Friday, January 25, 2008

TriMet reaches out to criminals

TriMet reaches out to non-English speaking riders
"The agency scores $500K to hire an outreach specialist"

That byline just takes the cake. Half a million tax dollars are simply "scored" by a public agency for garbage.

Gonzalez, who has spent his career promoting educational access for poor and minority students, signed on as TriMet's new limited-English proficiency outreach coordinator in December.

The new position is funded by a $500,000, three-year grant from the Federal Transit Administration established to develop ways to better connect people who speak little English to public transportation. The agency is the first, and only, transit district in the country to receive the grant.

The first and hopefully last.

Gonzalez is past board president and a founder of the Latino Network and a former board president of Centro Cultural.

Perhaps TriMet is anticipating increased ridership due to the "newly arrived residents from Latin America" (their words) inability to get a drivers license. But it is facinating that even in the midst of all the violence on TriMet that is getting the agency so much scrutiny they seem to think that $500,000 is better spent trying to lure criminals onto mass transit rather than hire law enforcement to keep criminals off.

Hat tip Allen for the story.


Allen said...

Perhaps he will give pointers to the Illegals who want to beat and rob passengers and bus dribers.

Anonymous said...

any money we can grab out of the pot before someone else in montana for cattle gards is a win for oregon.The game is how can we get our own money back. the federal money is ours unless someone else spends it first.

Anonymous said...


So far all the Tri-Met crimes seem to be coming from blacks or Anglos. Haven't heard of any Latinos involved in Tri-met assaults. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

TriMet reaches out to criminals

TriMet reaches out to non-English speaking riders

There seems to be an implication that it's somehow a crime to be in the U.S. and not speak English.

Just a little more absurdity from Daniel.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Daniel, can you please clarify your logic (or any of the OIFR's, since Daniel seems incapable of actually engaging in dialogue (aka, "blogging")?

How does "non-English speaking" equate to "criminal"?

Anonymous said...

Daniel and his ilk ALWAYS assumes that if one doesn't speak English fluently and without a detectable accent they...

a)must be here illegally,

b)can't possibly be a US citizen,

c)are criminals.

This is particularly true if your skin color is in the brown range.

Anonymous said...

Non-english speakers are criminals? So if someone comes for a vacation to Oregon from Spain and they speak little or no english, they are criminals?

Rick Howell said...

Hey Anonymous Cowards, lets see for a min here.... Why is it that ONLY MEXICAN SPEAKERS are the NON English speakers that they reach out to? And before you correct me. I speak Spanish with no problems. REAL SPANISH. It's just like we do not speak true English in the country. It's a form of English. There is enough difference between Spanish and Mexican that you'd be better off not speaking it in Spain (and yes, I've been there too!)

Bobkatt said...

Anon 9:24- Since you asked: How about or maybe Abel Antonio Chavez-Garcia.

Doug Jensen said...

Speaking of cowards. It is the cowards on this site that can get away with calling non-english speakers criminals. It is one problem with websites and blogs where people don't have to answer to their false information, lies, and bigotry. If this was a face to face forum in a public place, 9/10ths of you cowards wouldn't say the things you do.

Doug Jensen said...

Bobkatt, So that makes every non-english speaking tri-met rider a criminal? I guess with your logic all Republicans, barbers, and Oregonian For Immigration Reform/Minutemen members are pedophiles.

What is with the fake names? Why don't you use your real name "Bobkatt" and own your comments instead of being a coward?

Nick said...

Rick Howell: NOWHERE in the article does it say Spanish is the ONLY language that they will be focusing on in their outreach efforts. NOWHERE. Im quite sure there will be more than a couple languages represented -- more than likely some Asian language, Russian, and, of course, Spanish. I am sure that all significant ethnic communities will be served. Your assumptions are ignorant.

Anonymous said...

LOL, should hear "Bobkatt" whine about people who choose to use "anonymous." Big's a blog. Just a blog, and nothing but a blog.

Maliengus said...

"Mexican" is not language. People in America speak English. People from Alabama don't speak "Southern."

People from Mexico speak Spanish, not "Mexican." Yes, they have slang that doesn't translate in Spain. If the Spaniards don't like it then they're just as arrogant as Brits who thumb their noses at American English.

Your an ethnocentric ass Rick.

Anonymous said...

A Spaniard can understand a Mexican and a Mexican can understand a Spaniard, just as an american can understand a brit and a brit can understand an american. And yes, I've been to Spain and Mexico too. There are LOTS of Mexicans living in Spain and there are LOTS of Spaniards living in Mexico. There are more similarities in their cultures than their are differences. I know because I'm half of each.

Anonymous said...

TriMet has identified five languages commonly spoken in Portland. Spanish is the most common, followed by Chinese, Korean, Russian and Vietnamese.

