Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mark your calendars ladies

According to the Diversity page at taxpayer funded University of Oregon there is going to be a discussion on feminism Friday, Feb 1st @ 3pm.

In case you were wondering how an event could be held at 3pm on a weekday and still get attendance it's because women don't have 9 - 5 jobs. They will however, have to get someone to watch the kids during this and I hope that it doesn't go too long because when hubby gets home a little after 5 o'clock he's going to want his dinner...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Break the law for money

Drug trafficking suspects sentenced
The last of three men caught with a kilo of cocaine last month during a traffic stop on Interstate 5 near Rice Hill was sentenced Tuesday in Douglas County Circuit Court.

Ramirez, the only one of the three Mexican nationals to receive a prison sentence, was ordered to serve 16 months. He also received six months for the possession charge, but that time will run concurrently.

Ramirez’s defense attorney Angela Kuhn said the case was complicated and muddied further by language barriers.

Addressing Seitz in Spanish while entering his plea, Ramirez said he committed the crime because he needed to make money.

In the world of the illegal alien apologists, "needing to make money" is a perfectly good reason to break the law. I know, let's give these guys drivers licenses and some "stimulus checks."

Like the other two men, Ramirez was given probation, but it is unlikely that it will be served because all three men, in the country illegally, are expected to be turned over to immigration officials for likely deportation once their sentences have been served.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The prestigious Bradbury award?

Marketing is a science and advertisers know who their target audience/demographic is when they use advertising money. So when a commerical for "indoor gardening products" is aired at 12am you know who they are shooting for. (hint: it's not folks growing tomatos)

Yes, everything from grow lights to "odor masking products" can be found at AmericanAg. Now which plants is it that smells? Is it carrots or... hippy lettuce?

But the best part of all this is the fact that the company that is clearly targeting marijuana growers has won an award... from Secretary of State Bill Bradbury!!

See their ad here.

Friday, January 25, 2008

TriMet reaches out to criminals

TriMet reaches out to non-English speaking riders
"The agency scores $500K to hire an outreach specialist"

That byline just takes the cake. Half a million tax dollars are simply "scored" by a public agency for garbage.

Gonzalez, who has spent his career promoting educational access for poor and minority students, signed on as TriMet's new limited-English proficiency outreach coordinator in December.

The new position is funded by a $500,000, three-year grant from the Federal Transit Administration established to develop ways to better connect people who speak little English to public transportation. The agency is the first, and only, transit district in the country to receive the grant.

The first and hopefully last.

Gonzalez is past board president and a founder of the Latino Network and a former board president of Centro Cultural.

Perhaps TriMet is anticipating increased ridership due to the "newly arrived residents from Latin America" (their words) inability to get a drivers license. But it is facinating that even in the midst of all the violence on TriMet that is getting the agency so much scrutiny they seem to think that $500,000 is better spent trying to lure criminals onto mass transit rather than hire law enforcement to keep criminals off.

Hat tip Allen for the story.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A challenge to CAUSA

From CAUSAblog's comments section:

All comments are moderated. Comments meant to simply offend others – or that are personal attacks – will either be deleted or the commenter banned from the site. We can disagree with each other and still be respectful. We reserve the right not to post comments from people using fake names and / or e-mail addresses. Be willing to take responsibility for comments you make here.

I posted on their recent story (see parody below) about the new advocacy group to support illegal aliens. I simply said "What makes you think that businesses who hire criminals will make a good PR team?"

I challenge them to post my comment, now and next time. I am not being disrespectful or trying to offend, it's an honest question. I do notice that it is frequently the liberal blogs who disallow the free speech, I'm famously banned from BlueOregon by Kari Chisholm, (who is freqently quoted by the Fishwrapper) while I let all comments stand here.

As always, your insults sustain me.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

RE: the nurseries support for illegal aliens

I used to buy my plants for a high price at nurseries. That is, until I found a cheaper way, and since we all know cheaper is better no matter let me explain:

I simply go to the woods and dig up my own "undocumented plants." I have undocumented trees and shrubs that simply came to my yard for a better life. You see, the soil wasn't as fertile where they were growing so I'm actually helping them.

