Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mark your calendars ladies

According to the Diversity page at taxpayer funded University of Oregon there is going to be a discussion on feminism Friday, Feb 1st @ 3pm.

In case you were wondering how an event could be held at 3pm on a weekday and still get attendance it's because women don't have 9 - 5 jobs. They will however, have to get someone to watch the kids during this and I hope that it doesn't go too long because when hubby gets home a little after 5 o'clock he's going to want his dinner...


Anonymous said...

Another one right over the head of Daniel....

Danny: this lecture is at a college. Their target audience is college aged young women. It's likely the majority of them will be able to pencil it in. And, yes, women do indeed work 9 to 5 -- and then a second shift from 5 to 10 while assholes like you plant your ass on the recliner or in front of the computer.

You THINK your little chauvanist pig asides are funny. But they're not.

I feel sorry for your wife, on a MULTITUDE of levels.

Anonymous said...

I just forwarded your post to members of NOW, Feminist Majority, Women's National Democratic Club, National Federation of Democratic Women, and a few others. Being you are bored and haven't been generating the comments you need, maybe we can generate a few more people to stop by for you and the rest of your bigotted, sexist trash that you call your friends. No worries, I will post this on a few other networks as well. Stick around Boy, we're gonna have some fun.

Anonymous said...


You are right! Very few women actually work full time. Also, very few really want to work at all. The only women I know that work full time just haven’t found a man to pay their bills yet. There’s a reason women make up about 50% of the country, yet less than 4% of all companies in the US have a woman CEO.

Anonymous said...

The majority of women work
68 million women work in the civilian labor force:

63% of women work
54% of women work full time

Women's incomes are necessary to support families:

62% of working women earn half or more of their family's income
77% of all mothers with school age children (6-17) work

Source: Women Employed, 2004

Anonymous said...

62% of working women earn half or more of their family's income

77% of all mothers with school age children (6-17) work

See "single mothers"

Anthony DeLucca said...

Who gives a was still a funny post! This site has proved time and time again several things that I've been saying for years:

1. Liberals aren't rational thinkers

2. Liberals have no common sense

3. Liberals lack a sense of humor

4. Liberals are overly-sensitive to the point of being irrational. (see point #1 above)

Anon 8:20 said:

"You THINK your little chauvanist pig asides are funny. But they're not."

Yes they are.

Anonymous said...

"According to the Diversity page at taxpayer funded University of Oregon there is going to be a discussion on feminism Friday, Feb 1st @ 3pm."

Actually, the event is supported by student tuition; more specifically, the incidental fee that students pay at the beginning of the year. Students also decide where that money is spent.

OregonGuy said...


Hook one. Now reel in real slow.

Justa thought said...

This is no surprise as the rate of domestic violence in Republican households continues to climb. This is not to mention the large number of incidents of sexual abuse of children and woman by the same group. You would probably find a good deal of domestic abuse within the households of Delucca and Miglavs. They were probably abused as children by their parents. It is sad. Very sad.

Anthony DeLucca said...

Justa Thought:

Ha Ha Ha! Nice try cream-puff!

The only abuse that would ever occur in my home, is if you ever showed up at the door.

justa thought said...

Sure, Delucca, you are an abuser. I suspect as much time you seem to spend over here, you probably neither have a wife, nor a family. Maybe Daniel the meth dealer can adopt you into his Klan. Nice threat though over the internet. I will be sure to forward that on to Google. Maybe they can see to it that you are barred from posting any longer. BTW: Your business address will be attached along with my email to them.

Anonymous said...

I'm a stay at home mother. I refuse to "get a job." I already have one. My husband really really really wants me to get a job so he can buy more toys and keep up with his buddy's acqusitions. But I won't. And here's why...

Because my husband comes home from work, plants his ass in front of the TV and REFUSES to help with even the simplest household tasks. I absolutely refuse to go to make his dream come true and go to work so he can by an even bigger TV to plant his ass in front of. I REFUSE to join the ranks of working women mentioned by Anon 8:20, who come home to a second shift of cooking, cleaning, and child rearing while my fat ass husband pontificates on my housekeeping skills from his reclining throne. It gripes his ass that I don't work (for a paycheck) and he has too. I take great pleasure in that. You can say what ever you want about it Delucca, et al. I don't give a rat's ass. I just posted this in hopes my husband and other husbands like him reads it, since he wastes an inordinate amount of time on this ridiculous site.