That's pulled directly from the article Rick. And by the way, for someone who supposedly speaks Spanish fluently, how pathetic that you can only refer to it as "real" Spanish. One would think that someone as erudite as you make yourself out to be would use the correct term. Usually fluent Spanish speakers are a little more gracious about Spanish speaking people and Hispanics/hispanic culture in general than you appear to be.

Bobkatt said...

Gee Doug you sure put me in my place. All I was responding to was a question by anon 9:24. Sorry if you don't like the answer.
Just to answer you, I never said that "every non-english" speaking tri-met rider was a criminal. I don't even know if in the two examples I quoted wheither they spoke English nor do I care.
You accuse me of being a coward however putting a name to a post doesn't mean anything. I don't know "Doug Jensen" if that is your real name, or where you live or anything about you except you seem to be a little too hostile. You complain that anons are posting "false information, lies, and bigotry" but a majority of the anons on this site are spewing vitriol, hatred, lies and personal attacks against Daniel, OFIR, Robin and those of us that post under a consistent name.
I post under one moniker and also have an obscure blog which you can reference if you wish or you can keep posting your OFIR pedophile diatribes under anonymous or Doug Jensen.

Anonymous said...

BOBKATT SAID (and mark this day on your calendars "anonymouses" .....)

....You accuse me of being a coward however putting a name to a post doesn't mean anything....

Dearest "Bobkatt" My! What a change of heart. Just a month or so ago you reamed me up one end and down another for being "anonymous." Suddenly our blog handles have no meaning? What a flip flop Bobkatt! Just remember, you said it here. Don't bust those of us who choose to post as anonymous again "Bobkatt,"
you've played that card before and as of today you have a new hand.

Doug Jensen said...

Last time I checked, eveything posted about Daniel, "Robin" and OFIR are true. Which ones aren't?

Why not use your real name Bobkatt? Are you ashamed at what you write? Own your statements. You went the distance in making an obscure blog and creating an account, why not drop the phony pic and the phony name and be your real self.

If you are just a gutless bigot, at least change your name and photo to fit with what you are: a little neutered pussy cat.

Doug Jensen said...

One more suggestion, you should change your blog name to "Hey Dude, Where's my balls?".

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links Bobkatt. A real piece of work these two kids. I hope they get the book thrown at them and turn their lives around like Daniel did. These kids are Americans though, not the illegals Daniel and Allen spoke of.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight: you don't want them to be able to drive, but you then get mad when public transporation is made more user-friendly for them?

Jimbo said...

Wow, Now you can get mugged in umpteen different languages.....

Anonymous said...

Im wondering, Rick Howell, do people in the deep South speak "real" English or "fake" English? Mexicans speak "real" Spanish. They don't speak "Mexican." They speak Spanish that is unique to their geography, peppered with slang that is unique to their country, same as Southerners speak English that's unique to their geography. There are rural regions of Spain with people who speak Spanish of a different dialect than an urban Spaniard or a coastal Spaniard. (And, no, I'm not speaking of the Basques). Do Americans speak "American" and Britons speak "Real" English? What a moron. Do they teach
"American 101" in college these days? Please, Rick, please, tell me you're not a teacher.

danielisfullofshit said...


Who cares how one identifies themselves. It's a blog, after all.

The main point is that Daniel constantly claims that he is not a racist. Yet he seems to assume that all non-English speakers are in the country illegally (this is pretty evident in the title of his post). If that's not racism, what is it?

It's fucking bullshit is what it is, Daniel, you racist coward!

Doug Jensen of Portland said...

I think it does matter how one identifies themselves. What you write "Daniel is full of shit" is true of Daniel's post, but what we have here is a situation where overt racists write things anonymously. They take the most cowardly act of all, anonymity. Like the KKK of old, they wore sheets, these people use phony names. It is certain that if their friends, family and community knew what they were writing they would be run out on a rail. That is a fact.

Here is a challenge as seemingly Daniel challenged Cuasa to post his comment which they did, I challenge the cowards like Bobkatt, Gullyborg, Allen of Salem, Robin and any other person that uses a phony name to use their first and last. Doesn't your community have a right to see you in all your glory?

Maliengus said...

Dear Mr "Doug Jensen":

"Daniel" is Daniel Miglavs. I encourage you to "Google" him. It will be an enlightening experience. You will certainly come away with a greater understanding of "where he's coming from," so to speak. Even Daniel's address is public knowledge -- at least within this blog (though I think that was wrong, being as how he has kids, and certainly children should not suffer the sins of the father).
R. Huse is Rupert Huse, he's certainly "Google-worthy," along with Bruce Benkle, one of the more illustrious members of OFIR. Of course, you already know about Trickey Rick Hickey. Now, I'm Maliengus, that's my childhood nickname. I am a woman, so I will not divulge my name, per common sense. If you don't like it -- well, so what? We certainly don't know if "Doug Jensen" is your real name either. While your opinion regarding internet names does have bearing, surely you do know that for years we have all been advised that it's best not to use real names in chatrooms, etc, in the interest of personal safety. So, while we do "hear" you, most of us don't necessariy agree with you.