If I get caught in the act of helping the undocumented plants out of the woods I'll be in trouble but once they are in my yard they simply blend in with the other plants and no one cares. Think of all the money that I'm saving.

Now I know that those nativists from the nurseries have antiquated notions about "laws" and "their plants are better" but I can't see any consequences from this. Actually there were some new spots on the leaves of my current plants and I did notice a ravenous beatle I hadn't seen before but no matter, in the short term I get my plants on the cheap and screw everyone else.

For those that wonder why I wrote this parody here is the story.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Driving home I passed the sign outside my kid's elementary school that said "thank you school board." My first thought: great, I'm getting screwed.

I get home to find out that our brave new schools are passing out pamphlets about taking the Earned Income Tax Credit. Thankfully the brochure had a Spanish section because my English is a little fuzzy.

Here's some math: if the schools get 10% more funding will our children get

A) 10% better education
B) 10% more education
C) 10% more garbage sent home in the form of Spanish pamphlets

Friday, January 18, 2008

The liars had no effect

It would seem that the lying testimony of the illegal aliens supporters was all for not:

New Rules Adopted On Driver Licenses
The Oregon Transportation Commission adopted new rules Thursday regulating the issuance of driver licenses.

Under rules that take effect Feb. 4, applicants must show proof of residence to get an Oregon license. When a customer comes to an Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles office to apply for a first-time, renewal or replacement card, the DMV will electronically verify the Social Security number provided.

Thank you for everyone who wrote/complained/called/etc. Thank you to OFIR. We are starting to remove the rewards for breaking our laws. Let the exodus begin...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Defending the indefensible

It is funny to watch folks try to defend drivers licenses for illegal aliens. (ssssshhhhh, don't call them illegal aliens, call them "immigrants") If you also want to watch the friends of illegal aliens tie themselves in knots trying not to say the word "illegal" no matter what check out CAUSA's new video:

One guy actually says "illegal" and then corrects himself and says "undocumented." This is the same guy who insists that an ITIN is "issued by a federal agency that does security checks" and could be used to ID folks to get a driving priviledge card.

From the IRS:
Are ITINs valid for identification?
No. ITINs are not valid identification outside the tax system. Since ITINs are strictly for tax processing, IRS does not apply the same standards as agencies that provide genuine identity certification.

I know it's hard to believe that folks would lie to protect criminals but there you go...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

No McCamnesty

Romney Wins Michigan GOP Primary
The former Massachusetts governor defeated John McCain, the Arizona senator who was hoping that independents and Democrats would join Republicans to help him repeat his 2000 triumph here. Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor, trailed in third, and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson was waiting for the top three candidates in South Carolina, already campaigning.

McCain wants the democrats to vote for him, Romney was endorsed by Tom Tancredo. Nuff said.

Monday, January 14, 2008

It's funny because they don't get it

Videos (not mine) taken from the "we're criminals and we want things" rally on Friday.

I wholeheartely encourage more public displays by the criminals. Clearly it works in your favor to demonstrate that "out of the shadows" is a myth, that you show loyalty to foreign countries by waving their flags and how you refuse to speak English.

Be out and be proud! March on the capital! There is no chance that this will come back to haunt you at the ballot box. Si se pueda!

And for your viewing amusement here is another video I ran across: (must see)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Criminals worried about being "outlaws"

Hundreds gather to protest driver's license rules
Several hundred people, mostly Latino, are rallying on the Capitol steps in protest of strict new driver's license rules scheduled that will make it harder for illegal immigrants to drive.

Signs in Spanish and in English pleaded against the change, scheduled to start Feb. 4. One large banner read: "Taking our driver license away take our honesty away. We don't want to be outlaws."

I got news for you my illegal amigos: you are already dishonest and you are already outlaws.

