Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Break the law for money

Drug trafficking suspects sentenced
The last of three men caught with a kilo of cocaine last month during a traffic stop on Interstate 5 near Rice Hill was sentenced Tuesday in Douglas County Circuit Court.

Ramirez, the only one of the three Mexican nationals to receive a prison sentence, was ordered to serve 16 months. He also received six months for the possession charge, but that time will run concurrently.

Ramirez’s defense attorney Angela Kuhn said the case was complicated and muddied further by language barriers.

Addressing Seitz in Spanish while entering his plea, Ramirez said he committed the crime because he needed to make money.

In the world of the illegal alien apologists, "needing to make money" is a perfectly good reason to break the law. I know, let's give these guys drivers licenses and some "stimulus checks."

Like the other two men, Ramirez was given probation, but it is unlikely that it will be served because all three men, in the country illegally, are expected to be turned over to immigration officials for likely deportation once their sentences have been served.


beakeer said... still waiting for your phone call.....all hail stewie

Daniel Miglavs Who??? said...

Talk about breaking the law and trying to get out of it. What is this Mr. Daniel Paul Miglavs???

...defendant had a shaved head and was wearing baggy tan pants and a baggy black shirt with the term "18th Street" printed on the back in large white letters. Defendant's companion also was wearing baggy gang-style clothes and had a three-dot tattoo under his eye that is associated with gang membership... was found to have a weapon concealed in his waistband under his baggy clothing....

...officers executed a search warrant at a house in which stolen property was exchanged for methamphetamine.

Interesting details. Criminals like you Daniel often want to get out of your crimes any way possible:

Before trial, defendant (Daniel Miglavs) moved to suppress the gun seized during the August safety search. Defendant also moved to suppress information obtained during a separate search of his person and residence in December pursuant to a warrant. ...defendant argues that the officers' concerns were not sufficiently particularized and were based instead on stereotypical assumptions about the practices of persons potentially associated with urban gangs...

Not that you actually were tatooed with 18th street gang crap, but that you had posession of a fire arm. Talk about calling the kettle black. This is pretty rich stuff. Someone should really make this known in the press when they quote Mr. Miglavs who is BTW a "spokesperson" with Oregonians for Immigration Reform.

Anonymous said...

They will be deported after they serve their probation????

But what if they need more money between now and then?

Anonymous said...

And Liberal Democrat Politicians don't want a Fence so these Drug Dealers can come right back and sell some more drugs to "have a better life".

Guys, Notice how rude and mean the open border idiots are lately? Signs of desperation when they now do nothing but call names. Desperation because they know as every day goes by, more and more Americans read of Illegals Raping, Killing & Dealing and it is all mostly preventable.
And New ZOGBY Poll shows Americans have had it with open borders and Illegal aliens.

Stewie said...

Do a search and the only raping and molesting going on is being done by Republicans and certainly OFIR leadership and members like Bruce The Barber Benkle. As for other crimes mentioned, white American Citizens are still in the vast majority of those committing them. Apparently even the douche that runs this site is a meth dealing gang banger criminal. So, Anon8:18am you need to get your facts straight. I would much rather have an immigrant, though here undocumented working for a better life for his or her family than an racist fool like you running around. Why don't you get out of this country.

DAVE1 said...

Do a search and the only raping and molesting going on is being done by Republicans and certainly OFIR leadership and members like Bruce The Barber Benkle

So Stewie, Neil Goldschimdt was a Republican and a member of OFIR?

Neil Edward Goldschmidt (born June 16, 1940) is a former politician and businessman from the U.S. state of Oregon and a member of the DemocRATic Party.

Was OFIR around when this democRAT pedophile was alive?

Don't forget:
Sen. Betsy Johnson, D-Scappoose, who admitted to violating state ethics laws earlier this year, is now under a criminal investigation by the local FBI office.

So Stewie, is it only Repubicans who are committing crimes? Did you vote for Ted K. who I'm sure being Neil's good friend knew about Neil raping his baby sitter? I'm sure you love Sheriff Giusto too. Hew also knew about the raping of a child and did nothing. Did you help put a person in power who knew about the raping of a child? Have you always condoned this behavior by a DemocRAT but not a Republican? How many children have you raped? Since you must be a DemocRAT, are you still raping children? Why do you think it is ok to rape a child if you are a DemocRAT and not a Republican? How come when the Republicans commit a crime they are thrown to the wolves by their party? How come when a DemocRAT commits a crime like Rep. William Jefferson they are reelected and supported by their party the RATS?

I was a part of a gang too, the US ARMY which makes these gangs look like a bunch of pussies, like you.

DAVE1 said...