Anonymous said...

...not to mention identity theft and other pranks that could be perpetrated against us by someone who is psycho and suffers from uncontrollable rage, (the classic m.o. of many a neo-con).

Anonymous said...

Daniel's "headline" reads: "TriMet reaches out to criminals"

Daniel? Why do you assume that ANYONE who does not speak the English language is a criminal?

That is what your headline implies, LOUD AND CLEAR.

And then you whine and play dumb when someone calls you out for being a bigot?

Daniel, how thick are you?

Anonymous said...

How ironic/pathetic: as the rest of the world strives to speak English, to compete with us; we’re forced to learn Spanish, the language of a failed culture…

Anonymous said...

How pathetic! Exactly who is FORCING you?

Anonymous said...

A failed culture? LMAO. A failed government maybe, but a failed culture? Who the hell do you think you are? Most of the world thinks WE are a failed culture. Your superiority complex is EXACTLY why our worldwide reputation is in shambles and we are a global laughing stock now.

Anonymous said...

Daniel doesnt "get it" about racism and bigotry, and he never will. It's like trying to explain the color red to a blind person or the sound of laughter to a deaf person. OBAMA 08.

Anonymous said...

Good morning 9:49! Got any kids? What’s the main linguistic push in school? What’s the new requirement for most jobs? What’s that foreign BS we constantly hear on MAX?

Howdy 9:53 (you guys sure spend an inordinate amount of time here – if Dan’s so wrong, why bother?) -- Failed Culture: A subdued people fleeing a broken region / culture. And to where are they fleeing? -- the “shambles” you describe as America!

Limit urban growth? -- take in 20 million outsiders. Limit population growth? -- take in a culture that breeds like rabbits. Rising unemployment? -- allow a constant flow of near-slave labor. Difficulty funding schools, health care, housing or mass transit? -- open the flood-gates to those who’ve trashed Mexico City.

And if you don’t get the picture you’re blind! ...and don’t pull your “RACIST” BS on me; this is a failed culture – not race.

Anonymous said...

11:13 -- Only a racist would describe the creation of a human being, a Child Of God no less, as "breeding."

I have two children in school and I have enrolled both of them in their school's dual language immersion program. NOBODY FORCED ME TOO! Im so glad I did it. Both children, because they started learning a second language in early childhood, have been selected for Oregon's Talented and Gifted program. My daughter's class (one of Oregon's first classrooms to begin language immersion) scored a 100% on their NCLB benchmarks. That's not a typo. 100%. The ENTIRE class passed. There isn't another class in Oregon who can boast that. NOT ONE.

The main "linguistic push" in schools is Spanish. So What? You know what dual means, right? It means "both" or "two." You need to have TWO groups of language speakers for a dual language program to work. If you live in Seattle, it's quite common to find dual language programs in Japanese and Chinese, because there is a sufficient number of children who speak that language to share the classroom with English speaking children. But you don't live in Seattle, do you? You live in an area where the predominant ethnicity is Latino. In Pennsylvania it's common for dual language classes to be offered in German. Duh!

Or, perhaps it's because Spanish because it's the third most commonly spoken language in the world? Not to mention, it is one of the easiest languages to learn, and a root language to boot, so that knowing it provides a logical springboard to learning other Latin-root languages in a snap!

Did someone FORCE you to learn computers in the 80s, back when it became clear that employees weren't going to have a choice -- we all (99.9% of us) had to learn how to use a computer. Those of us who refused had to move or get out of the way. That's capitalism and the free market at work my friend. Nobody FORCED us, we made the CHOICE. If you don't want to align yourself with the business decisions of the company you work for, and their shareholders, then you are FREE to find another job. Again, that's capitalism working just the way it is supposed to work. Speaking another language is a SKILL, just like knowing how to operate a cash register or a computer is a skill.

A culture and a government are two entirely different things.

Not only are you a bigot, your an idiot too. Pull your head out of your ass. It's a brave new world we're moving on to, not your sorry-ass FAILED old one.

Lead, follow, or get out of the way.


Nick said...

It is kind of funny/pathetic how conservatives WORSHIP capitalism and the free market until it rocks their own personal boat. If a company makes a business decision to offer its goods and/or services to a particular demographc and in so doing requests that their employees be able to communicate with that demographic, be it Chinese, German, Brazilian or Mexican, then that is the company's perogative. That is a "condition of employement" that the employee either chooses to comply with or not. This "force" crap is nothing but whining. And you're right, it is the same kind of whining we heard back in the 80s when computers were the "scary" new thing everyone was "forced" to learn.

Anonymous said...