You can "not ask" and "demand" all you want, you aren't getting it.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Make every illegal vote count

Every time a newspaper needs a quote in support of illegal aliens they turn to Ramon Ramirez. (of PCUN) So where does Bill Bradbury turn when he needs someone to help him "get out the vote"? Hey, Ramon Ramirez again! (scroll down the page, third from the bottom)

But I'm positive that he wouldn't be trying to register illegal voters. No way. He's all about following all the laws... except for those ones that he doesn't like.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I recommend: stop wasting tax dollars

Recommendations of the Immigrant and Refugee Task Force
Convened by Mayor Tom Potter

1. Create an office of immigrant and refugee affairs, with a multi-ethnic staff...
New city department that will take money from police, roads, etc.

2. Establish a multicultural community center that... offers opportunities for people of different ethnicities to mingle.
Because if government doesn't make a "multicural community center" then people will not have any opportunity to "mingle."

3. Provide additional resources for immigrant and refugee organizations to train or support their constituents in civic engagement.
Give tax dollars to La Raza for "get out the vote" efforts.

4. Conduct a professional evaluation to (1) assess the City’s current Human Resources (HR) policies and practices, and (2) recommend changes that would result in the recruitment, hiring, and retention of multilingual and multicultural staff...
Professional evaluation = someones campaign contributions get rewarded with a consulting job, the rest is just code for "don't hire white males who speak English."

But it doesn't stop there folks, in addition to these valuable recommendations the task force has a list of "what's working" and "what's not."

The City is attempting to diversify its workforce, it is taking more of an interest in helping immigrants and refugees, and it is more frequently funneling funding directly to immigrant and refugee communities, rather than through a third party.

Not working:
In addition, Portland’s immigrants and refugees may be hesitant to interact with someone outside their own culture or to make use of services or facilities that do not exhibit some degree of racial or ethnic diversity. For some immigrants, not seeing someone “like themselves” suggests that the facility, activity, or service is not for people like them.
Not wanting to interact with people "like themselves"... what's that called again? Oh yeah, racism.

Some immigrants and refugees in Portland are dealing with addressing their basic needs for food, clothing, housing, and health care and do not have time and energy to focus on civic involvement, leadership development, or community advocacy.
You know, if I couldn't feed, clothe, house, provide medical care for my family I also wouldn't have time for "civic involvement" (or this blog) because I would BE OUT LOOKING FOR A JOB!

Cost estimates: (keep in mind "the tram")
The task force recommends that the office be staffed by a program manager, three program specialists, and a senior administrative specialist, at an annual cost of approximately $418,000. Annual costs for materials and services would be approximately $93,000, and one-time start-up expenses would be about $29,000.

Costs for the visionPDX community gathering center have not yet been estimated.

In 2007, the City committed $315,000 to the Diversity and Civic Leadership Academy, Diversity and Civic Leadership Organizing Project, and Neighborhood and Community Engagement Initiative. The task force recommends that the City continue to support these and similar programs...

For this recommendation to be effective, it may be necessary for the City to hire an
outside consultant... (campaign contributor or your cousin) to cost approximately $150,000.

Also notable:
In 2007, PDC sponsored six different community home-buying fairs at a level of $10,000 each. The fairs were designed to promote home ownership opportunities to first-time homebuyers, people of color, and—in most cases—non-English speaking households.

This nonsense will be presented in one week:
Immigrant & Refugee Task Force Presentation to City Council
Wednesday, January 16, 2008 - 6:00 PM
Jefferson High School
5210 N Kerby, Portland

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

If Best Buy had the same practice their stores would be empty

The Department of County Management (DCM) provides the essential infrastructure that supports all the County’s services to the community and to individual citizens.

The DCM budget for FY 2008 is $278 million, an increase of $47 million over FY 2007.

Operating Programs
County Affirmative Action, Diversity, Equity & Cultural Competency

Cultural Diversity Conference

Public Safety Bond Fund - Completion of Bond Fund Program Projects

Loss Prevention & Safety

This Multnomah County agency gives the diversity conference by itself more money than they do "public safety" and "loss prevention" put together.

I hope you Portland residents get that "street maintenance and safety fee" that the county commision is going to vote on tommorow. You richly deserve it for electing these knuckleheads.