Don't forget the criminal alien mexican Gamboa cousins. Remember they raped and murdered Dani Countryman. I bet they are DemocRATs. Legal immigrants typically vote 2/3's democRAT. The criminal aliens will all vote for DemocRATs. So, they must be DemocRATs because of all the DemocRATs who pander to the criminal aliens. Would you like me to list the DemocRATs pandering to the criminal aliens? It looks like the DemocRATs are doing most of the raping and murdering. I bet Bruce the barber was actually a DemocRAT .

Anonymous said...

Dave 1 -- Good for you. But we're talking about the hypocrisy and double standards of the people associated with THIS BLOG.

Anonymous said...

This ridiculous list of who does what. How boring. How useless. Turn on the fucking news. There are whites who are raping our little girls and then burying them alive. There are whites who leave their babies alone at home while they run off to marry men they met on the internet. Get real. Both lists are equally long and equally horendous.

DAVE1 said...

Anon 6:02 PM
I'm trying to make that point. We can point fingers all day long at Democrats and Republicans and barbers and former gang members, however; the criminal aliens are committing crimes and sucking the money out of this country and their crimes are PREVENTABLE. We are a nation of laws. If we don't want to enforce immigration laws and we let the politicians and big business people dictate to us what laws are going to be enforced, there will be more Dani Countryman's. I have a granddaughter and I don't want her growing up in Mexico without leaving Oregon. These criminal aliens do not respect our immigrations laws, they do not respect our tax laws and as evidenced by the population in our prisons, they do not respect most other laws. Their cultures are third world. People coming here legally are more likely to be law abiding because they value American citizenship. The people coming here illegally don't give a shit about no stinking laws. I think we should take all the pedophiles and murderers and feed the fish in the Pacific. I'm for fish rights!

Anonymous said...

Again Dave -- We are talking about the hypocrisy of the people associated with this blog -- and no one else.

Anonymous said...

To all those who are tired of Daniel's pissing and moaning:

Take heart. It seems the tides are changing. There will be immigration reform soon, and it will entail an amnesty.

One positive effect of Daniel's racially charged bullshit is that it seems to have led a number of people who actually care about looking at an issue analytically to verify whether Daniel's claims are indeed true. It turns out, there's little in the way of empirical proof, beyond what our little race-baiter can dig up in the news.

Take, for example, Daniel's assertion that illegal immigrants (or, in his view, people who simply don't speak English) are disproportionately disposed to criminal offenses (beyond entering the country without authorization). This turns out to be untrue, as a number of criminolgists and other social scientists have found. See, for example, the work of Robert Sampson, chair of the sociology department at Harvard University.

Can any of you nativists out there explain why, if immigrants are so crime-prone, after a forty-year period of massive immigration are violent crime rates in the U.S. are at their lowest point since the late 1950s?

I would urge everyone who seems so hell-bent on changing Daniel's mind to move on to more productive pursuits. First, do you think he's really interested in "discussion" or considering evidence the contradicts his claims? Second, consider that he is a fan of Ann Coulter. Like her, Daniel seems to like attention, and therefore will say anything to get it. Providing him with existing empirical evidence that immigrants commit FEWER crimes, will only induce him to repeat his claim, as would a child ("look at me"!). Third, Daniel has no choice but to engage in such juvenile behavior because he lacks any orignal ideas.

Time to move on people.

Anonymous said...

Davy Crockett looked out over the ramparts at the Alamo and saw 10,000 Mexicans charging towards him. He turned to Jim Bowie (no, Daniel Boone was not at the Alamo) and asked: "Did you order Sheetrock today?"


DAVE01 said...

ANON 2:02,
Where has Daniel been racist? Actually the hispanics are very racist. Did you see Monday at the capitol chinese, japanese, white europeans, african? I did not. I saw a bunch of hispanics demanding RIGHTS for something that is a privilege for the rest of us. That is RACISM. There were some poorly educated white children and an old hippy couple with a sign saying liberty and justice for all. I asked them where Dani Countryman's justice and liberty was. They walked away. I guess since she was raped and murdered by two mexican criminal aliens, she doesn't deserve even to live. Did you check the Statesman Journal a few week ago. There was an article about the foreign born in the Marion County Jail. Those are legal and illegals. It was 90% mexican. Yes the FACTS prove that illegal and massive legal immigration does increase crimes. Almost 30% of our federal prisons are illegals. Just recently reports have come out saying that crime was increasing in certain areas. How come 75% of the murder warrants in LA are for illegal aliens. We want ALL THE ILLEGAL ALIENS OUT! Let us know where the Irish illegal aliens are and we will help to bring this issue out in the open. You need to share the dope because your empirical evidence is probably from Ted Kennedy. In fact, you need to take a drive with him.

Anonymous said...

Dave01 - did you not see daniel's post equating non-English speakers to illegal aliens? Is that not racist?

Anonymous said...

Dave 01 -- look up the word "racist" in the dictionary. Google it. Look it up in an online encyclopedia. Really get to know just what "racism" is, and get back to us.

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