I’m not going to brag about my kids … but within a reality-based education they’re doing extremely well (if solid A’s still count?). Now why do I visualize you perpetuating the endless social service aspect of illegal immigration, while raising its next generation of gatekeepers? You’re part of an extreme minority of privileged ‘whites’ fighting tooth & nail for continued illegal penetration and eventual Amnesty to feed yourselves, your children, and your ego.

So what’s the main linguist push in China, Ireland or Sweden...? It’s not Spanish! It’s English, because they too are competing with “US!” Where do I live? I live in an area that’s predominantly (US) American’s speaking English. And who are we competing with? -- China, and your illegal / quasi-legal Central American slave-wage invaders. That may sound fine and dandy to you – but around here we’re damned sick of it! And ‘our HS’ offers one – that’s ONE G-D Language Program (but our kids may take it all 4 years) – take ONE guess what that language is? And if they want another - they must be bussed to a neighboring city’s school district. Brilliant?

I realize you consider yourself a ‘better person’ because you’re willing to sacrifice the living standards of your fellow citizens. I’m no racist, and frankly, I’m giving less-of-a-damn about that all the time - but I’m watching Blacks voting for a (half) Black; Women voting for a Women; and Southern White Men voting for the same… But the US is the most generous and diversified of all industrialized nations, and for you to demand we accept every piece of crap that floats ashore goes against the practices of every other nation on earth! You’re free to flee, too … so why haven’t you? If everywhere’s equal – why not!

...Your dream-world of a successful society with no borders will destroy the American Dream in the process. But honestly, that isn’t that your secret desire?

Anonymous said...

Make that: ...Your dream-world of a successful society with no borders will destroy the American Dream in the process. But honestly, isn’t that your secret desire?

(kids & homework too!)

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:14 & 5:27 --

I NEVER stated I was "pro" illegal immigrant. NEVER. I also NEVER stated I was "open border." NEVER.
Maybe you should READ my posts more carefully. As a matter of fact, I am against illegal immigration and would like our borders to be closed tighter than a gnat's ass. That includes the Canadian border which happens to be twice as long and twice as porous as the Mexican one.

What I am VEHEMENTLY OPPOSED to is the bigoted vitriol that Daniel and his merry gang (of which you seem to be a member) have reduced the issue to. Culture ("failed") and language (Spanish). And here I thought it was about border security and rule of law. Yeah, right.

You really shouldn't assume EVERYTHING and contemplate NOTHING. That has been the theme of your posts.

One CAN be against illegal immigration and in favor of closed borders without being a bigoted, ethnocentric moron, but for some it seems to be a few too many concepts to process in one's head at one time.

Anonymous said...

LMAO -- and you even assumed I'm white!!!! It never ends with you people. Assume someone who can't speak English is a criminal. Assume someone who can is " privileged white." LOL.

Anonymous said...


It's great that you allow everyone to post here. It really shows a variety of opinions and that's what makes your blog so interesting. It's unlike the hate-America blogs where all disenting comments are blocked and deleted. It seems the comrades on the left only like free speech when it agrees with the party line.

Keep up the good work!

Rogue Doctor said...

Hey Anon11:13, You can bet those same people fleeing to the U.S. would flee instead to Europe if it was on a border to them. Don't get cocky about the U.S.'s position in the world. We have a great consumer/non-profit based economy and that is about it. The European Union is smoking us. Hell, the Canadian dollar is now worth more than the U.S. dollar. I see a day that immigrants will just be using U.S. soil for a shit stop before the Canadian border. If I was them, I would.

Nick said...

....and the comrades on the right only like capitalism and the free market when it's "easy" for them and doesn't require change or the acquisition of new skills.

And by the way, Anon keep whining about Spanish being the language that is most often offered in our schools. Did you ever stop to think that perhaps it is because it is the most USEFUL? Good God! What the hell do you want -- teach kids French so they can order off a fancy menu once or twice in their entire lives? Wow. How pragmatic. You wouldn't know a good idea if it jumped up and bit you on the ass. You're so f'ng bigoted about the Spanish language -- and for what? Teach kids Spanish so they can end up with a bankable, functional skill useful in the world they will be living in. It's not rocket science. Teach them French and what are the chances they'll ever use it? Teach them Spanish and chances are they will use it often and to great advantage. It's not some sinister plot, it's common sense! Remove the plank from your eye and get over your self.

Oh -- Let me guess! I bet I know what language you wish your little kiddies could learn. German. Right? "Sieg Heil ! Die Mexicanen sind unser Ungl├╝ck!"


Nick said...

Strike Anon 12:58, my comment is addressed to Anons 5:14 and 9:20.

Eli Barnhardt said...

