Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The prestigious Bradbury award?

Marketing is a science and advertisers know who their target audience/demographic is when they use advertising money. So when a commerical for "indoor gardening products" is aired at 12am you know who they are shooting for. (hint: it's not folks growing tomatos)

Yes, everything from grow lights to "odor masking products" can be found at AmericanAg. Now which plants is it that smells? Is it carrots or... hippy lettuce?

But the best part of all this is the fact that the company that is clearly targeting marijuana growers has won an award... from Secretary of State Bill Bradbury!!

See their ad here.


McCain 08!!! said...

No posts for a while about the Prez primary? What happened? Oh, that is right, Mitt got a MAC Smack once again proving that MAC IS BACK!!! MAC has been back for a while now. So we will just say that MAC WILL SMACK THE JACKS THAT WACK ON IMMIGRANTS. McCain '08, Yeah.

Anonymous said...

daniel - in case you hadn't noticed in the ensuing discussion of the previous post, it has been unanimously concluding the you are a racist, pure and simple; your mob couldn't come to your support; and you have lost your credibility (did you have any to begin with?).

smokey said...

"YES YES YES" POT IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER.You want lower taxes danny, have the state sell pot and we would never have to pay another penny of tax.

Nick said...

Sorry, but listening to Danny whine about pot is well....funny. Funny like oh...I dunno....listening to Ron Jeremy complain about porn?

Maliengus said...

Our next President is going to be Obama or Clinton. Their fix on the illegal alien situation is not going to be anything close to what Danny and the "Oafs" are hoping for. Their solution will be just and fair. Their solution will not be racist or shortsighted. Their solution will be meaningful, lasting, and just. I'm sure it will include
concerted effort to improve conditions for the poor in Mexico, and South and Central America.

Another thought -- I have been mulling this post from yesterday over in my mind and its truth is undeniable. Please read it...

From "Getreal, 1/29/08, 10:23am:

............That nobody, especially Daniel, seems willing or capable of taking this question on seems evident of the clear answer. No! It's not acceptable to assume that someone is illegal because they don't speak English. And yes, it is purely and simply deep-seeded ethnic prejudice that must lead one to this sort of thinking, so much so that he's willing to post it on a blog, either because he (Daniel), like a child, enjoys pushing people's buttons and then stepping back and watching the ensuing session of shit-slinging du jour with the warm satisfaction that he was able to generate it, or rather because he actually believes his logic is sound. Either way, it's pretty fucked up...............

Pretty sobering assesment of what we are participating in. When we visit this blog and comment on Danny's bullshit we give this blog legitimacy. It's like clapping and laughing when a toddler does something funny. It encourages them and they will proceed to do it over and over and over again. That's Danny. That's his mindset. "Look at me!" "Look at me!" That's why Danny loves going on his hilarious "Tenessee Tuxedo" forays with his little Fisher Price camcorder and treating us to his stupid commentary on school functions where (horror of horrors) Mexican dinner is served along with a little Mexican music. He wants us to think something sinister is going on when its just a bunch of parents who care about their children's education.

Danny and friends point to the number of hits on this blog as proof that they are "right." We all know damn well that while illegal immigration is a problem that must be solved, Danny's message is WRONG. Bigotry and racism have corrupted the issue, thanks to Danny and others like him. Our comments generate hits which make it appear that Dannys blog is WAY more popular than it really is, fueling Danny's gargantuan ego and giving credibility to this online cesspool.

I have removed this blog from my toolbar and favorites list. I will no longer visit. I will no longer enable Danny and give his blog legitimacy. I guarantee you if you do the same, the number of hits on this embarrassment of a blog will dwindle down to where it usually is when there are no dissenters posting comments -- 3, 6, maybe 10 hits a day, TOPS.

Please join me. Don't visit this site and it becomes simply a childish and ego-driven vehicle for Danny's racist slobbering that NO ONE will pay attention to except for his fellow "oafs."


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wow some of you out there that respond to this blog reallllllly need to get a clue.

wake up and smell your own crap , beforf you go of on a rant

Anonymous said...

maliengus said:"I have removed this blog from my toolbar and favorites list. I will no longer visit. I will no longer enable Danny and give his blog legitimacy. I guarantee you if you do the same, the number of hits on this embarrassment of a blog will dwindle down to where it usually is when there are no dissenters posting comments -- 3, 6, maybe 10 hits a day, TOPS.

Please join me. Don't visit this site and it becomes simply a childish and ego-driven vehicle for Danny's racist slobbering that NO ONE will pay attention to except for his fellow "oafs."

