came from.

That would be true equity.

Anonymous said...

Anonymouse 1:26 says that the illegals are not a drain on the economy. How goddamn stupid is that? The illegals that are infesting this country are taking jobs from natural born Americans (Anon 1:26, that means American citizens actually born in this country), they are getting free health care at the hospital emergency rooms, they are getting welfare checks and/or welfare debit cards when they do NOT deserve them nor have earned them, they are filling up our ElHi schools with their kids, thereby increasing the work load on the teachers while the school districts don't have enough money to hire additional teachers or the money to build new classrooms for the teachers they can't afford to hire. And don't forget that there are a lot of the illegals here who commit human and property crimes every day. Remember the three nun who were raped and killed in southern Oregon a few years ago? It was illegals who did that. That is but one example. I heard on the radio a couple of days ago that almost 10% of the guys locked up in the Clackamas County jail are illegals.

But there is no drain on our economy. And since that is a fact, according to Anonymkouse 1:26, there is going to be a squadron of Yorkshire pigs flying over the Rose Parade route any time now.

America is the land of opportunity, not the land of the free lunch. And since this is America, Anonymouse 1:26, you are free to be as stupid as you want.


Anonymous said...

Open Border anon says Americans should NOT do construction anymore?

We should all go to College, to fight the invasion of job stealers.

Because we all have the time/money and desire to go to College?

But this post is about ILLEGAL ALIENS getting help to go to Colege not Americans!

Liberals have a serious Mental Disorder.

ps, only TWO Repulicans of 90 legislators supported this bill. All of the Democrats did because they want us all broke and dependent on Government to survive, obviously.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:36, they are not picking strawberries. They are building homes, roofing houses, manicuring large law office lawns, paving roads. I could go on and on. They are now taking higher paying jobs from Americans and have been for quite some time. Sooner than later there will be a war when the American people wont take it anymore and there will be social problems the likes of which this country has never seen. There WILL be a backlash.