A Bitch, and proud of it.

Scottiebill said...

Anthony, You missed another truism about liberals:

A liberal is one who will give away everything that doesn't belong to him.

Anonymous said...

Hey “Bitch and Proud of It” 11:36

Women like you are the exact reason I refuse to get married. If your husband goes to work all day he shouldn’t have to come home to your fat ass and do any “household tasks”. If your husband really wants you to get a job go do it! If you don’t someday he is going to kick your ass to the curb and rightfully so. My advice to any guy married to someone like you is to go see a divorce attorney today!

Anonymous said...

Anonymouse12:12--I bet the woman are just beating down your door to marry you. Not only do you sound like you have an anger management problem, but you sound like maybe you need to visit the doctor for your little problem. Maybe you need to resolve the issues with hatred for your mother, then get back to us.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:12

Actually women do call me all the time and it’s not to marry me. No, I do not have an “anger management problem”. In fact, I’ve never been so happy in my life. I have a great career with a very good salary, I own two homes and I have all the toys I want (cars, motorcycles, etc.). If I had got married I wouldn’t be near as happy as I am now and I might have ended up miserable like the poor guy married to “Bitch and Proud of It”.

I love women and have no problem finding female companionship. In this town there are plenty of available women and they’re easy!

So guys, if you really want to have a happy life do not get married!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:12 --

The day he files will be the HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE. Until then, I stick around just to make him miserable. It drives him crazy wondering what I do all day when he's at work. And acutally, Im not the fat ass, he is. Im all of
5'3" and 108 lbs.

And Anon 12:12 -- Glad to hear you aren't married. Hopefully, you never will be. No sense in making a woman miserable, eh?

The Bitch

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:12 --

Why are you feeling sorry for "Bitch's" husband? It sounds like he's living every man's wet dream. Comes home from work, sits in front of the TV and treats his wife like shit.

I hope "Bitch" is smart enough to stick around for 10 years like I did. Then she will draw social security on his income at retirement (if social security is still around by then, since I don't know how old she is). I filed for divorce from my lazy prick of a husband 1 day after our 10th anniversary. He treated me the same way. I grinned and bore it until the time was right to give him what he deserved. The man will die on his recliner and no one will even know he's dead until the postman can smell him.

What guys like you and Daniel don't seem to know is that your wives secretly hate you and are probably fucking someone else while you're at work.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a good string pulling.

Bully for the lady libs!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:29 --

”Why are you feeling sorry for "Bitch's" husband?”

I feel sorry for him because he is married to start. I feel extra sorry for him because of the attitude of his wife. Most likely the poor guy gets his butt out of bed everyday to go to work to pay her bills while she sits on her ass and watches TV all day. I don’t buy for a second she is 5-3, 108. Most likely she is 5-3, 208.

“It sounds like he's living every man's wet dream”

Actually, everyman’s dream would be to have some woman who works full time so he can stay home, go fishing, skiing, motorcycling and have sex with other women.

”What guys like you … don't seem to know is that your wives…”

Did you miss the part where I specifically stated I was not married? Like most women, you obviously have a difficult time keeping facts straight. I stated in my previous post that men should not get married and you are a perfect reason why.

Have a good weekend! I have a booty call to make.

Anonymous said...

Women shouldnt get married either. And YOU are a perfect reason why.

The Dude said...

More dumb shit from Danny. Gheez Danny -- missed the part where this is a COLLEGE lecture aimed at COLLEGE students on a UNIVERSITY? Sure, I bet a few working women will rearrange their schedules to show up, but, um, once again you shoot your wad before letting the facts sink in...this seems to be happening a lot lately. Premature extrapolation? Problems in the bedroom? LMAO. Maybe you need to get one of those funky things R Huse straps to his balls so he can delay blast off until he has time to read and re-read an article so the facts do sink in...

This is the thing about Miglavs. The dude has ISSUES. Begin at the beginning, people: He joined a gang! Not just any gang mind you, but the 18th St. gang -- arguably the most violent and vicious gang in America. Kids don't join gangs because they come from a "good place." Kids with major problems join gangs. Really fucked up kids from really fucked up places. By the way -- what's he doing with a gun? I thought convicts weren't allowed to have guns? In addition, Danny obviously has "problems" with women as he frequently posts dumbass comments like today's. Look, thankfully, people like Danny are a dying breed. The overwhelming majority of "men" that think the way Danny thinks are crusty old farts who will be dead soon. The rest of them will soon be marginalized because, face it, they're stupid and there just aren't enough of them around anymore to have any kind of societal impact.