Geesh, couldn't keep the pledge for even a day. How sad.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, not sure where to send topic ideas… but you might find the following interesting:


“January 30, 2008 • The Los Angeles Police Department has a new crime-fighting tool. It looks like something Captain Kirk and his crew might have used in Star Trek, but the device was developed by the Pentagon for U.S. soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“The main idea is for police to use the phraselator for crowd control. A language barrier played a role in the chaos that ensued last year during the May Day immigration rights march in MacArthur Park, when police in riot gear used batons and rubber bullets to disperse crowds, Kato says.”

It appears they simply didn’t understand the police? Granted, NPR’s totally slanted (and the very reason this long-time member stopped funding it) with regard to Illegal’s; perhaps you’ve a different take?

-- and what's up with this - "Incorrect password"?

Anonymous said...

McCain is a RINO.

Nick said...

Anon 12:13 --

Geesh...missing a few million brain cells? Couldn't figure out that Maliengus posted her pledge on today's thread and yesterday's thread within minutes of each other THIS MORNING? Maliengus posted on this thread today at 8:46am and promptly posted a duplicate on yesterday's thread at 8:49am.

When you're quick to do the knee jerk "nee-ner nee-ner" routine you often wind up just making an ass out of yourself Danny boy, either that or you're just not the sharpest tool in the shed.

I think I'll join Maliengus. She has a point. Dig the Tennessee Tuxedo "investigation" jab. It's spot on. Not to mention, this blog has gotten tiresome. Notice a lot of the regulars have moved on.
Bigotry is just not cool, man. I guess once a gang banger, always a gang banger, you just joined a gang that provides a little better
facade for what has amounted to little more than bullying by many OFIRs.

Illegal immigration will be solved, but not by you, and not to your liking. It is indeed looking more and more like....


Over and out....

Anonymous Heironymous

Anonymous said...

McCain winning Florida is just proof that ILLEGAL Aliens ARE Voting and the aritcle earlier this week by a County Clerk in FL. makes it very clear, NO one is checking.

If you think yet another Amnesty, this time for 25 million not just 3million, will stop Illegal immigration, you are incredibly stupid! And supporting a Presidential candidate that has convinced you it will work this time, shows how stupid these Politicians think you are, thanks for proving them right.

How many times are we going to give Amnesty and pass laws that are not enforced?

Meanwhile our blue collar workers suffer from stagnant wages and Liberals could not care less.

Day Labor Rally in Cornelius soon!

As I sees it said...

Nitt Romney losing Florida and everywhere else is proof that the message of the anti-immigrant scumbags isn't going anywhere. Besides, Romney won't capture the vote of the evangelicals. When the time comes and Huckabee withdraws, the Evangelicals as the moderates and independents have already done, will support McCain. Too bad, soo sad. ;)

I have to laugh though, ABC said that "the anti-immigrant cause is in throws of death". Funny, but so true. I expect that Alleypac and the Minuteklan Clucks will send out an email tomorrow nagging that ABC is biased. Please.

Anonymous said...

I really cannot believe some of you people. I have been reading this blog for sometime now and what still amazes me is that everyone wants to say this blog is racist when it's not and to say that it is anti-immigrant which it is not. Please get a grip and try with your tiny little brain to compute this. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS NEED TO GO BACK WHERE THEY CAME FROM!!!!! I want my children to have a future and that will not happen if we continue to not secure our borders and continue to allow 20 + million illegals to stay in this country. What is it going to take to get that through your mind? Illegal immigrants are destroying us bit by bit. This blog is anti-illegal immigrants not anti-immigrants no one ever says that. And the only reason why hispanics are brought up so much is because the majority, let me say that again the majority of illegals in this country are hispanic thats just a fact folks so deal with it. If illegal immigrants were coming from Canada people would feel the same and tell them to go home.

If you want to help so much try going to their country and giving them your money. I'm tired of giving my money away.

Grow up people you are disgusting.


Anonymous said...

Deb, You need to go back to where you came from. Seems like 1930's Germany from your racist scapegoating rhetoric. It is actually trashy human beings like you that are hurting our nation. Immigrants have built this country and will continue to do so long after you and I leave this earth. You and the likes of your Repubic Friends that have made it possible and have benifitted economically from immigrants coming in and doing the labor you are too lazy to do. Get over it. They are hear to stay. If you are lucky, maybe they will let you stay, too.

Anonymous said...

Deb - the majority of illegals may well be hispanic (~56% are from Mexico alone) but the overwhelming majority of hispanics are not illegal!!!! Racist troll!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:30 -- Newsflash! Only registered Republicans were allowed to vote in Florida's Republican primary. Now, if the GOP is looking the other way as illegal aliens vote in THEIR primary, then how is this a "liberal" problem? Just curious.

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