Monday, January 07, 2008

It's so fun paying for illegal aliens health care

The Oregon Health Fund Board was created by Senate Bill 329. (The Healthy Oregon Act) The Board is developing a comprehensive plan to achieve the Oregon Health Fund program goals outlined in SB 329.

I'm already afraid...

Invited testimony: Karen House, DHS Children and Families regarding current federal program eligibility related to citizenship or immigration status.

This meeting already happened last month. The conclusions:
Health Equities Committee Policy Recommendations on Citizenship
As consistent with current practices in the private marketplace, no citizenship documentation requirements will be in place to participate in the Oregon Health Fund program.

That means goodies for illegals.

Individuals and families receiving subsidies through the Trust will be required to participate in an insurance product that ensures patient centered-primary care in a culturally-appropriate and linguistically-competent medical home.

That means the service provider will have brown skin and speak Spanish. Dead serious.

So these boards/committees have already decided that illegal aliens should be at the trough, what's in store for future meetings?

Training a culturally-competent provider workforce

Brainstorming on funding mechanisms

Background and Invited testimony on strategies to empower and incentivize individuals to make health lifestyle choices through program policy.

You know what culturally competent means, "funding mechanism" is always another tax, fee, excise, surcharge, etc but it all comes from you and "empower [us] to make health[y] lifestyle choices" means that Wendy's will have to take the "Baconator" off their menu.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Ramon and PCUN

Kulongoski won't delay new license rules
Gov. Ted Kulongoski on Thursday refused to delay implementation of stiffer Oregon driver's license rules, angering Hispanic community leaders and immigrant-advocacy groups while pleasing opponents of illegal immigration.

Ramon Ramirez, the president of the Northwest Treeplanters and Farmworkers United, the state's largest farmworker union, accused Kulongoski of not valuing the state's Latino [illegal] immigrant community.

Latino immigrants have nothing to fear, it's illegal aliens who will be affected. But just so we are on the same page with who PCUN and Ramon Ramirez are:

Translated: the proposal of the Senate is an advance but it is not sufficient

This was when the Senate passed the S.2611 amnesty bill. But amnesty was not enough. They wanted a bill that "leads to citizenship for immigrants who are here today and those who come in the future." Aka open borders.

Ramon Ramirez can be seen on the far right presiding over a rally during which the Mexican flag wavers and communists supported illegal aliens getting state services inside a private union hall. (We protested)

Way to go Ramon, your boys make such compelling arguments in favor of illegal aliens. And communist groups are so mainstream Ramon, how come you don't list them as your supporters when you talk to Thelma at the Statesman Journal?

Ramon and PCUN are so fringe that for the SJ to quote them would be like a financial article about the NYSE getting quotes from nutjobs who insist that our only legal currency is gold.

One of my favorite PCUN related posts:
No pride just shame

Love ya Ramon

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Print, sign, mail

You can now sign the Respect for Law initiative #112 by downloading your own signature sheet!


RESULT OF “YES” VOTE: “Yes” vote allows state/local cooperation and resources for immigration enforcement; requires certain documentation of citizenship for voter registration, “legal presence” for driver/identification documents.

Many thanks to Greg for putting this website together on short notice.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Anatomy of a liberal idea

Ran across this one and realized that there is no better example of liberalism:

Senator Wants Tax On Video Games
A Senator from Wisconsin wants to mandate an extra tax on video games because he claims they are linked to juvenile crime.

Jon Erpenbach, who sits on the Wisconsin State Senate, has proposed a bill that would add an additional one percent sales tax specifically to video and computer games.

His specific goal is to generate enough money into the program to allow 17-year-olds to be treated as minors. Wisconsin previously passed a law that dictated that 17-year-old residents charged with a crime should be treated as adults.

Blame an inanimate object for a person's choices and actions, raise taxes and be soft on crime all with one bill? If only they could somehow incorporate more abortions then this would be the perfect piece of democrat legislation.


Happy New Year! It's going to be a great year because of the Respect for Law Initiative! Check back shortly for the E-Signature sheet that you will be able to use to sign this petition!

Allows State Cooperation With Immigration Enforcement; Requires Certain Documentation For Voter Registration And Driving Privileges