Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Anatomy of a liberal idea

Ran across this one and realized that there is no better example of liberalism:

Senator Wants Tax On Video Games
A Senator from Wisconsin wants to mandate an extra tax on video games because he claims they are linked to juvenile crime.

Jon Erpenbach, who sits on the Wisconsin State Senate, has proposed a bill that would add an additional one percent sales tax specifically to video and computer games.

His specific goal is to generate enough money into the program to allow 17-year-olds to be treated as minors. Wisconsin previously passed a law that dictated that 17-year-old residents charged with a crime should be treated as adults.

Blame an inanimate object for a person's choices and actions, raise taxes and be soft on crime all with one bill? If only they could somehow incorporate more abortions then this would be the perfect piece of democrat legislation.


Anonymous said...

Oregon should have a tax on real estate "for sale" signs and u-haul trucks leaving the state.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, don't use liberalism unless you know what it means.

Scottiebill said...

I read Daniel's post 3 or 4 times and no where in it did I see the word "liberalism". Either Anon 10:12 is hallucinating or he is putting his own off-the-wall spin on the posting, thereby labeling himself as a true liberal.

Bobkatt said...

In all fairness it's the last word of the first line.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Anon 10:12,

Nobody but a Liberal would come up with such an idea.

Anon 3:02,

There is a new law taking effect in Oregon which genarally states:
"Anyone selling a home in Oregon, who resides in another State, shall pay between 1 and 4 % of the net proceeds to the State of Oregon in the form of a "Foreign Seller Tax". This means that if your company promotes you, and you have to move to say....Seattle. Once you sell your home, the state will take up to 4% of what you made in earned equity on the sale.
Yup, a liberal came up with that one too I'll wager.

Anon 10:12am said...

Thanks bobkatt.

scottiebill, please disregard as the tenants of liberalism are obviously irrelevant to you.

Daniel, I'm pretty sure you subscribe to liberalism. Don't believe me? Check out the wikipedia page on liberalism:


Anonymous said...

Anon 10:12, you gave a link to a Wikipedia page. And Wikipedia is a pile of shit.

Anon 10:12 AM said...

Anon 4:30

You're kidding! I think you're one of those who is under the persuasion that facts are a 'liberal' thing. The New York Times is a piece of shit too, just like the Washington Post and USA today, right? That's fine. Try these:

Liberalism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

A Condensed and incomplete definition

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Anthony "FBI/INS Statistical Report" DeLucca! Happy New Year! Read any interesting "reports" lately? ;-)

anon 4:30 PM said...

"The New York Times is a piece of shit too, just like the Washington Post and USA today, right?"

100% right!

But do you not understand what Wikipedia is? Anyone can post an article there. And anyone can edit an article that has been posted. It's not the last word on anything.

Regarding the two links you posted at 4:52 -- one is an essay by Ludwig von Mises, written in 1927. Interesting as history, I guess.

The Stanford Encyclopedia link gives a lot of history. And in that article you can find a general description of what liberalism is today :

"The third factor underlying the development of the new liberalism was probably
the most fundamental: a growing conviction that, so far from being ‘the guardian
of every other right’ (Ely, 1992: 26), property rights generated an unjust
inequality of power that led to a less-than-equal liberty (typically, ‘positive
liberty’) for the working class. This theme is central to what is usually called
‘liberalism’ in American politics, combining a strong endorsement of civil and
personal liberties with, at best, an indifference, and often enough an
antipathy, to private ownership."

Scottiebill said...

Anon 10:12 - You finally got one right. Liberalism is as irrelevant to me as it is annoying, not only to me, but to nearly all conservatives. And most liberals fall under that blanket as well. That would include you.

Anon 10:12 said...

I guess you can't argue with people who live in their own little world.

Liberalism = free markets, free trade, democracy, rule of law, ect.
I think what you guys are talking about is socialism, which, ironically, is liberalism's antonym. It's sad that you call yourselves conservatives and don't even know where your roots are. Your idea of liberalism is what pundits feed to you. They think it's the opposite of 'conservatism' (lol) and I'd rather take Stanford's word for it, or Mises, or Wikipedia's for that matter.

I'd like you to challenge your wikipedia theory. Edit it so it says something else, then see if it lasts more than two minutes.I bet it doesn't.

anon 4:30 PM said...

anon 10:12, you didn't make any sensible response to any of the points I made. So ... I guess that means -- I win!

anon 10:12 said...

Sensible is subjective. I don't think anything you said was sensible (example: "The New York Times is a piece of shit too, just like the Washington Post and USA today, right?"

100% right!' facts are a liberal thing apparently).

Does that mean I win?

As far as those definitions being 'historic', why are economist, political scientists, and philosophers still using them in that context if they are historic?

But yes, pundits have bastardized the word 'liberalism' to suit their own means because they didn't have an antonym for 'conservatism' (apparently socialism was to extreme).

Bobkatt said...

All this arguing over the meaning of a word. Obviously words take on the meaning that we give them by convention and use. I remember when gay meant happy and bad wasn't a good thing.
After reading the Stanford site I have come to the conclusion that the history and definition of the term Liberalism is all over the place depending on which version you look at and much of it is in direct opposition to the others.
I think everyone who reads this blog knows what Daniel means by Liberalism and to pretend you don't is nothing but mental masturbation on your part.

Scottiebill said...

It sounds like Anon 10:12s arguments are being written by Karl Marx, does it not?

Anon 10:12 said...

I'll relinquish the argument.

And Scottiebill, what the fuck are you talking about? Marx? No, I'm just disgusted at what rotten conservatives you guys are. You tout liberal economics and don't even understand what it means. Maybe reading zFacts will give you a better idea.

Anonymous said...

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