Danny is lashing out because he's running scared. Soon, there's going to be either a woman or a black man in the White House. And we all know what they're going to do about immigration. All the laws that States are passing to try and solve immigration ahead of the Fed will be overturned by the Supreme Court. Just look at what happend in Pahrump NV. In November 09 we will begin a 16 year era of revived democracy and progressive government. LMAO -- can you think of a better hell for Danny's sorry ass? He'll probably move to a bunker in northern Idaho or under a rock.

Anon 4:47? I'm WAY more likely to belive "Bitch" is 5'3" and 108 lbs than I'm gonna believe you're a "player" with a booty call rolodex. You see, Brother, fat girls are almost always sweet and laid back. It's the skinny ones that are bitches. That's pretty much common knowledge. If she's as busy as she says she is, it's likely she's the trim one and her Lay-Z-Boy hubby is El Gordo.

Anonymous said...

Daniel does have issues for reals. He looks like a beady-eyed, mongoloid leprechaun too. On top of everything else, what do you want to bet his boss is a woman and he has an eensey teensey little pito? I kinda feel sorry for the guy.


You're right about the gun though. Maybe I should e-mail his blog photo to the Sherwood police dept?

Looks like Anthony "watch as I pull make believe numbers out of my ass" DeLucca is back. Woohoo!
He's always good for a laugh
when he gets busted for making up shit.

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I can get my head around this:

You're wondering how a lecture on feminism on the campus of the University of Oregon is able to get attendance at three o:clock in the afternoon?


Daniel Miglavs: You are a fucking idiot. How does someone as stupid as you manage to survive in the modern world?


RIP GOP said...

Miglavs supporting Romney? A prissy metrosexual who wears magic underwear, thinks God is from the planet Kolob and believes that when he dies he will also become a God and rule over his own planet where he and his wives will create "spirit babies" and send down to Earth to live as human beings?

By the way, Miglavs, Mormons LOVE Mexicans and the people of Central and South America. They believe Hispanics are the "lost tribes of Israel." Don't count on Mitt the Twit getting TOO TOUGH on them. You really are getting desperate, aren't you, especially now that Little Annie Coultergiest declared(Adams apple a'quiver) that she'll vote for Clinton if McCain is the GOP nom. RIP GOP.


Anonymous said...

Who gives a was still a funny post!

If you're referring to Daniel's post, the one that started this thread, then you're correct. It is a funny post. Actually, it's a hilarious post. Just not in the way Miglavs intended.

Nice to see you, Anthony "INS/FBI Statistical Report" DeLucca. Have you read any interesting (ahem) "reports" lately? ;-)

MoMo NoMo said...

Premature extrapolation?!!!! LOL, Daniel. Dat be you.

Do you actually READ the articles before you post your comments on them? Because this is like TWO days in a row where your comments didn't jive with what the article ACTUALLY SAID.

Bwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Now I have a freakin side ache from laughing so hard.

And, yup, as an excommunicated MoMo, I'm here to testify that LDS do have a soft spot for brown people, just as "RIP GOP" commented. South of the border is where the majority of missionaries
go. They try so hard in that part of the world because according to them that's where Jesus hung out after he was crucified.

I wonder if Mitt changes his magic underwear as often as he changes where he stands on the issues.

But you probably like him because he's a "life long avid hunter." Bwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhaaaaaaaaaahaaa!!

In closing, just a BIT of advice, Daniel: READ the article. Jot down the main points on the back of your hand. READ the article again. Go take a dump in the outhouse you've got there behind your Sherwood shack. Use your other hand to jack off to the picture of "bag o'antlers" Poultergiest that you taped to your outhouse door. Don't forget what hand your notes are on. Sit and think about the article for awhile and go over your notes. Come back inside. Ask your servant/wife to explain the article to you and THEN post your comment.

Love, MoMo NoMo

MoMo NoMo said...

Mitt's more likely to grant illegals amnesty in exchange for more bodies in LDS pews than he is deport them. If Romney wins, expect record numbers of conversions to Mormonism from the Latino community after his amnesty bill goes through.

quack quack said...

