Tuesday, January 08, 2008

If Best Buy had the same practice their stores would be empty

The Department of County Management (DCM) provides the essential infrastructure that supports all the County’s services to the community and to individual citizens.

The DCM budget for FY 2008 is $278 million, an increase of $47 million over FY 2007.

Operating Programs
County Affirmative Action, Diversity, Equity & Cultural Competency

Cultural Diversity Conference

Public Safety Bond Fund - Completion of Bond Fund Program Projects

Loss Prevention & Safety

This Multnomah County agency gives the diversity conference by itself more money than they do "public safety" and "loss prevention" put together.

I hope you Portland residents get that "street maintenance and safety fee" that the county commision is going to vote on tommorow. You richly deserve it for electing these knuckleheads.


Rick said...

The real sick thing is that the "leaders" in Portland want the state to raise taxes on gas to help as well. Guess that Portland could not afford all it's toys and keep the streets in good condition.

Scottiebill said...

Eric Sten is leaving (not soon enough) and the others on the City Council, as well as the bunch on the County Coucil, should follow suit. Immediately! Then maybe Portland and Multnomah County could get some semblance of sanity in there.

Of course, this departure should include Tommy the Irrelevant.