Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Tell us that it will create jobs

New Terms in Crack Debate
Attorney General Eric Holder said Wednesday that new reduced penalties for federal crack-cocaine offenses should be applied retroactively, setting up a clash over the potential release of thousands of drug offenders currently in prison.

Speaking at a hearing of the U.S. Sentencing Commission, the body that crafts guidelines used by federal judges, Mr. Holder said the Obama administration believed those sentenced under the older, stricter rules, "who are not considered dangerous drug offenders," should get the benefit of the new standards.

If there is one thing the American people are clamoring for right now it's the urgent release of felons convicted of crack related charges. I personally send a weekly email to my congressman (see example below) to demand this very thing.

And of course I don't consider people convicted of felony drug offenses to be "dangerous drug offenders" because that would just be silly. When I think of crackheads I think of the more "positively contributing to society drug offenders." And let's not forget the dealers! How many jobs does one dealer create?

At this point I think that crack related crimes should not be punished by prison at all but instead the offender could be issued a sternly worded letter. That would teach them!

The only downside to this is that these non drug offending drug offenders may no longer have access to taxpayer funded:

Stationary bicycles
Numerous board games and other indoor activities (cards, chess, etc.)
Current-run movies are shown nightly

Example letter to my Congressman David Wu:

Dear Congressman Wu,

I am writing to ask you to support the urgent release of drug users. As we both know drugs don't cause bizarre behavior at all. Drug users never have erratic behavior which causes concerns for their employees and those around them. They never act desperate or claim that characters from fictional tv shows, such as Star Trek, are in the highest levels of our government. Please consider my request.



Love Latino's, Hate Criminals said...

More proof of Democrat support groups having too LIE to try get results.

E-mail from the nations largest Illegal Alien/Democrat group -Nat'l Council of La Raza (Tan Clan) today-06/02/11...

Recent news reports indicate that Representative Lamar Smith (R–TX), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, wants to introduce a bill that would require employers to electronically check the legal status of their workers using the E-Verify program (approved by the US Supreme Court last week! :) ). The E-Verify program would negatively impact Latino workers (WHY? are they admitting that many Latino's are Criminal ID thieves?) and encumber business growth by placing additional regulatory burdens and costs on businesses (LIARS, E-Verify is FREE, results are in seconds and it's already LAW that all new hires must sign an I-9).

Do you know of U.S. citizens and work-authorized immigrants who have lost their job (per Dept. of Homeland Sec. answer= NO legal worker has ever been fired, with millions checked each year, and there is an appeals process anyhow) or experienced problems getting a job because of E-Verify? (LIARs, LAW is that only a person who has been Hired can be submitted to E-Verify, potential hires are not processed) Do you know of employers who have been delayed or prevented from hiring workers due to inaccurate results from E-Verify? (LIARs Again, NONE is answer here, must be employed 1st and E-Verify is 97.6% accurate) Please send examples to (crickets...).

Now if only Democrats in Oregon would be honest for once, we could mandate this here and open up over 100,000 Jobs that been stolen away via Illegal's.
Of course Democrats here in charge of our Senate have decided to NOT move forward on any of THREE E-Verify bills here!
Of course then Food Stamp and Unemployment numbers would be drastically reduced.
PROOF again that...Democrats want us Dependent on Gov't, not INdependent, so it will not happen this year.
We can all hope/pray/donate/work too change this next year.
For the betterment of all Oregonians.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I never tire of that picture of Wu. Please find a way to work it into every post.

Anonymous said...

Just one question about Shyster General Holder: Why hasn't this embarrassment to the U.S. Justice system been impeached out of office?
He has, with The Komrade Doofus' blessings, violated Constitutional laws to his own ends, has sanctioned pick-and-choose policy of which laws to follow and which ones to ignore, is all for releasing several thousand prisoners before their time is served, Is telling a sovereign state, Texas, that if they attempt to arrest and jail TSA agents for groping and fondling passengers unnecessarily, he will shut down all Texas airports. And the list goes on and on.

The Komrade Doofus is consistently complaining that he "inherited" a messed up government from President Bush. The next president will really have his work cut out for him after The Komrade Doofus is gone from the White House in January, 2013.


Anonymous said...

Daniel, your comment on the release of "crack" offenders, and the softening of those laws, is demonstrative of your complete lack of knowledge and context on the subject.

As you are apparently unaware, back when crack cocaine burst on to the scene, it was treated the same as powered cocaine for sentencing guidelines. As a result, since crack "rocks" weigh substantially more than the powder, perhaps 4 or 5 of these rocks (which might last a user a few hours) were treated the same as a similar weight of cocaine...the same amount of which would keep a LOT of people high for WEEKS.

As a result, people with "personal use" quantities of crack were getting sentenced the same as major distributors of powdered cocaine. Some first-time offenders got sentences like 10 years in prison for possessing a few rocks of crack. (Costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.)

It was simply bad law, and bad public policy enacted under the 1980's "Drug War" hysteria. These most recent efforts are an attempt to add some sanity back into the drug sentencing laws.

It's really comical how allegedly "small government" people like yourself, are in fact HUGE supporters of big, unchecked government when it comes to issues like this. You're a supporter of small government...only until you're not.

As an alleged opponent of government overreach, one might think you would understand why these sentencing laws made no sense, and costs taxpayers huge sums in the form of unnecessary incarceration. But of course, that would assume that you kept up an intellectually consistent framework when it comes to critiquing government.

As you've demonstrated countless times, you're just like the GOP itself in that you only selectively have a problem with big government. As long as you agree with the issue at hand, you have no problems whatsoever with big government.

It's just one of the reasons that it's hard to take you seriously.

Anonymous said...

Just look at his happy ass in that ridiculous suit. I would have more respect for him if he put his small penis online and got caught.

Matttrxk said...

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