Speaking as someone who once lived in Eugene and attended the UO and attended quite a few lectures (beyond those delivered in the classroom, I mean, the sort of lectures that our little Man Child from Sherwood is fretting about) I can say that I remember those lectures being quite heavily attended by STUDENTS. They don't generally draw from the larger Eugene community. As usual, the level of sheer stupidity contained in the ravings of Daniel Miglavs is breathtaking. Not only is he stupid enough to dream up shit like this, his stupidity carries him one step further: He posts it on the Internet! LOL!!!

Anthony "not tony" DeLucca said...

Justa Thought,

Boo hoo hoo, you scare me.
You're going to tell Google on me?? While you're at it, tell your mommy too, and maybe the teacher as well. She might make me stay after school and clean the erasers.

But you'd better be sure that you get the correct Anthony DeLucca, (yes Einstein, the possibility exists that there may be more than one person with the same first and last names) and the correct business address. Here's a little hint for you Columbo, I am in the Financial Services industry, not the automobile sales industry.

So when you go crying with your hurt feelings and what-not to Google, make sure you get it right little lady, I wouldn't want you to make an ass of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hey Delucca--I wouldn't heckle Google's abuse policy. They actually will block your IP from posting and if the threat is enough, the police might be notified. Just the fact that you are heckling their policy could get you kicked. If Justa... needs your address to report, it is easy enough to check the State Of Oregon. They keep records of businesses accessible to anyone. Your ISP and IP you are posting from will reveal who you are. Google contacts ISPs to identify who Cyberbullies and Abusers. It is actually a Federal Law. That said, your ISP can and will cancel you if you are using it to menice and post threats.

Anonymous said...

To Justathought--Just forward a copy of the physical threat to and the time it was posted and the url from where it was posted. The name of who posted it really doesn't matter because Google actually will know the IP Address. From there they have a database that they can refer to that will help them determine the ISP. Then the will notify the Internet Service Provider and block the IP Address from posting on their system.

Anonymous said...

Financial services? ROTFLMAO. Payday loans?

MAX Redline said...

LOL! Another one right over the heads of the liberal anonymice: Delucca said "The only abuse that would ever occur in my home, is if you ever showed up at the door."

The nutjob replies: "Nice threat though over the internet. I will be sure to forward that on to Google. Maybe they can see to it that you are barred from posting any longer."

They're so far out there that they don't understand the simple, basic fact that - having been labeled an "abuser" by the lardass leftist, Delucca is well within his rights to state that "the only abuse that would ever occur in my how is if you showed up at the door."

Then another nutjob chimes in all supportive of the first anonymouse.

Buy a clue - no "threat" was made. There's a difference between a threat and a simple statement of fact, which is something that clueless Leftists inevitably fail to grasp.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the event is supported by student tuition ...

Fair enough, but I think Daniel deserves a big Shout Out for letting the rest of us dolts know that the University of Oregon is funded by taxes. That just would not have occurred to me. That's why I always rely on Daniel Miglavs for his you-read-it-here-first exposes and insightful analyses. Thank-you, Daniel, for daring to dig a little deeper. Digging into what, I won't say.

Anonymous said...

"no "threat" was made"

Let's let Google make that determination. I just forwarded the threatening post in question along with a few other's Anthony Delucca has made. We will see.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break Anon 353. Don't you think you're blowing this WAY out of proportion? This is Anthony we're talking about after all. The blowhard isn't worth making an ASS out of yourself over.

Anthony "not tony" DeLucca said...

Wait. What?? I won't be able to post on google from my IP address?!?!?

Holy crap! The world will stop spinning on it's axis and I'll have nothing left to live for!!

Idiots. You guys are the biggest group of cry-baby pussies I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

And for an even bigger, more pathetic group of cry-baby pussies, come back and watch the Miglavians after Election Day '08.

Anonymous said...

LOL Anon 947. I'll bring the beer, you bring the lawn chairs.

Anonymous said...

No doubt, it is a daily rag of bitching and nagging from the anti-immigrant sleazebags over immigrants picking vegetables. You can't get any worse than that.

Daniel said...

I love you all.

Anonymous said...

Someone paid you to say that.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, we love you too. It's very convenient, more convenient than you could possibly understand, that one of OFIR's most prominent spokesmen is so transparently STUPID. Thanks for all that you do! ;-)

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