Anon 9:20 --

I commented on a recent post that I am banned from two conservative blogs. The two blogs that won't allow me to particiapate Ann Coulter's blog and Michelle Malkin's blog. As regulars on this blog can attest, I very rarely get argumentative and do not engage in name calling or bad language. There are plenty of examples of intolerance on both sides. I remember during Bush's last Presidential campaign his rallies were by "invitation only" and those dissenters who managed to get in -- who dared so much as to even wear a tee-shirt with a provocative message like "Know Your Rights" -- were forcibly escorted out and sometimes even arrested. Tolerance for dissent is most certainly not a hallmark of the GOP (our comrades from the right) particularly over the last 7 years.

Anonymous said...

could we, for a minute, please, return to the main point from this discussion: that daniel is quite obviously a racist.

It seems clear that daniel infers that anyone in the country who does not speak english therefore must be here illegally, right? If so, does anyone, Daniel or otherwise want to come out and try to defend this tortured logic, and demonstrate that this line of think is pure and devoid of ethnic and nativist prejudice? If no, then I suggest we move on because the discussion is playing like a broken record.

Maliengus said...

No one from Daniels camp will come on and try to defend his obviously racist "headline" because no one from Daniel's camp seems to fundamentally understand what racism or bigotry IS much less cop to it. As Anon 10:23 said....

"Daniel doesnt "get it" about racism and bigotry, and he never will. It's like trying to explain the color red to a blind person or the sound of laughter to a deaf person.

Anonymous said...


First off - I don’t know who the H you are? Secondly, why do you demean those advocating for secure borders if you’re supposedly doing the same? Apparently it’s ‘straight’ in your head, but to imply everyone demanding an end to this silent invasion is racist is no way to settle the issue.

Strange, I’ve not met “ONE” illegal Canadian. … But I know why you’re ultimately pissed; Dan’s got this one right, right? And. I visit infrequently; I’m no ‘member.’ Actually, I’m a damn active Democrat that’s likely to be supporting O when/if he makes it to Oregon!

One of my main complaints about illegal aliens is the same as most “Blacks” (they were Negro’s in my youth, just as I’m basically Caucasian; I consider ‘Black’ demeaning): they’re robbing jobs while lowering pay & working conditions of legal Americans - Americans of every flavor! And when I speak of a ‘broken culture’ - I mean it. If you find it admirable, fine – I don’t. And if you’re ready to usher it in, consider another subculture akin to the Miami Cubans; macho, patriarchal, regressively religious, poorly educated folks waiting to be wooed by the next Carl Rove. And with your (you do support “Amnesty” don’t you?) desired Amnesty there will be, what? 40 million ready for harvest!

To read further into your posts confirms you’re little more than an angry name-caller… Consider: the far-right in Oregon died long before its national counterpart - with far less damage. But for YOU to attack someone, anyone, for ‘calling it as they see it’ lowers your credibility and obliterates the coalition necessary to fix this problem. I can be as sweet as angry, depending how I’m provoked; you, my friend, are less than conciliatory.

Anonymous said...

Hey “Doc,” People are fleeing to the EU, and unlike us, its border nations are fighting to defend themselves. “Cocky about the US?” How about deeply concerned? And yes, Europe’s got it right (again); and defending their borders to boot!

What I find sickly ironic is how GW Bush used illegal alien labor to feed the US industries that relocated in Texas while he was governor… and has tried for 7 years to do the same nationwide. Where’s the outcry from the Right AND Left?

Here’s my desire: a populist President (and congress); protecting working Americans. Democrat’s #1 demand is national health care; Republican’s is stopping illegal immigration – I’ll work my ass off supporting the candidate that will do both!

Anonymous said...

The number of "illegal Canadians" (which is estimated to be at least 1/2 million) has absolutely NOTHING do with a secure Canadian border -- absolutely NOTHING. Every single Middle easterner who has snuck in to the United States and subsequently been apprehended due to suspicious behavior has come here through the Canadian border. There are no documented cases of middle eastern terror suspects crossing over the Mexican border. If there are I sure would like to see the evidence. Compared to terrorism and the potential of another 9/11, securing the border against economic migration seems secondary in importance if you ask me. I want the borders secured because of national security ie: terrorism.

Also, there is more than one "anonymous" posting here, you do know that, right? Not just one anonymous is responding to your posts, but I agree with them more than you.

You have posted some really ignorant comments, particularly regarding culture and language. The Latin American culture is not a failed culture. Their governments, yes. There are so many negatives in our culture, so much to be ashamed of, that we hardly have the right to so smuggly "dis" another. What snobbery! To then have the gaul to say your comments aren't racist or bigoted is hilarious.

getreal said...


You people just don't get it! There is one simple question at issue here: Is it right/just/acceptable in a democratic society with our style of constitution to promote a perspective holding that because one group of residents is incapable of speaking English well, then it follows that their legal status, and thereby rights to be deemed worthy of equal treatment, ought to be doubted?

If you're not answering this question, which is what the discussion is about (not whether one culture is superior to another, or whether illegals take jobs from natives, etc) you are missing the point.

That nobody, especially daniel, seems willing or capable of taking this question on seems evident of the clear answer. No! It's not acceptable to assume that someone is illegal because they don't speak English. And yes, it is purely and simply deep-seeded ethnic prejudice that must lead one to this sort of thinking, so much so that he's willing to post it on a blog, either because he (daniel), like a child, enjoys pushing people's buttons and then stepping back and watching the ensuing session of shit-slinging du jour with the warm satisfaction that he was able to generate it, or rather because he actually believes his logic is sound. Either way, it's pretty fucked up.

Maliengus said...

This "failed" culture you speak of has contributed to this world some of the most lauded writers, poets, artists, and thinkers of our time. It is a long and impressive list and I will be happy to provide you with a short one just to nudge you on your way to a little research before you so ignorantly judge another culture. I am embarrased for you and your lack of education about Latin America. Latin America is home to some of the largest economies in the world. Mexico is the world's 7th largest economy (or is it 11th)? Your perspective is woefully lacking. Perhaps you should start with the Cambridge History of Latin America. Thankfully, "culture" still finds a way to thrive in spite of corrupt or inept government. Take America under the Bush regime, for example, lol.

You said: ....consider another subculture akin to the Miami Cubans; .....macho, patriarchal, regressively religious, poorly educated folks waiting to be wooed by the next Carl Rove.... sounds like you're talking about much of America! Too funny!

Sometimes, and unfortunately, some name calling is deserved. Hick comes to mind. Your comments have hardly been "conciliatory" either. Sorry, but I too, am "calling it as I see it."

Dat Themocrat said...

Hey - *I'm Somebody now! (take that!) And this:

Took a long walk in the snow W/ kids & dog… Couldn’t help but smile with contentment upon realizing what’s going on here. As I rarely check in, it’s obvious the alien enablers are shrill with fear, while the patriots are missing? Then I realized where they’re at – gathering signatures (the same thing I should be doing)!

I admire their discipline; this crap is hard to stomach! Perhaps that’s why I just skimmed over a shitload of it… And funny, I look like red-meat around here! Imagine that, a native Portlander and active Democrat, likely to support the same eventual nominee as the shrills, having to fend off their obviously desperate attacks. Weird~

Then again, it took me years to conclude, then admit, allowing and encouraging illegal immigration is wrong. Young, I kept my mouth shut while the ‘progressives’ around me linked the mollycoddling of Illegal’s with every other progressive issue... I’ve grown up (if they haven’t), and, I’ve lived in much closer proximity to the flotsam of a failed culture. And though about half those I now hang with cling to their mistaken stand of Illegal promotion, the other half doesn’t – including me.

But this isn’t about ‘me,’ or any number of anonymous attack dogs; this is about the encouragement, ignorance, and detrimental effects of up to 20 million illegal alien “immigrants” and their predecessors overwhelming our resources and polluting our culture with that they’re apparently fleeing. They’re sucking the social services of our nation while devouring its lower level employment opportunities. If it’s not stopped, the USA, of which I still take pride, will degenerate to the social stratification of extreme wealth and extreme poverty exhibited by our neighbors to the south.

To adopt the language of these invaders not only accommodates but encourages them. Once “Migratory,” they’re now systemic. More than a minority – they’re a plague; and if those of you tripping over semantics with eyelids tightly closed to this reality have a kinder-gentler way of portraying it - have at it! But to me and mine - we are under siege, and more willing to act by the day. And if you, as ‘someone’ admitted, are part of the problem (promoting this invasion because you’re genetically linked to it) – YOU ARE THE RACIST … and had better watch at whom you’re casting stones.

*Daniel, we won’t always agree, but you’re a righteous warrior and I thank you for the opportunity to post.

getreal said...

Again, all that Daniel and his ilk (which apparently even includes a democrat) can do is avoid the question/change the subject.

Maliengus said...

Duh Dem:

Who in here "admitted" that they are "promoting the problem because they are genetically linked to it?" I don't know whether to laugh or cry at your literary
machinations. At least you're good for a laugh. Oh, and the part about "polluting our culture" and the USA hurtling towards extreme economic stratification being the fault of the illegal alien? That's precious. There are WAY more destructive forces to blame for the pollution of our, ahem, "refined culture" and the disappearance of our middle class than the illegal alien. The demise of both started WAY before the illegal alien problem. Good God. I bet you think the illegal aliens started the "War on Christmas" too! I thought your ignorance was at least xenophobic in nature, but it seems to run much, much deeper than that.


"TriMet reaches out to criminals"
says Daniel, refering to it's outreach efforts to communicate with non-English speaking commuters. This of course, infers that all non-English speakers are criminals. UNDENIABLE TEXT BOOK BIGOTRY. The article clearly states that TriMet's effort will focus on a number of ethnic communities, including Latino. Defend Daniel's decision to use such a purposefully loaded headline for his post. We're waiting. We dare you.

Anonymous said...

"Incorrect password" ...? no it wasn't... Back to anonymity:

“I don't know whether to laugh or cry” You’d best make with the tears… cause when you lose the likes of me - you’ve lost your war!

“the question” you allude to has worked very well; it’s tied you Extremist’s in knots for days! …And when I begin laughing at you … even worse~ But stay tuned!

Trucker 55 said...

Dat Themocrat is one minor reason I left the Democrat party. I would much rather be an independent than throw in with a bigotted racist scumbag like that. I am not Latino, in fact I have a Russian/Irish heritage. Although I am a fifth generation American, I have recently been donating to pro-immigrant causes. I can't volunteer at events due to my work schedule, but I can put money to work for me. I will continue to do that til every one of you anti-immigrant bigots eat your words. It is garbage like you that is dragging this country to the failure it is fastly becoming.

Maliengus said...

Duh Dem: I think it's you who will be staying how the illegal immigration problem will be solved once our new President (NOT a Republican) assumes office. Oh...the problem WILL be solved, but you're not going to like it much because it won't involve box cars and German shepards.

Maliengus said...

Hilarious! Still not even an attempt at answering the question! Come on! Take a lick at a snake "AnonoseupDanielsbutt" and answer the question! If you're so proud of Daniel the (self) righteous Warrior (gag), then defend his position!

Re: your comment of 5:24 --"When 'we' lose the likes of 'you' we've lost the war?" What war? There's so many right now! Some real, some imaginary, lol. You certainly have a very high
opinion of yourself. LMAO. Good ridance. Good night.

Anonymous said...

TriMet reaches out to criminals
TriMet reaches out to non-English speaking riders

You're a criminal if you don't speak English?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:02 --

In Miglavia, in a word, yes.

Anonymous said...

What a prick!

Nick said...

Getreal sums up Daniel, to date, better than anyone else ever has:

That nobody, especially daniel, seems willing or capable of taking this question on seems evident of the clear answer. No! It's not acceptable to assume that someone is illegal because they don't speak English. And yes, it is purely and simply deep-seeded ethnic prejudice that must lead one to this sort of thinking, so much so that he's willing to post it on a blog, either because he (daniel), like a child, enjoys pushing people's buttons and then stepping back and watching the ensuing session of shit-slinging du jour with the warm satisfaction that he was able to generate it, or rather because he actually believes his logic is sound. Either way, it's pretty fucked up.

10:23 AM

Thank you Getreal.

Anonymous said...

My Grandmother doesn't speak English and she's been a citizen of the United States since the
60s. Contrary to what Daniel wants you to believe, you don't need to speak English fluently to become a citizen. You just need to know enough to take the test.

It makes me sick to my stomach to know that Daniel would think my Grandmother is the scum of his world and likely a criminal. Shame on him.

Anonymous said...

dat themocrat here... "Incorrect password"

...OK, You kids still at it? Yup – Daniel, and to a lesser degree me, ARE Thee Reason 20 million Illegal’s have invaded our nation – strictly to piss us off!

Trimet and Criminals: a few years back I decided to ride MAX to the end of the Gresham line. Passing four apartment complexes relatives and friends had used before beginning successful lives, those complexes were now filled with ‘Mexican Has-been’s’ (easier on the eyes?). It made me sick; upturned shopping carts; parking lot lakes; striped down cars; broken windows and mud hills with barefoot “US Citizens” waddling in diapers.

After filling what appetite I had left, I got on the next MAX train back to ‘town.’ There was one middle-aged “Latina” and me, until two “Latino” gangsters boarded. On that near empty car, one sat beside me, the other opposite and one row back. Communicating in “Spanish” (dig?), my only clue was the Latina’s occasional glance of fear. So, my Enabler friends, you tell me.

“Criminals” (if ignored) with their first illegal step into this nation, breaking laws - any law - appears second-nature. That was hard to take … but I’d definitely wish the experience on those of you encouraging the same. And no, I wasn’t packing – but I’ll bet they were!

Now let’s encourage Trimet to spend a half million $ catering to this Criminal Element! I’d vote no – but I’m not in Metro… Though I listened to Trimet’s director address the City Club, and agreed with the need for a serious increase in security, I heard no mention of the proposed ‘linguistic solicitations’ described here (so Daniel serves a purpose after all!).

You know damn well what he means! And unfortunately for you and your alien spawn – so do the majority of Portlanders, Oregonians, and US citizens. So whine, cuss or puke, but the bottom line remains - he’s Right - and you know it! (good day!)

Doug Jensen said...

dat themocrat? Another coward bigot too chicken shit to use his/her real name. What a bunch of cowards OFIR has as members. I am beginning to wonder if posters like dat themocrat is just Daniel using a fake name. According to Blue Oregon many of the same OFIR scum bags post again and again with different fake names. I wouldn't be surprised if that ain't going on over here.

Maliengus said...

Maliengus said...
Our next President is going to be Obama or Clinton. Their fix on the illegal alien situation is not going to be anything close to what Danny and the "Oafs" are hoping for. Their solution will be just and fair. Their solution will not be racist or shortsighted. Their solution will be meaningful, lasting, and just. I'm sure it will include
concerted effort to improve conditions for the poor in Mexico, and South and Central America.

Another thought -- I have been mulling this post from yesterday over in my mind and its truth is undeniable. Please read it...

From "Getreal, 1/29/08, 10:23am:

............That nobody, especially Daniel, seems willing or capable of taking this question on seems evident of the clear answer. No! It's not acceptable to assume that someone is illegal because they don't speak English. And yes, it is purely and simply deep-seeded ethnic prejudice that must lead one to this sort of thinking, so much so that he's willing to post it on a blog, either because he (Daniel), like a child, enjoys pushing people's buttons and then stepping back and watching the ensuing session of shit-slinging du jour with the warm satisfaction that he was able to generate it, or rather because he actually believes his logic is sound. Either way, it's pretty fucked up...............

Pretty sobering assesment of what we are participating in. When we visit this blog and comment on Danny's bullshit we give this blog legitimacy. It's like clapping and laughing when a toddler does something funny. It encourages them and they will proceed to do it over and over and over again. That's Danny. That's his mindset. "Look at me!" "Look at me!" That's why Danny loves going on his hilarious "Tenessee Tuxedo" forays with his little Fisher Price camcorder and treating us to his stupid commentary on school functions where (horror of horrors) Mexican dinner is served along with a little Mexican music. He wants us to think something sinister is going on when its just a bunch of parents who care about their children's education.

Danny and friends point to the number of hits on this blog as proof that they are "right." We all know damn well that while illegal immigration is a problem that must be solved, Danny's message is WRONG. Bigotry and racism have corrupted the issue, thanks to Danny and others like him. Our comments generate hits which make it appear that Dannys blog is WAY more popular than it really is, fueling Danny's gargantuan ego and giving credibility to this online cesspool.

I have removed this blog from my toolbar and favorites list. I will no longer visit. I will no longer enable Danny and give his blog legitimacy. I guarantee you if you do the same, the number of hits on this embarrassment of a blog will dwindle down to where it usually is when there are no dissenters posting comments -- 3, 6, maybe 10 hits a day, TOPS.

Please join me. Don't visit this site and it becomes simply a childish and ego-driven vehicle for Danny's racist slobbering that NO ONE will pay attention to except for his fellow "oafs."


the tour guide of Miglavia said...

12:02, good question, but you're sort of pointing out the obvious here. Maybe you're not familiar with this sphere of alternate realtity. It's called Miglavia, where the use of Spanish is Clue #1 that you're probably a cold-blooded raping, murdering and pillaging "illegal." Here in Miglavia, tamales and refried beans are considered a threat to civilization, something to be held up in contempt. (See the Miglavian Archives for Daniel Miglavs' "damning" video footage of a Mexican dinner being served at a school function. Now playing on YouTube!) If you really want a good laugh, stick around, and sooner or later an angry Miglavian will cry and scream like a baby that they're not bigots, because (get this!) no one has "proved it," and that you "hate America," etc. LOL!

Bottom line: The Miglavians are idiotic, bigoted hypocrites who are fighting a lost cause. And yes ... in Miglavia, if you "reach out" to someone who speaks another language, or whose skin is a different color from yours, then you are "reaching out to criminals."

Welcome to Miglavia! Be sure to pick up a stainless steel speculum at the gift shop -- the perfect tool for keeping tacos and tamales at bay.

Dat Themocrat said...


I’m for real, and likely your worst enemy, because I know you. I’ve seen you in action, and I know how and who you turn off; the very people you need to perpetuate your illegal promotions.

But tell me, after the less-than-friendly blow-back I’ve received with these few posts – would you be eager to give your address? Though actually, you’re the one sounding paranoid!

Anonymous said...

Dat Themocrat is a cowardly loon.

Anonymous said...

"...the very people you need to perpetuate your illegal promotions."

As a Democrat myself, why does "Doug Jensen" need nativist bigots? Those are the last people I would even bother with. If you are a member of the Democratic party, which I doubt, you are in the minority as the racist that you are. Unless you live down in old Dixie. I know I have met alot of great Democrats and the vast majority support immigrants, but I have never met any people like you DAT THEMOCRAT, you are unique. I suspect if your mama and daddy knew how stupid, bigotted and backward you were, they would trade you in for a pet monkey.

Anonymous said...

If Daniel or any other Miglavian denied, to my face, that they're not playing the race card, I would not waste my breath arguing with them. I would not object, or waste time trying to "prove" it.

I would simply laugh. Fucking idiot fools.

Anonymous said...

TO ALL: I mean the supporters of those people stealing our country.

NAAHHH!!! I better not!

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